Joseph R (Joe) Brenner, USN CAPT

Joseph R (Joe) Brenner, USN CAPT's photo
Joseph R Brenner
United States Naval Observatory
Oceanographer of the Navy Staff
3450 Massachusetts Ave NW Bldg 1
Washington DC 20392-5421

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Joe Brenner, an AMS Member, is the third deputy director of the Navy's Task Force Climate Change and is assistant naval deputy to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. CAPT Brenner is a New England native who earned a BS degree in oceanography (1988) from the United States Naval Academy, an MS degree in meteorology and oceanography from the Naval Postgraduate School and an MA degree in National Security from the Naval War College. After graduating from the Naval Academy, CAPT Brenner qualified as a surface warfare officer aboard USS Jesse L Brown (FF-1089), where he served as Combat Information Center officer. While attending the Naval Postgraduate School in 1993, he joined the Navy's meteorology and oceanography community. His first tour as a METOC officer was at the Naval European Meteorology and Oceanography Center in Rota, Spain where he qualified as forecast duty officer and command duty officer, and served as technical services officer until 1997. From Europe he reported to USS Kitty Hawk (CV- 63) as the ship's meteorologist and oceanographer, officer of the deck, and command duty officer underway. He served during the homeport transition from San Diego to Yokosuka, Japan, and deployed with the Kitty Hawk Battle Group to the Arabian Gulf in 1999. After serving with forward deployed naval forces in Japan, he attended the Naval War College, followed by two years as officer in charge of the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Training Detachment in Newport, R. I. In this capacity he taught at the Navy's Surface Warfare Officers' School, supported war games, and conducted experiments aboard new concept vessels. In 2003, he reported to the staff of Commander Carrier Group One as the METOC and mine warfare officer. In 2005, he became director of operations at the Naval Pacific Meteorology and Oceanography Center in San Diego and led the transition to Strike Group Oceanography Team San Diego, becoming the first commanding officer in 2006. CAPT Brenner joined the staff of the chief of naval operations in 2008 (OPNAV N43 Readiness and Logistics) where he managed naval oceanography and fleet training interests, and transferred in July 2010 to the oceanographer of the Navy staff (OPNAV N2/N6 Information Dominance). He successfully led the METOC Programs and Capabilities Branch until July 2012.

2013 AMS Washington Forum
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