Additional Views related to Washington, DC Sunrise Photograph Series

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Midlatitude Sun Paths over Year

{midlatitude sun paths}
©American Meteorological Society 2009, with permission

Close Up of Sun in March near Sunrise

{zoom of March sunrise}

December View of DC Eastern Horizon prior to Sunrise

{December horizon view}

Google Satellite View of DC Area - Orientation

{midlatitude sun paths}

Arlington National Cemetery, Alongside Carillon

{Arlington Cemetery}

Iwo Jima, Marine Corps War Memorial

{Iwo Jima Marine War Memorial}

Netherlands Carillon

{Netherlands Carillon}

Carillon Close-up with Photo Locations Marked (as noted)

{Photograph locations}

* - Location of most sunrise photos.
M,J - May, June photos due to tree blockage of horizon
N - November because of trees

©Copyright 2009 Robert Weinbeck