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Upper Air Text Data for Selected Cities in the US

Available Upper Air Stations

Click on a city listed below to get the current upper air text data for that city.

The list is sorted alphabetically by station ID.

PANC - Anchorage, AK PHTO - Hilo, HI
ABQ - Albuquerque, NM BNA - Nashville, TN BOI - Boise, ID
BRO - Brownsville, TX BUF - Buffalo, NY CAR - Caribou, ME
CHH - Chatham, MA CHS - Charleston, SC DNR - Denver, CO
DTX - Detroit, MI FFC - Peachtree City, GA FWD - Dallas, TX
GRB - Green Bay, WI IAD - Washington, DC ILX - Lincoln, IL
JAN - Jackson, MS LZK - Little Rock, AR MFL - Miami, FL
MHX - Morehead City, NC MPX - Minneapolis, MN NKX - San Diego, CA
OAK - Oakland, CA OKX - Brookhaven, NY RAP - Rapid City, SD
SLC - Salt Lake City, UT SLE - Salem, OR TFX - Great Falls, MT
TLH - Tallahassee, FL TOP - Topeka, KS VEF - Las Vegas, NV

For additional text data listings from rawinsonde sites, click here.

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