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Structure of AMS Commission on the Weather and Climate Enterprise:

Commission Steering Committee

Commission Executive Committee

  • Board On Enterprise Planning

  • Board On Enterprise Communication

  • Board on Enterprise Economic Development















What's New


The Board On Enterprise Communication (BEC) will provide appropriate venues to bring together the meteorological community to learn about, discuss, and provide input concerning issues of a short-term nature and of immediate interest to the community.

Venues may take a wide variety of formats, including workshops, web casts, special symposia, and conference sessions, depending on the nature and time-sensitivity of the topic to be discussed.

The BEC will also conduct Outreach activities to help identify user needs and promote the capabilities of the meteorological community. Some of the ways the BEC will accomplish this is by sponsoring corporate fora, promoting support and services to weather sensitive industries, advertising at tradeshows, and fostering favorable policies and procedures.

Board On Enterprise Communication Committees

The BEC is comprised of several committees and more are being added each year. There is an increasing demand for our weather enterprise to discuss issues related to the public-private partnerships and that's the bridge building that BEC provides.

Climate Services Committee (CCS)
The goal of the Committee on Climate Services (CCS) is to promote the climate services enterprise through a partnership among government, private sector and academic sectors with a community focus on improving climate services to the nation.  Created as a committee under the Board on Enterprise Communication (BEC), the scope of the CCS is envisioned as an ongoing process to gather the recommendations of the private and academic sectors for the direction of government climate services activities, to review those recommendations, and to present them to the government.  The CCS, in conjunction with the BEC and AMS staff, will provide appropriate venues of differing formats including workshops, special symposia, conference sessions, or online sessions to discuss and present climate services recommendations. 

The members of the CCS should represent the three main sectors of the AMS membership: academic, government, and private sector.  Also, members from the broad user community should be considered for membership.  Consideration should also be given to ensuring broad geographic representation.  Members will generally serve three-year terms, and will be nominated by the BEC and CCS Chairs for approval through the normal AMS process.  In some cases, an extension may be granted to a member to ensure that sufficient continuity of the CCS is maintained between successive years.  One or two BEC members will be appointed by the BEC Chair and approved by the Weather and Climate Enterprise Commissioner to serve as the CCS Chair or Co-chairs.

Ad Hoc Committee On Uncertainty in Forecasts (ACUF)
The Ad Hoc Committee on Uncertainty in Forecasts (ACUF) was created in 2007 at the request of NOAA in conjunction with the recently released National Research Council’s  report entitled, “Completing the Forecast:  Characterizing and Communicating Uncertainty for Better Decisions Using Weather and Climate Forecasts”.  The AMS has offered to facilitate the creation of this new committee to further delve into the recommendations in the report. 

Ad Hoc Planning Committee for the AMS Annual Community Meeting
This committee was created, ostensibly, to facilitate planning of AMS Annual Summer Community Meetings (normally held in Boulder, CO at UCAR’s Center Green facility), but it has truly evolved into much more! 


"From communicating the science and technology needs of the weather and climate enterprise to communicating hazard messages to the public, communication has never been more at the forefront of our community. The Board on Enterprise Communication (BEC) provides an exciting opportunity to explore the many communication issues that our community faces, and take the necessary steps to promote, educate, or research these issues. With members from all different institutional backgrounds, the BEC brings fresh perspective and diverse ideas in hopes to take a closer look at an issue. My personal goal is to share my knowledge as a communication researcher, and gain valuable insights into the intricacies of the weather and climate enterprise."

Gina Eosco
Member BEC


"The best part of serving is working with colleagues, and meeting new and energetic people who share interests and provide new perspectives on activities."

Linda Miller
For the AMS Annual Community Meeting


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