Sunrise Positions in Washington, DC

Photographs location:
Washington, DC (Marine Corps Memorial area, hill in front of Netherlands Carillon)
38.89 N, 77.08 W, 154 ft. MSL
{Camera position* - at head of northern lion sculpture, base of carillon}
* except as noted






Horizon sunrise composite positions

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{composite sunrise positions}

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[Note: All photos taken a few minutes after listed sunrise time to clear the horizon and structures/trees and to better define the solar disk.]

The photographs in the above series were each taken near the time of sunrise on a clear day as near as possible to the 21st of the month from December 2008 to November 2009. The date, local standard time of sunrise, and total possible length of daylight on each photograph day are listed in the table below. In the center is an afternoon view of the local horizon showing the photograph view relative to the monuments of Washington and the positions of sunrise over the year from each photo. The small green dome of the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress (to the right of the U.S. Capitol) is directly east from the camera position site. (For additional orientation of the photograph alignment, see the Additional Views page, linked bottom.) [Tent appearing in the October photo was temporary prior to the Annual Marine Corps marathon.]

Sun Information
Date Jan 23 Feb 21 Mar 21 Apr 23 May 21 Jun 21 Jul 19 Aug 21 Sep 21 Oct 21 Nov 22 Dec 22
Sunrise (EST) 7:21 6:51 6:10 5:20 4:51 4:43 4:58 5:27 5:55 6:24 6:59 7:24
Sunrise position (rel. to East) 25 south 13 south 1 north 17 north 27 north 31 north 28 north 16 north 1 north 14 south 26 south 30 south
Total possible sunlight 9:58 11:02 12:11 13:33 14:28 14:54 14:32 13:27 12:11 10:57 9:51 9:26
Winter Solstice:
7:04 AM EST 21 December 2008
Vernal Equinox:
7:44 AM EST 20 March 2009
Summer Solstice:
12:45 AM EST 21 June 2009
Autumnal Equinox:
4:18 PM EST 22 September 2009

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