Project Atmosphere, Project Ocean, and Project Ice Application

This program is intended only for K-12 teachers eligible for the Project Atmosphere, Project Ocean, and Project Ice summer courses.

Creation of an AMS user account is required in order to apply for these courses.

If you do not already have an AMS user account, first go to the AMS Membership application page (the green "Create Account" button below) and create an account; the username and password you create there will also be used for your summer course application. Once you have created your account, you need to return to this page and log in to continue the application.

Already have an account? Great! Log in using the red "Login" button below and begin your application. You will see a listing of several AMS applications and course offerings; be sure to scroll down as needed and select the appropriate Project Atmosphere, Project Ocean or Project Ice course you are interested in applying for, or use the search feature to look for it.