Chapter News
September 2009


Meeting Minutes for September 1, 2009

Meeting in session: 9:05pm

Meeting adjourned: 10:00pm

Presidents report:

-welcoming and introductions

-discussed and Baxter’s new website exclusively for met majors.

-Important dates to remember:

*Friday September 18, 2009 Kickball/picnic at Island park at 2:00 pm

*Sunday September 20, 2009 Road clean-up. Meet in metered lot by Moore at 1pm.

*November 5,6, & 7, 2009 is the severe weather conference in Illinois. $110.00 student reg/$95.00 per room (4 people per room).

*September 28, 2009-Wx challenge begins. Register (free) with Dr. Baxter by    September 18, 2009.

*Sept 2, 2009: Chipp-a-waters park: Geology Dept. Picnic! Meet in Met lab @ 4:40     pm to carpool.

Vice Presidents/webmasters Report:

-Introduction/joining committees


Treasurers report:

-Dues are $15.00/year or $10.00/semester.

-The dues go towards helping to pay AMS first time memberships for club members, conferences, pizzas, picnics, and other activities.

-The balances of our accounts are:

              *Checking: $132.37

              *Saving: $ 2550.46

Secretary’s report:

-Please sign the attendance sheet that goes around the room at the meetings! New members write your name, global ID/preferred email, and phone number.

-Make sure you consistently attend-after 3 unexcused absences you will have to repay your dues. I will not be counting attendance for the first 3 meetings so we can figure out who will be coming weekly and who paid dues, etc. After that I will begin to take absences into account.

-Need to miss a meeting? That’s okay-as long as you notify the club or secretary Megan at the following emails:

Megan (secretary):

Club email:

-please note that exams are not a preferred excuse because as a club we are expected to be committed members. However, if you absolutely cannot bear to attend because of exams the following day then we will allow it. We are Met majors and know what its like to be significantly overwhelmed, but please, don’t make it a habit!


Meeting Minutes for September 8, 2009

Meeting in session: 9:03pm

Meeting adjourned: 9:27pm

Presidents report:

-Those who did internships this summer should talk to me about presenting at a meeting!

-Map activity postponed until next meeting due to projector problems.

-Important dates to remember:

*Friday September 18, 2009 Kickball/picnic at Island park at 2:00 pm

*Sunday September 20, 2009 Road clean-up. Meet in metered lot by Moore at 1pm.

*November 5,6, & 7, 2009 is the severe weather conference in Illinois. $110.00 student reg/$95.00 per room (4 people per room).

*September 28, 2009-Wx challenge begins. Register (free) with Dr. Baxter by    September 18, 2009.

Vice Presidents/webmasters Report:

-Refresher on committees and their functions.

-Lots of people signed up for! Now lets post stuff!!!



Public relations:

              -Discussed doing a weather presentation for elementary schools

              -Chalking is going to happen Sunday September 13, 2009 at 3:30 pm. Bring chalk and meet between the IET building and Moore! It’s a lot of fun!
              -Relay for life-we will participate in spring 2010. We selected a co-chair to attend meetings that will begin soon.



              -Rich Pollman from DTX is interested in giving a talk to our club about working at NWS.

              -Tours to GRR a possibility for the future

              -No activities for September

              -Bowling night will likely be our first activity.


              -No jobs/internships posted yet, but we will begin posting this week! 



              -Las senioritas fundraiser

              -Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser

              -Yankee candle fundraiser             

Treasurers report:

*Pay your dues! $15.00/year or $10.00/semester

*Savings: $2550.46

*Checkings: $ 65.09 

Secretary’s report:

-New attendance sheet is being passed about. If there is an error in your contact information, name, etc, please correct it and I will fix it for the next meeting! Official attendance taking (when absences count) will begin on Tuesday September 22, 2009. Remember-3 unexcused absences will result in a repayment of dues! Notify SCAMS email or the secretary if you cannot make a meeting.

SGA representative:

-there was no SGA meeting due to the holiday.


Meeting Minutes for September 15, 2009

Meeting in session: 9:03pm

Meeting adjourned: 9:40 pm

Presidents report:  

*VOTED on scams buying the meat for the picnic. It was approved by all members.


-Important dates to remember:

*CHANGE: Friday September 18, 2009 Kickball/picnic at Island park at 1:00pm.

*Sunday September 20, 2009 Road clean-up. Meet in metered lot by Moore at 1pm.

*November 5,6, & 7, 2009 is the severe weather conference in Illinois. $110.00 student reg/$95.00 per room (4 people per room). Conference discussion will be held after meeting tonight.

*September 28, 2009-Wx challenge begins. Register (free) with Dr. Baxter by    September 18, 2009.

*Friday September 18, 2009 Derek Van Damm, A meteorologist from Africa (CMU grad) will be speaking to us in the meteorology lab at 4PM.  Refreshments served.

Vice Presidents/webmasters Report:

-Discussed Constitution updated. Previous meeting minutes updated to site. Post your pictures and post in general!



Public Relations:

-chalking went well this Sunday!

-Suggestions made to reach out beyond Mount Pleasant as a club

-flyers are being distributed

-next week we will begin calling elementary schools to do a weather presentation.

-rock the mall may allow booths. We will check into this.


-Yankee Candle company fundraiser! very successful! Presentation was given.

-Pop cans fund! It is in the teal can in the meteorology lab. Donate your empties to SCAMS!

-Las Senioritas five dollar gift certificates are a possibility for this year

-Buffalo wild wings fund raiser is booked until January so we will try to do this in Jan.


-First activity night will replace a meeting on Tuesday September 29, 2009. Meet at bowling alley (Chippewa lanes) at 9:15pm.

-Halloween party planning is in progress! May be on a Thursday night.

-Trip To NWS is being scheduled for the Grand Rapids station.


-New jobs mainly for NWS are posted. Most in Texas, Maine, or Dakotas.

-Washington D.C internship posted

-Rich Pollman  from the Detroit NWS will come to speak to us soon.


Treasurers report:

-Dues are $15.00/year or $10.00/semester.

-The dues go towards helping to pay AMS first time memberships for club members, conferences, pizzas, picnics, and other activities.

-The balances of our accounts are:

              *Checking: $65.09

              *Saving: $ 2990.46

Secretary’s report:

-Please sign the attendance sheet that goes around the room at the meetings! New members write your name, global ID/preferred email, and phone number.

