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Tim Schneider, an active AMS Member, is a Physical Scientist in the Global Systems Division of NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado. As a volunteer within the AMS Commission on the Weather and Climate Enterprise, he is the Chair (2012–2015) of the AMS Water Resources Committee, and an ex officio member (2014–2015) of the AMS Board on Global Strategies. At ESRL his primary responsibilities are to manage the High Impact Weather Prediction Project and foster the development of new global weather models. Mr Schneider has held a number of varied and interesting positions, enabling him to contribute in various ways to the atmospheric and hydrologic sciences. Most recently he worked for the National Weather Service's Office of Hydrologic Development, on the National Water Center and the Integrated Water Resources Science and Services, an innovative multi-agency project to meet the nation's growing water resource challenges. There he contributed to the establishment of the framework for operational science, information technology, and human dimensions within IWRSS, and on helping to link IWRSS to the water resource research community, on time and space scales covering weather and climate. Prior to that, Mr Schneider was Project Manager of NOAA's Hydrometerology Testbed. He has also studied the Earth's climate and energy and water cycles as well as ground-based and space-borne remote sensing of the Earth, and has led microwave systems development groups. Mr Schneider has an MSc degree in atmospheric science from Colorado State University, and a BSc degree in applied mathematics from the Colorado School of Mines.

2013 AMS Washington Forum
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2011 AMS Summer Community Meeting
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