Studying Weather As It Happens

Teacher's Guide

DataStreme course participants and graduates:

The Studying Weather As It Happens teacher’s guide is intended for use by DataStreme Atmosphere Weather Education Resource Teachers. Its purpose is to introduce your education colleagues to the educational potential of Internet-delivered current meteorological and environmental data as vehicles for learning across the K-12 curriculum.

Studying Weather As It Happens contains familiar material, adaptations from Chapter One of the DataStreme course’s Weather Studies text, and from four investigations appearing in the Investigations Manual. Each of the 4 investigations is written to be completed by employing the most recent DataStreme Atmosphere website product related to the topic.

We suggest that you use Studying Weather As It Happens as a peer-training vehicle for introducing others to the basics and excitement of current weather study. You might work with groups of teachers in afterschool sessions, or individually, as appropriate to your local situation. We suggest that you work with them to thoroughly complete at least one investigation prior to being introduced to the complete Guide. We request that you train your colleagues to access the DataStreme Atmosphere website while presenting the hands-on activities, and that you introduce them to DataStreme Atmosphere meteorological products that might be of special interest to them.

When working with colleagues, please allow adequate time for each activity. Past experience from many workshops offered by master teachers indicates that successful peer training is most effective when only one hands-on activity is presented in a particular session. You should point out to your peers that DataStreme Atmosphere also delivers the “answer key” for many of the website products as well, e.g. there are both unanalyzed and analyzed versions of the surface temperature and pressure maps.

We wish you success as a peer trainer and as a Weather Education Resource Teacher!

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Answer Key for Teacher's Guide

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