-Attendance officially begins September 22, 2009

-Need to miss a meeting? That’s okay-as long as you notify the club or secretary Megan at the following emails:

Megan (secretary):

Club email:

SGA representative: Athletics and police department talks have been going on about tailgating and the new rules.

Fabulous concert is free this weekend.


Meeting Minutes for September 22, 2009

Meeting in session: 9:01pm

Meeting adjourned: 9:50 pm

Presidents report:  

-Important dates to remember:

*November 5,6, & 7, 2009 is the severe weather conference in Illinois. $110.00 student reg/$95.00 per room (4 people per room).

*September 29, 2009 (next meeting)- Bowling night! Attendance is not mandatory. It is at Chippewa lanes at 9:15 pm. If you want to carpool be at the Met lab by 9pm. Pizza will be served!

-Voted on SCAMS paying $50.00 for pizza at bowling next Tuesday. Club Voted to allot the $50.00.

-If you want a passport go to the UC fair Sept. 23, 2009. Cost is $100.00.

-Road cleanup and the picnic went well-good turn out!

-Think of ideas-we will hold a contest for our new SCAMS T-shirts.


Vice Presidents/webmasters Report:

-Discussed POST!

-Need a new group photo-or we can use the one from the picnic.



Public Relations:

-Assigned elementary schools to members of PR. We will call them/figure out possible dates for outreach.


-Yankee Candle company fundraiser! Packets are being handed out. See Cort S. if you did not get one and would like one.

-Las Senioritas five dollar gift certificates are no longer happening-however they have another fundraiser we may try.


-First activity night will replace our next meeting on Tuesday September 29, 2009. Meet at bowling alley (Chippewa lanes) at 9:15pm. Attendance not mandatory.

-Halloween party planning is in progress! Either Tuesday Oct. 27th, 2009 or Thursday Oct. 29, 2009.

-Trip To NWS is being scheduled for the Grand Rapids station.

-suggested motion for scams to allocate $50.00 for bowling Tuesday September 29, 2009


-Rich Pollman  from the Detroit NWS will come to speak to us soon. We are still working out the details.

-No new jobs posted this week.  

Treasurers report:

-Dues are $15.00/year or $10.00/semester.

-The dues go towards helping to pay AMS first time memberships for club members, conferences, pizzas, picnics, and other activities.

-The balances of our accounts are:

              *Checking:$ 8.97

              *Saving: $ 3,130.46

-Also-if you are going to the upcoming severe weather conference, you owe a deposit of $25.00. See Jason.

Secretary’s report:

-Please sign the attendance sheet that goes around the room at the meetings!

-Need to miss a meeting? That’s okay-as long as you notify the club or secretary Megan at the following emails:

Megan (secretary):

Club email:

 -ATTENDANCE NOT MANDATORY FOR TUESDAY SEPT 29, 2009. It is an activity meeting. However, we will resume attendance Oct 6, 2009.

SGA representative:

-CMU is in search for a president

-MI promise was taken away. Many going to Lansing to lobby. Thursday Sept. 24, 2009 is Promise Day at CMU where they will allow you to call the senators and state representatives. Booths will be set up with the numbers.---Megan Babich.



September 11, 2009 

~Remember that everyone needs to pay their dues either by the next CCAMS meeting or the next time you see our Treasurer, Chris Wood (csw34). There will be an envelope in the map room where you can drop off your money or checks (make them payable to “CCAMS”). It's $15 for the entire year for members (only $8 for freshman and transfers).  

~There are a lot of conferences this year in which CCAMS members can participate. Those mentioned by our Conference Chair, Aaron Perry (atp42) include the following: 

-The 34th Annual National Weather Association Conference

Norfolk, VA

October 18-22, 2009

Registration Cost:            $145 (NWA members) $215 (non NWA members)

Registration Deadline: October 9, 2009 

For more information, check out: 

-NOAA Educational Partnership Program (EPP) 5th Education and Science Forum

Washington, DC

November 12-14, 2009

Registration Cost: $35

Registration Deadlines: September 35, 2009  

For more information, check out: 

-The 90th Annual AMS Meeting   

Atlanta, GA  

January 17-21, 2010

Registration Cost: $165

Registration Deadline: December 1, 2009

-The 9th Annual AMS Student Conference

                            January 16-17, 2010

Registration Cost: $25

Registration Deadline: January 4, 2010

Travel Grants are available! 

For more information, check out: 

-The 35th Annual Northeastern Storm Conference

Saratoga Springs, NY

March 5-7, 2010

Registration Cost: TBA

Registration Deadline: TBA 

For more information, check out: 

- Lake Effect Conference

Information TBA

April 2010 

~There will be a slight change this year regarding forecasting in the Cornell Daily Sun. In previous years, we've had students write short weather blurbs that were printed in the front of the paper. This year we will still be writing the brief forecasts as well as slightly longer articles in the paper on a variety of meteorological topics. We need to formulate a new committee of people that are interested in forecasting and writing. You don't have to do both forecasting and article writing and the articles themselves need not be “heavy on research and analysis” as these will be geared toward the general public. Contact Brian Crandall (bac54) if you're interested.  

~Our beloved lounge on the 11th floor in the map room will sadly, at some point in the future, will be moved to the 10th floor (The “Hydro” Floor) although we're not exactly sure yet exactly where that will be but we will keep everyone informed of the project's progression. 

~We need forecasters for athletic events. We've done this for the last couple years and basically, people would be providing forecasts for home and away games to the following teams: 

Fall -> Men's & Women’s Soccer, Football

Spring -> Baseball, Men's & Women's Lacrosse, Softball 

Ideally, we’d want forecasts to be ready 12-24 hours in advance for home games and at least 24 hours in advance for away games. Contact Chris Castellano (cmc254) if you're interested.  

~Our this year for Education and Outreach, thoughts of campus/community projects include possible involvement with the Sciencenter in downtown Ithaca, our annual Snowfall Contest, possibly traveling to local schools and having “weather talks” or talking to the general public about what it means to be “Storm Ready” and to practice sound weather safety. If you are interested in getting involved with any of these projects, contact our Education and Outreach Chair, Tiffany Walker (tlw58).    

