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The AMS Education Program can only provide DataStreme Atmosphere learning files through course enrollment. For enrollment information, see DataStreme Atmosphere.

AMS Education and the President's Budget Blueprint -- It is through NOAA funding that AMS Education is able to provide the DataStreme program and Project ATMOSPHERE. We are monitoring the process associated with the President's 2018 budget request to Congress and the proposed budget cuts to NOAA, especially in the area of external grants and education. The exact wording related to NOAA, "Zeroes out over $250 million in targeted National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) grants and programs supporting coastal and marine management, research, and education including Sea Grant, which primarily benefit industry and State and local stakeholders. These programs are a lower priority than core functions maintained in the Budget such as surveys, charting, and fisheries management."

The document proposes similar funding cuts to NASA, and would impact science education activities for that agency, too. If you are inclined to do so, we certainly support you engaging with your local congressional representatives to share your thoughts on the matter.

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Learning Files| Surface| Radar| Satellite| Upper Air| Forecasts| Climate| Education| Extras| What is DataStreme Atmosphere?


Isobars, Fronts, Radar, & Data Isobars & Pressures Pressures
Isotherms, Fronts, & Data Isotherms & Temperatures Temperatures
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Meteograms for Selected Cities State Surface Data - Text CoCoRaHS
Available Surface Stations NWS Surface Analyses

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Radar, Fronts, & Data Radar & Fronts Radar
Latest Radar Animation NWS Radar Page

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Product Loop Loop Latest
Infrared GOES East GOES West GOES West
Infrared Surface Temperature Determination
Visible GOES East GOES West GOES West
Water Vapor GOES East GOES West GOES West
GOES Satellite Server Full Disk   Full Disk

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Upper Air

850 mb - Contours, Isotherms, & Data 00Z - 500 mb - Analysis
700 mb - Contours, Isotherms, & Data 12Z - 500 mb - Analysis
500 mb - Contours, Isotherms, & Data 500 mb - Data
300 mb - Contours, Isotachs (wind speed) & Data 300 mb - Data
Stüves for Selected Cities Upper Air Data - Text
Available Upper Air Stations

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Watches, Warnings, Advisories and Forecasts

Current NWS Weather Watches and Warnings Weather-Ready Nation
NWS Short-Range Forecast Maps Quantitative Precipitation Estimates

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Alaska Hawaii and Pacific Puerto Rico and Caribbean

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National Temps/Precip. NOAA Climate Services U.S. Climatology
Local NWS Offices NNDC Climate Data Online Drought Monitor
State of the Climate 2016 World Climate
U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit


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Learning Files| Surface| Radar| Satellite| Upper Air| Forecasts| Climate| Education| Extras| What is DataStreme Atmosphere?

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