We are looking for teachers who are interested in participating in DataStreme Atmosphere, a teacher enhancement program of the American Meteorological Society and supported by the National Science Foundation.

DataStreme Atmosphere is available to teachers for all grade levels (K-12) and subject areas. Below are examples from DataStreme Atmosphere Alumni illustrating the diverse ways in which real-time weather data, via the Internet and the DataStreme Atmosphere course, was brought into their classrooms.

To find out more information on DataStreme Atmosphere, and to apply for the course, please follow these suggested instructions:

  1. Learn more about DataStreme Atmosphere by reading What is DataStreme Atmosphere. An informational document answering the commonly asked questions concerning the program.

  2. Complete the DataStreme Atmosphere Sample Investigation. A sample activity from the DataStreme Atmosphere course. Activities similar to this are completed twice a week during the 12 week course.

  3. Locate your nearest Local Implementation Team leader found in the DataStreme Atmosphere LITs list.

  4. Download or request an application for DataStreme Atmosphere. The application should be completed and mailed to your nearest Local Implementation Team leader.

Any additional questions can be directed to your nearest Local Implementation Team leader or by sending an email to DataStreme Atmosphere Central.

Thank You for your interest in DataStreme Atmosphere.

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