~We need people to sign up to forecast for the Cornell WeatherPhone (607-255-6567). Your task as a Cornell Weather Phone Forecaster would be to record daily forecasts. Working with the schedules of those interested, you can pick a weekly time to record a forecast and you can seek advice from more experienced forecasters. Contact Julia Weiden (jlw226), Katie Van Cleave (kv57), or Brian Crandall (bac54) if you are interested. 

~Our Webmaster, Dan Rothenberg (dar256), is very interested in making some huge improvements to the CCAMS website to make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing. However, he would need to enlist the help of preferably two individuals to help with programming and website design. He and several others are also interested in creating a new web application to compile various sets of forecasting data. If you are interested in helping with these projects, contact Dan. 

~Jase Bernhardt (jeb364) informed everyone of a weather challenge. He also mentioned the opportunity for students to provide forecasts for the WVBR radio station. If you're interested, contact Jase. 

~Eowyn Connolly (ecc37) is our Apparel Chair and Soda Fairy (i.e. responsible for stocking the fridge in Bradfield with soda). If you have ideas of items you would like on the apparel orders this year, contact her.  

~The following ideas for social events were proposed:

-A weekly or biweekly study session. This would be a time for underclassmen to come ask upperclassmen for extra help with classes or advice. We upperclassmen have all been were all of you are now and we know how much it benefits you to have outside help at times.

-Informal CCAMS Dinner. A possible get together for everyone to relax, eat, and hang out. 

-As a side note, be sure to check the bulletin/chalk board for possibly events you'd like to participate in. 

Co-President - Julia Weiden (jlw226)

Co-President - Katie Van Cleave (kv57)

Treasurer - Chris Wood (csw34)

Secretary - Lisa Bacis (lmb96)---Lisa Bacis.



September Newsletter.---Andrea Bleistein and Samantha Segall.

September Meeting Notes.---Robert Banks.



Meeting Agenda: 7:00pm Wednesday 02 September 2009

Start Time: 7:06pm

President Hatteberg

Rachel called the meeting to order at 7:06pm. She began by telling everyone the benefits of joining the AMS.  She included the following:

She then explained that we would be continuing StormReady work with ISU’s Department of Residence. This consists of the AMS going through the dorms and identifying the best locations to go during severe weather events and the best places to put up informational signs. A sign-up sheet was passed around, so please contact Rachel at the email address below if you are interested in helping with this.

There will be a Major Fair Friday, Sept. 25th from 10:00am to 1:00pm. The AMS was asked to participate in this to represent the Meteorology Department. A sign-up sheet was passed around, and, if you are interested in working a one hour shift, please contact Rachel.

We are looking to redecorate room 3008 (AKA the “Map room”) since the department put up the new WeatherWall. The old, outdated maps need to be replaced. A sign-up sheet went around for those interested in helping. Please contact Rachel if interested.

Due to some regulation changes, the Student Organization Recognition Board required the AMS to change a small part in our constitution. The group voted on and approved the adding of “and State and Federal Laws” to Article II Part D. It now reads:  The Iowa State Chapter shall abide by the policies and rules of the American Meteorological Society, Iowa State University, and State and Federal Laws.

Vice President Hoffman

Matt first explained how the Learning community is expanding this year and some of the changes. There were some problems last year, but everything is going much smoother this year. He also introduced the freshmen mentors: Liz Suess, Ryan Alliss, Nick Crawl, and himself. They will help the incoming freshman and transfer make a smooth transition into meteorology.

Clubfest will be on Wednesday, Sept. 9 from 11am to 4pm. We will bring brochures, posters, and the tornado machine. Volunteers are needed for this, so a sign-up sheet was passed along. If you are interested in working a one hour time period, please contact Matt.

It’s time for the annual fall apparel! T-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, polo shirts, and jackets are available in several colors. Order forms were passed out during the meeting but can be picked up in Agron 3008 or taken off the ISU AMS website. Order forms are due Friday, Sept. 25th. Please drop these off in the Meteorology Office (Agron 3010).

Treasurer Wittrock

We first voted on dues. It was unanimously passed for  $10 dues. This must be paid by next meeting! If paid before the next meeting, dues should be put in the AMS mailbox in Agron 3008. Please make sure your name is somehow attached to the money (or on the check) so Justin knows who has paid. If you write a check, please make it out the ISU AMS.

The current balance is $3128.00.

Social Chair Witter

Our first social event of the year will be the Student/Faculty Dinner. It was be Sept. 22nd at Hickory Park. More information about rides and times will be sent out soon.

We will be having our annual bonfire on Sept. 25th.  More information will be send out about that as well.

There will be a possible Tailgating party with the Graduate Student Meteorology Club  on Sept. 26th when the Cyclones take on Army.  This will be set up as a potluck dinner. More details to come.

Intramurals are starting up at this time. Sign-up sheets went around for curling, guys flag football, and broomball. Please email Rachael if interested in participating.

**Rides will be provided for all social events!!!

Check out our new Twitter and Facebook pages! Links are available on the ISU AMS website.

Academic Chair Rabideau

Please get your class list to Shannon if you were not at the meeting. Please let her know what classes you are currently taking and if you are willing to lead a review session for a class.

Shannon will be creating two website to help ISU AMS members. Weatherwiki and a Career information website will be coming soon. These will help members learn more about weather, meteorology careers, scholarships and internships.

Everyone should have received an email about a Private Sector Mentor Opportunity. This is a great opportunity to work with professional in the field, meet contacts, and get experience. This opportunity is only for seniors and grad students.

We will be forecasting for the Iowa State Daily again this year. We are hoping to incorporate graphics into our forecasts. If interested, please email Ryan Alliss at

Everyone should think about joining the Weather Challenge Forecast Contest  at or This is a great way to gain experience forecasting knowledge, so please consider joining (Even if you are a freshman with no experience!). Iowa State will be up against other colleges so please forecast daily to help our team! It costs $5 to participate, so please pay Justin.

Job Hobbs will once again be running the Iowa Forecast contest. This is free and a great experience. It is made to resemble NWS forecasting. It will include long and short term and aviation forecasting. This is free, so please sign up. Email Jon (see below for address) for more information.

Webmaster Carletta

If you were not at the meeting, please email Nick your name and email address so you will be added to the ISU AMS email list. This will be updated as soon as dues are paid.

Everyone should sign up for the Forums at These are a great tool for forecasting contest, cy’s eyes on the skies, general ams, severe weather section: chasing and general questions, academic section: general questions, learning community, classes, and electives.

