DataStreme Ocean Schedule

Spring 2014

Weekly Schedule: The dates shown are the Monday of the given week.

Week Spring 2014
Preview January 20
1 January 27
2 February 3
3 February 10
4 February 17
5 February 24
6 March 3
Break March 10
7 March 17
8 March 24
9 March 31
10 April 7
11 April 14
12 April 21

DataStreme Ocean Course Meeting Dates:

The dates shown below are the suggested windows for course meetings. The dates coincide with course materials.

Spring 2014 Semester
First Course Group Meeting: January 13 - February 1
Second Course Group Meeting: February 24 - March 2
Final Course Group Meeting: April 21 - April 27

DataStreme Ocean Materials:

Electronically-delivered learning materials will be transmitted on Monday of each week for downloading and printing by each participant. The DataStreme Ocean Weekly Ocean News and Supplemental Information files are also available by Monday mornings. The Weekly Ocean News file may be updated during the week as additional ocean news items occur. Additional environmental data relevant to ocean issues are linked from the homepage and always available.

Preview Week and Week 1:

A two-week start-up period is incorporated into the schedule to practice downloading and printing of electronically-delivered course materials. The same Investigations Manual activities will be delivered for both weeks, however only one week needs to be completed.