Meteograms for Selected Cities

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Meteogram for Salt Lake City (SLC)
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A meteogram (also termed "meteorogram" or "metgram") is a 25-hour graphical time series of weather conditions at a station that contains:

  1. The Meteogram label shows the three letter identifier of the station followed by the year, month, day / UTC time (YYMMDD/HHHH) for the beginning and ending of the data interval.
    e.g. Meteorgram for SLC 101024/1800 - 101025/1800 is Salt Lake City, UT from 2010 October 24 at 1800 UTC to 2010 October 25 at 1800 UTC.
  2. TMPF and DWPF are the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit on the upper curve (red) and dewpoint (F) on the lower curve (green), respectively. The plot scale adjusts to the maximum and minimum temperatures in the data set.
  3. BRBK is the station model wind report along the lower row of this section. SKYC is total cloud cover.
  4. VSBY is the horizontal visibility in statute miles (brown). WSYM, if present, is the symbol for weather conditions that limit visibility if reported visibility is 10 mi. or less.
  5. PMSL is the atmospheric pressure corrected to mean sea level in millibars plotted on the lower graph.
  6. Date/Time in Z (UTC) is reported below the pressure graph. The most recent time is at the right side of the graph scale.

In the above example, a cold front passed the Salt Lake City station between 07Z and 08Z on 25 OCT 2010. The changing pattern of falling, then rapidly rising pressures, falling temperatures and dewpoints, and wind direction shift from southerly to northerly that occurred between those times is typical of such passage. Precipitation also occurred over that period with first rain (light then heavy) and next snow.

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