This summer, Nick created a new Officer Bio Page on the ISU AMS website. Check it out for more information on the ISU AMS Cabinet.

Historian Lueck

Please send any pictures of members to Ryan or upload at or the ISU AMS Facebook page.

Ryan will be at most social events taking pictures, but please feel free to take pictures also! The pictures will be put in a slideshow for the last meeting. Also, Ryan will be making a scrapbook of the AMS activities to put out at Clubfest and other events so people can see what we’ve been up to as a group.

Ryan also started a “This Day in Weather History” fact for each meeting. He told us about the 1935 Hurricane. It was the most intense hurricane to hit the US at that time. Hundreds of people died and the pressure reached a US Record low of 26.35 inches of mercury.

Cy’s Eyes on the Skies Co-Producers

Any Mair and Ryan Alliss informed the club of ISU’s very own weather show. It is a 20-minutes segment on Monday and Wednesday nights at 6:30. If you are interested in broadcast or just want to help out backstage and meet people, please attend the first show. We will be meeting in the Agron parking lot at 5:45pm to walk to the building. Prep work begins at 6 and we’re on-air at 6:30. Cy’s Eyes is a “Weather Channel” type of show. There are 4 segments, including a host, weather news, Iowa weather and National Weather. It is one of the most professional weather shows in a college setting. If you have any doubts of what you want out of meteorology, please try Cy’s Eyes. It is a great experience and will help you get a job when you graduate.

Outreach Chair Suess

The ISU AMS 2010 posters are now in the ISU Bookstore. They are located by the “General Books” section and cost $15. We will be selling calendars for $12 this year. Order forms are on the ISU AMS website and will also be located in Agron 3008. The person who sells the most Calendars will receive a prize (last year, this was gift cards and money).  Please give the money to Liz or put it in the AMS mailbox in Agron 3010. Please contact Liz if you are interested in helping create next year’s calendars. Also, Liz is accepting pictures for the 2011 calendar. Send any weather pictures you have to Liz for a chance for it to appear in the 2011 ISU AMS calendar.

Over the summer, Liz, Shannon and graduate student, Adam Deppe went to Camp Dodge to give Cub Scouts a weather talk.  They brought weather instruments to show and told the Scouts what they were suppose to do in a severe weather event while camping. One Scout asked, “If you’re in the middle of the field under a giraffe, will you be okay?” when told not to be the tallest object in a field.

If you have any ideas for new or different activities for school talks and science nights, please contact Liz. At the moment, we have a cold and hot water-rise and sink experiment, making cloud pictures with cotton balls, and making anemometers. End time: 8:02

Next Meeting: To be determined from results of Surveys.

Tentatively the last week of Sept



Rachel Hatteberg

Vice President

Matt hoffman


justin wittrock


jobeth minniear

Social Chair

rachael witter

Academic Chair

shannon rabideau


nick carletta


ryan lueck

Sophomore Chair

Pete Effertz

Outreach Chair

liz suess

Past President

Jon Hobbs

Meeting Minutes

September 29th, 2009

Start Time: 7:07pm


President Hatteberg


Rachel began the meeting with an update on Storm the Dorms. We have been in contact with Dave (our contact in the ISU Department of Residence for this project) and are waiting for him get the posters. As a reminder, Storm the Dorms consists of us posting signs around the dorms for severe weather events. If you are interested in helping out, please email Rachel.

Next, she discussed the continuation of the HyVee grocery bag project. This is a project we began last year. We printed a template with safety precautions for severe weather events. Last year, it was limited to mostly the Ames area, but we would like to expand it to Ankeny and the Des Moines area. We asked the Central Iowa Chapter of the National Weather Association to help us get the word out and they have agreed to assist us. These bags will be put out around Severe Weather Awareness Week and will stay out until they are gone. We will be using last year’s design but altering the dates.

Lastly, Rachel announced the 90th AMS Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA this January. This meeting is for students, faculty, and weather enthusiast in general. We highly encourage juniors and seniors to apply for the Student Assistant Program at We had one representative go last year but would like to have more go this year. Please email Rachel if you are interested.

Vice President Hoffman


Matt began by thanking everyone on getting their clothing orders in for ISU AMS fall apparel. They should be ready in the next few weeks. Please keep an eye on your email for pick up dates. Also, another way to support the club is by buying a window cling for your car. These are only $5 and help represent the ISU AMS.

Next, the snowfall contest has begun! This is an easy contest that everyone can participate in. This contest involves you trying to predict when the first inch of snow will fall in Ames this year. All you need to do is sign up in Agronomy 3008. Put your name under the date on the calendar and please, only one person per day. Also, the last day to sign up is October 16th. The winner will receive a $25 gift card to a store in Ames!!


 Since the ISU AMS homepage has Model Animator, Matt gave a short tutorial on how to use it. At the ISU AMS homepage, click on “Member Resources” then “Model Animator.” The username is “amsstudent” and the password is “isuams.” There are four model runs and many different models, including the NAM and GFS. You can look at any surface in the atmosphere and can look at up to 16days in the GFS. You do not have to clear your current loop to add another. This way you can compare the similarities and differences in the models.

Lastly, we have been offered the opportunity to tour the Tornado Modulator in Howe Hall. We voted on times and Monday, October 12th at 1pm won. We will probably meet at the hall, but watch for emails for more information.

Treasurer Wittrock


Dues were supposed to be paid by the 29th, so please turn these in as soon as possible!! They can be put in the AMS mailbox in Agronomy 3010 (the office next to the map room).

Our current balance is $3128.

Finally, Justin asked for everyone to look for research surveys on the AMS website. Please fill these out to help the seniors with their senior thesis research work. Almost anyone can take these, but please look at the requirements. Thank you!


Social Chair Witter


Due to the chance of rain, the bonfire was postponed and moved to October 9th. It is still at McFarland Lake Park and rides will be provided in the parking lot across from Agronomy at 6pm.

The Student/Faculty Dinner was a great success! Thanks to everyone that went and thank you Rachael for planning such an awesome event!

Rachael went on to talk about intramurals next. Broomball dues are $5.00 and curling dues are $3.00. Please pay these as soon as possible to Justin or the AMS Mailbox in Agronomy 3010. There were also signup sheets for volleyball and dodgeball. If you are interested in either of these intramurals, please email Rachael.

