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AMS Education Resource Associates - AERAs

The AMS Education Resource Associates (AERA) Network is an important component of the AMS Education Program.  AERAs are specially trained science educators who have completed an AMS educational leadership training program such as Project Atmosphere, The Maury Project, the AMS Diversity Programs, or the AMS/NSF Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement Program.  They are chosen for the network after they have provided evidence of sustained and substantive service to the AMS Education Program. Started in 1990, this network of educators acts as a point of contact for teachers across the country seeking information about meteorology, oceanography, and hydrology.  AERAs act as a liaison among teachers, organizations, scientists and schools, and serve as Local Implementation Team (LIT) leaders and mentors for the AMS DataStreme Courses.  Teachers involved in the AERA network represent the Society at workshops, conferences, and meetings as well as aid the AMS Education Program in developing and implementing instructional resource materials.  They often are leaders in their districts and states, called upon to contribute to the development of instructional frameworks and state and local science standards.  Represented in most states, the AERA Network collaborates with AMS to promote the teaching of Earth system science to educators across the country.


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