She then moved on to our upcoming events: a corn maze and ice skating! The corn maze is Friday, October 16th at the Center Grove Orchard in Cambridge. It will cost $8.00 per person and you will pay this at the corn maze. We will probably leave Agronomy at 5pm and drivers are needed. There will be FREE ice skating at the ISU Ice Arena on Friday, October 23rd from 8-11pm. Please bring your ISU card! Watch for emails from Rachael for more information.


Academic Chair Rabideau


Shannon began by reminding everyone about the ISU AMS forums. These are located at: They are used for Cy’s Eyes, classes, storm chasing, and general information, so check them out!

She then reminded everyone that you need to send your review leaders the exam dates for your class at least a week or two in advance. This way, the leader can set up a time that works for everyone for a review session. If you have not received an email from your session leader, please check your email again and your junk mail. If you did not receive an email, please contact Shannon to let her know that you would like to sign up or if there is a certain class that you want a review session for.

Shannon created a “Career Page” on the ISU AMS Homepage: You can use this page to look for different career paths, scholarships, internships, and other opportunities. Check this out because there are A LOT of opportunities available for meteorologist!

Finally, please email Shannon if there is a certain electives class that you would like to recommend for others. These can be classes that fulfill requirements or that you just really enjoyed.

Webmaster Carletta


Nick first announced that if you do not pay your dues, you will not be on the ISU AMS email list, This means you will not get any emails sent to you about meetings, events, and other AMS opportunities, so please pay your dues! We will start using this list within the next two weeks.

He also showed how to sign up for the forums. Go to the ISU AMS Homepage, click on “Member Resources,” then “Forums,” “Register.” Once you click that, put that you are older than 13 (assuming everyone is…), agree to the Terms of Agreement, fill out the information page using your full name (“JoBeth Minniear” for me...), and submit. Nick will then approve you.

Nick has begun a Google Calendar for us! There is a link from the ISU AMS Homepage. If you click on this link, you can see all of the upcoming events’ dates and times. If you would like to add the AMS Calendar to your Calendar, click on the +Google Calendar in the bottom right corner of the page. Then accept when the screen pops up.


Historian Lueck


Ryan has updated the AMS picture board! Take a look and see pictures from every event so far (including the Student/Faculty Dinner!).

He is also planning on updating the AMS Poster. If you attended the Career Fair, you have seen why this needs updated… The pictures are from at least 3-4 years ago, so we decided they need a little updating. We will have the new poster out for VEISHA and any other events AMS attends.

Ryan has added a “This Week in Weather History” section to the Map Room. It will be updated weekly so check it out to learn some great weather history!

Finally, he reminded everyone that his goal is to get a picture of every member. Please help him out by bringing your camera to events and getting pictures! You can send the photos to Ryan, add them on the Facebook page, or upload them at

Cy's Eyes on the Skies


Ryan and Andy reported that there are a record number of new members attending Cy’s Eyes! Keep it up!!

There are no dues yet for Cy’s Eyes because ISU TV has not contacted Ryan or Andy yet. They will keep you updated if you attend the show.

There are new rules for Cy’s Eyes due to the high numbers of attendees:

1) If you were on air you cannot sign up for the show following the one you were just on.

2) The one exception to 1) is if no one has signed up for a position 24 hours prior to the show, then you can sign up if you were on the last one.

3) If you are in situation 1) and absolutely need to go on air for whatever reason talk to the producers and we will decide if that is alright.

4) If you want to do a theme like show that will exclude certain individuals (ladies show, mens show, Minnesota show) there is a topic thread made to discuss on. Once the show is agreed upon by all members that will be on, talk to the producers and then they will post the show for you.

These rules are also posted on the forums.

If you want to show up for a show, go to the Cy’s Eyes on the Skies forum and respond to Ryan’s message for the four positions.

Cy’s Eyes meets every Monday and Wednesday at 6pm. Check it out!

Forecasting Contests

Ryan gave a WxChallenge update. He showed how to submit a forecast: go to the ISU AMS Homepage, click on Forecast Contest, National Contest, click on “enter contest” in the top left corner of the page. Enter your username and password (email Ryan if you don’t remember), and enter your forecast: max and min temps, wind (in knots), and precipitation (in inches). On the left side of the page, there are a lot of links to help you forecast. Take some time to play around with these links and they will be very useful to you. Ask an upperclassman if you would like help understanding the data. Don’t forget to pay your $5.00 to Justin if you are participating!

There has been talk on having a Forecasting Workshop. It will give a general idea on how to forecast and what tools to use. If you are interested, please email Ryan at

The Iowa Forecast Contest has also started. Jon was unable to come to the meeting, so Rachel gave an update. They are currently on their second period and Jeff Duda won the first period.

Iowa State Daily forecasting is also going well. The forecasts have looked great! Iowa State Daily is now printing the graphics in black and white, but we may talk to them and see if they will go back to color. There is a new email address for the people managing this project: Please start using this email address! Please talk to Ryan if you would like to get involved with forecasting for the Iowa State Daily.

Outreach Chair Suess


Please start submitting pictures for next year’s Calendar! Some have been submitted but we need more so we have a lot to choose from. You can turn in printed pictures, but please put your name on the back so Liz can return them after pictures are selected. All pictures need to be submitted by Friday, December 4th. This gives you a chance to take some pictures over Thanksgiving Break of snow if possible!

Calendar sales forms are available on the website. Calendars are $12. You can print off the forms and turn them into Liz or the ISU AMS mailbox in Agronomy 3010 with the total amount due. Liz brought a calendar to the meeting to show. They are awesome!! If you have turned in a form and have not seen Liz to pick it up, please send her an email to set up a time.

If you are interested in helping create next year’s calendar, please email Liz at

Finally, since there has been a debate over the past few years whether a severe weather calendar or a seasonal calendar is better, we voted on the issue. The seasonal calendar won by a landslide, so we will continue having a seasonal calendar.


NCAR Presentation by Shannon Rabideau


We concluded the meeting with a presentation by Shannon about the NCAR Undergraduate Leadership Workshop in Boulder, CO. She attended this workshop this June for a week and met people from a variety of majors from all over the United States. She was nominated by the ISU faculty for this workshop and accepted.

During this great opportunity, Shannon heard from many speakers from different areas of study, including: climate, satellite technology, forecasting, etc. She also participated in many activities during the week. These activities included: tours of many of the NCAR facilities in Boulder, Rocky Mountain National Park, several NCAR labs, and other interesting places in Boulder.

The main ideas Shannon took away from the workshop were:


For more information on this Workshop, email Shannon at or go to

Few Last Things...

Rachel ended the meeting by thanking everyone who helped out at Clubfest and the Career Fair and by recognizing Rachael Witter for doing such an awesome job on the Student/Faculty Dinner.

We will once again be holding our Annual Halloween Costume Contest next meeting. There will be a prize for the best dressed, so come in your most creative Halloween apparel!

END TIME: 8:07pm


Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 27th 7:00 pm  



Rachel Hatteberg

Vice President

Matt hoffman


justin wittrock


jobeth minniear

Social Chair

rachael witter

Academic Chair

shannon rabideau


nick carletta


ryan lueck

Sophomore Chair

Pete Effertz

Outreach Chair

liz suess

Past President

Jon Hobbs

 ---JoBeth Minniear.




September General Business Meeting Minutes:

Start Time: 7:02PM

                  President Tony McGee welcomed the club the first General Business Meeting (GBM) of the year. He thanked all those for coming and briefly gave an overview of what our club does and the goals for the year. He then informed the club that we have won the National Weather Association Student Chapter of the year for 2008-2009. He thanked everyone for their help last year, as the club could not win such awards without all their hard work. Next, he discussed how to become a member of the club and the difference between our local chapter and the national chapter of both the AMS and the NWA.  Tony then gave a breakdown of the different committees within the club that way members could decide which ones they wished to sign up for.  Next, he discussed the various conferences that our club is a part of each year. First, being our own conference the Northeastern Storm Conference. Then he talked about the Southern New England Conference, the National AMS Conference, and the National Weather Association conference. As with our own, he encourages members to attend as many as possible. The club then asked for volunteers for a department spokesperson. This person will meet with the department faculty on a weekly basis to help bring a student prospective to anything being discussed.

                  Vice President Joe Ditommaso discussed the plan to overhaul the clubs website, and asked for suggestions and ideas to be brought to him over the course of the next few weeks.  He also asked for members to bring up anyone they would like to see on the panel at the NESC. Typically, a person from each concentration in the program is represented.  Lastly, he asked all those members who did an internship over the summer to begin making a presentation that will be presented during the annual internship night held in November. More information will come as we get closer to the date. Finally, he mentioned the sustainability goals of the club and how we, along with the campus community, are trying to be more green, thus using more electronic forms of contact and less printing,

                  Secretary Kaitlyn Jacobs discussed that to be an active member, one needs to attend 2/3rds the GBM’s and have a total of 5 events attended through the course of the year. Attendance is taken at the GBM’s using the candy raffle papers and using sign in sheets at all events.  In staying with our sustainability goals this year, the event tracker will not be posted but rather emailed after each event so students know of their status. Finally, she asked for a hand raise of student’s interest in buying club sweatshirts for the year. There was an overwhelming interest so more information will come.

                  Treasurer Samantha Couture discussed her role in SGA (Student Government Association). All members are reminded that they can attend, and any issues that anyone wants to have addressed can be brought to her at anytime.  A reminder that Dues are due at the next GBM in October and that all active members must have paid their dues .  Finally, the club is looking for new and creative fundraising ideas so please bring those to the clubs attention if you have any.

                  Public Relations Officer Garrett Combs informed the club the annual Fall BBQ will be held this Sunday at 12pm outside the student center. Food and wiffleball will be available and it is a great way for new members to meet others.  He also discussed this month’s events including hiking Mt. Washington, Two ECM meetings, and the Car Wash.  Also new this year is Co-club events where we will be pairing with other clubs on campus to have run events and get more of the campus involved.

                  Community Outreach Officer Rachel Ducharme began be informing the members of a new event this year called the scavenger hunt. Members will run a day where local children can come and go on a scavenger hunt, where they will have to stop at different stations and learn something about weather and science before moving onto the next stop.  Next, the club is looking to go to a few schools in the area to give talks and presentations on weather and to get the students involved with science in general. Also, Rachel informed the club of our annual science fair that will be taking place in March.

                  Historian Kyle Blount finished off the evening with asking members to submit any club photos to him so they can be posted onto the new website and so they may be voted on to be in the club calendar that will go on sale in November.  He will also be helping Joe with the new club website and any ideas or help  will be much appreciated.

The club then ended its first meeting with a candy raffle.

End Time: 8:14PM---Kaitlyn Jacobs.



Meeting Type: General Meeting

Meeting Date: September 9, 2009

Attendance: 79

Meeting in Session: 8:35 pm


Introduction (President Joe Moore)

Overview of AMS (President Joe Moore)

Meeting out of Session: 8:52 pm


Meeting Type: General Meeting

Meeting Date: September 16, 2009

Attendance: 73

Meeting in Session: 8:44 pm


Introduction (President Joe Moore)

Finances (Treasurer Heather Morgan)

Fundraising (Treasurer Heather Morgan)

Secretary/Events Committee (Secretary Samantha McGraw)

Committees (President Joe Moore)

Community Outreach Committee (Vice President Matt Potter and Webmaster Sigourney Stelma)

Nominations (President Joe Moore)

Conclusion (President Joe Moore)

Meeting Out of Session: 9:30 pm


Meeting Type: General Meeting

Meeting Date: September 30, 2009

Attendance: 52

Meeting in Session: 8:35 pm


Fundraising (Treasurer Heather Morgan)

Speaker: David Ondrejik “National Weather Service Operations and YOUR Future”

Meeting out of Session: 10:30 pm.---Samantha McGraw.




General Body Meeting Tuesday, September 1, 2009 – 7:30 p.m.

Location: Love Building  room 364



Next General Body meeting will be taking place tuesday September 29th, Dr. Sharon Nicholson will be the guest speaker at this meeting.---Andy Monplaisir.


Officer’s Meeting 9/7/09

-We started at 4pm

- We started talking about our new webmasters and how to improve the website so all the officers will have access to update blog entries and event calendars.

- Next was talk about participating in this year’s Weatherfest, put on by the NWS here in Tallahassee and the cooperation with departments in the town, FSU, and the AMS, like last year. We plan on being more of a help this year, now that we have a year under our belt.

- We had a discussion of a possible weathercasting fund raiser. Here, we would have people come into our weather studio and let kids and others do a weathercast and charge a small amount for it.

- Skywarn:

              We are thinking of having a big meeting with members and non to do a massive skywarn teaching seminar to train more observers. We also want to make Killearn Country Club community a storm ready community, and we might tie together the trainings into one.

- Finish discussing the new t-shirt design and to put the new design on our meetings flyers before next meeting.

- Robert Garcia, science and outreach committee chair, discussed the Killearn Elementary science fair and getting volunteers for that. Also, he is thinking of a possible NHC tour in Miami, since he interns at the NWS office down there for December to all interested.

- We talked about invading the Nat’l AMS meeting in Atlanta and letting our presence known since we are a close chapter. Here we discussed taking a big group to the student conference for those who cannot afford the cost or time to go to the week long event.

- We are thinking of having a Resume building workshop in February for undergrads.

- Do we want to continue a can food drive with the Red Cross? Yes.

- We ended with talk of locations for the next meetings and key speakers. Sept 29th, will be in the LOV building at FSU, as normal, with Dr. Nicholson giving a talk on her research in Africa. The October meeting will be in the State’s Emergency Operations Center, so we can have a tour and discussion on emergency operations linked to meteorology.

-We ended the meeting at 5:45pm.---Todd Zwissler.


Executive Board Meeting Tuesday, September 22, 2009 – 3:30 p.m.

Location: Love Building 3rd floor Lounge


The meeting was brought to order by President Brad Schaaf.

Officers in attendance:

Vice-President Todd Zwissler

Treasurer Heather Holbach

Secretary Andy Monplaisir

Past Executive Board Member Evan Kalina

Science & Outreach Committee Chair Robert Garcia 

Golf Tournament

AMS Pictures


Bake Sale

Hurricane Center

Car Wash

Next general body meeting will be Tuesday September 29th

Meeting Adjourned by Vice President Todd Zwissler with 4 votes to 0 and 1 abstention.


General Body Meeting Tuesday, September 29, 2009 – 7:30 p.m.

Location: Werner A. Baum Seminar Room (Love 353)





President Greg Story called the September meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Members introduced themselves. Greg informed the group that there were several meteorologists have moved to new positions, they are Stacie Hanes, Tara Dudzek, Alex Orr, and Gary Woodall. Meteorologist Al Moller retired.

Stanley gave a treasury report. Dues are being collected; dues are $10.00 a year.

Janice Bunting gave a report on the NWA annual meeting which is being held in Norfolk, Virginia this year.

The new WCM for Fort Worth WFO Mark Fox gave a presentation on “Decision Support Services...The Future is Now”

The North Texas Chapter of the AMS/NWA will be again co-sponsoring the 2010 TESSA National Storm Conference, the conference will be held Sat. March 13, 2010, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at Colleyville Center in Colleyville, Texas. Current scheduled speakers include Gary Woodall, MIC, Phoenix WFO, Mark Fox, WCM, Fort Worth WFO, Scott Rae, Tim Marshall, Dr. Kevin A. Kloesel, and Martin Lisius (speakers are subject to change). The conference will again this year be offering The Alan R. Moller Severe Weather Education and Research College Scholarship, for more details on the scholarship and conference visit their website

The 2010 Skywarn season will be here before you know it. If you are interested in helping at an AMS/NWA table please let us know.

Remember to visit our new facebook page.

Please note that the October AMS/NWA meeting will be held on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday October 27th, at the NWS West Gulf River Forecast Center/WFO Fort Worth/Dallas, 3401 Northern Cross Blvd. Our speaker will be Tim Marshall, HAAG Engineering. Tim will give a presentation on the Vortex 2 project. The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM.

Other Upcoming dates

November AMS/NWA meeting will be held on Tuesday November 17th.

December’s meeting will be held at a local TV station

The 10th Annual National Severe Weather Workshop will be held in the Oklahoma City area March 4 – 6, 2010. This year’s theme will be: “Remembering Our Past to Build a Safer Future: A Decade of Sharing Information about Weather Emergencies, Communications and Response.”---Bobette Mauck.



September 2, 2009

Meeting Began: 11:10 am

Introductions of E-Board members: President-Ellen Lytle

                                                                  Vice President-Chris Hoyt

                                                                  Secretary-Lisa Meadows

                                                                  Treasurer- Jason Davis

Treasurer’s Report:

              -Dues are $15 to be paid by the 3rd meeting to NWI of NWA

              -Pop and water are for sale in the weather center for $.50

              -Give Jason any suggestions for new flavors

              -Fraudulent check of $200 being investigated

Secretary’s Report:

              -Sign-in sheets are being passed around

              -Sign-up sheets for Activities Committee being passed around for those of you who want to be more involved in planning AMS/NWA activities & fundraisers

              -Activities & Fundraisers AMS/NWA is planning for this year…

                            ~Meet the new Met professor Kevin Goebbert while he serves ice cream at Coldstone (10% of proceeds go to AMS/NWA)

                            ~Snowfall Contest: Guess date of first snowfall & amount over season

                            ~Weather Calendars: 12 best met student’s pictures will be chosen for calendar

                            ~T-shirts: Contest for who can come up with the best AMS/NWA T-shirt design           

                            ~Bake Sale: People buy goods & vote on best item

                            ~Relay For Life: Last year’s team (Twister) raised the most money on campus                             

Vice President’s Report:

              -Gotten started on 8th Annual Great Lakes Conference

                            ~Tentative date: March 20th

                            ~Looking for speakers who are lightning specialists, VORTEX participants, aviation related, broadcasting related, etc.

                            ~Thanks to all who came out to Activities fair

                            ~If you ordered a shirt from last year please come get it from an e-board member

President’s Report:

              -Internship talks on Monday September 14th & Wednesday September 16th from 4-6:30 in room 112

                            ~If you did an internship for credit you must talk

                            ~Vital for underclassmen to come learn about internship opportunities

              -Meteorology picnic this Saturday, September 5th

                            ~At Kirchoff Park

                            ~Starts at noon

                            ~Meet in front of Schnabel Hall to give or get a ride at 11:30 am

              -National Conferences: NWA-Norfolk, VA (Oct. 17-22)

                                                          AMS-Atlanta, GA (Jan. 17-21)

***Note from Bart: Joint AMS meeting with Chicago on October 6th at 7pm in Romeoville. Kevin will be speaking!

Meeting Adjourned: 11:23am---Lisa Meadows.



This month we planned for the weather fest we are hosting for all the schools in the area.  We had our first few club meetings and had a large turn-out.  We are even planning on making a club honor roll for members to strive for.  We have told all our members how to sign-up for the AMS.  We have also set the date for our annual Lake-Effect Conference and are planning a name change.---Christina Faraone.



Minutes for September 10, 2009  


              - What is the fastest wind speed ever recorded, and where? Answer: 231mph at Mount Washington, NH.

              - What is the maximum number of times one person has been hit by lightning?  Answer: 7 (confirmed) times.

              - How long did the longest twister go (in miles)? Answer: 219 miles (3.5 hours)

              - What is the record for most rainfall in one year/day/hour/minute? Answer: 1042 inches (India)/72 inches (La Reunion, off African coast)/12 inches (Missouri)/1.23 inches (Maryland).

              - Heaviest hailstone ever recorded? Answer: 2.25lbs (Bangladesh)

              - Longest distance tornadic transport? Answer: 223 miles (KS to NE).

              - What is the largest significant wave height measured by a ship/buoy? Answer:    95.03 feet (2000).

              - What is the widest tornado ever recorded? Answer: Approximately 2.5 miles.

              - Which two continents/countries receive the least precipitation. Answer: South    America (0.03 inch) and Antarctica (0.08)/Chile and Antarctica.

              - Longest lasting tropical cyclone? Longest distance? Answer: 31 days    (Hurricane/Typhoon John)/8500 statute miles - Ophelia in WPAC).

              - Biggest (by number) tornado outbreak? Answer: 148 tornadoes. 

Photo of the group taken.

Meeting adjourned.---Jacob Carlin.



Around 20 people met on September 21st at the WATE-TV 6 television studios in north Knoxville to watch a live newscast. The hosts were Matt Hinkin and Bob Becker from the WATE-6 Storm Team. In order to best get a feel for the entire newscast, the group was split into two with one group watching the live newscast from the studio while the other group watched from the director’s booth. The group in the booth was able to see how the news producer (who puts the show together all day) is always in communication with the talent and live reporters in the field. The director calls out all the commands of the show, while the technical director pushes the buttons that the director calls for. They also were able to see where the graphics and audio all come from. This was seeing the newscast from the most technical angle available.

While in the studio, the groups were also given a tour of the studio. The entire group was in the studio to see Matt Hinkin do the weather presentation from the green wall, as there are actually never any maps behind the weather talent. This part of the show is usually very interesting to watch. You can see how the talent knows what they are pointing to while they're never actually allowed to see it (except through three monitors). After the newscast, the group was allowed to 'play' at the green wall and be on camera. They were given a tour of the 'Storm Center', where all the meteorologists put their shows together. The group also had the opportunity to ask Matt and Bob any questions about what we had just seen or about TV weather in general.

A short business meeting was then held where topics, such as the chapter's poster for the national AMS meeting in January, were discussed. Afterwards, the group then headed to dinner at Cafe 4 in Market Square of downtown Knoxville.---David Gaffin.



September 4, 2009

Meeting called to order at 3:00 P.M. by Jennifer.  Seven members were in attendance. 

Old Business


Treasury Report: Balance from end of last term is $150.00

New Business


New Officers were elected for the 2009-2010 term. They are as follows:

              President – Patrick Campbell
              Vice President – David Reed
              Treasurer –  Tom Sturtevant
              Secretary –  Eric Ogle
              Public Relations - Jianbo Liu
              Webmaster – Jennifer Vogt

*Please note that the webmaster position is not an official officers’ position within our constitution.

The website will be updated soon. The link to access the Southeastern Wyoming Chapter of the AMS’s website is: Please send a picture and a short biography so that each student can be added to the website.

Dues of $10/year were collected from most of the students. Last day to hand in dues will be at the next meeting on October 2nd.

Dues for joining the National AMS are $20 per student and can be found online at:

The local chapter now has two undergraduate members, both studying in the physical or applied sciences.

Upcoming Business

The WxChallenge is now open for registration. To participate for the entire year it costs $5, but only $3 for the Fall Semester. If you are interested, please see Jennifer Vogt in Rm. EN 6045 for a sign-up form. Deadline for signing up is Sept. 27th.

There will be a snow-fall challenge being distributed by the end of this week. Look for signs around the building as well as in your email.

Reminders: Next meeting will be held October 2nd, 2009 at 2:45 pm in room EN 6060.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 P.M.---Jennifer Vogt.



Tuesday September 8th, 2009.

The meeting began at 7:00 pm. In the first meeting of TAMSCAMS of the academic school year, we introduced the new members to all of the new elected officers. They are as follows:

President: Brian Haines

Vice President: Brad Reinhart

Secretary: Rita Matos

Treasurer: Ryan Husted

Social Chair: Alex Calandra

We went over regirstration and dues for the year, as well as how to become AMS student members. We discussed future trips for the semester. In addition, we also discussed the speaker planned for the October meeting Paul Cocin, who worked with the Weather Channel and HPC. Finally, we discussed upcoming dates for service projects and the TASC (Texas Aggie Storm Chasers) safety seminar dates. Our next meeeting will be on October 6, 2009 at 7:00 pm.---Rita Matos.



Jim Husaby, a hydrologist with the North Central River Forecast Center here in the Twin Cities, spoke to the Twin Cities Chapter about the Red River of the North flooding of Spring 2009. Jim has worked with the NCRFC for 6 years.

The Red River Basin, on the United States side, covers much of North Dakota, small parts of southern Manitoba, a small portion of northeastern South Dakota, and parts of northwestern Minnesota. The overall basin is 287,500 square kilometers. One of the challenges that faces the Red each year is the fact that if flows north into Lake Winnipeg. This tends to result in meltwater flowing into a still froze waterway which can lead to extensive seasonal flooding. The major players in this flooding event were the Wild Rice River which joins the Red from the North Dakota side at Fargo, the Otter Tail River, and the Bois de Sioux River. The latter two meet at Wahpeton, ND to form the headwaters of the Red.

Early in the winter RFC hydrologists noticed a favorable pattern for Spring flooding in the Red River Valley. The Autumn of 2008 was exceptionally wet across much of the region with flooding occurring during October and November on the Red. The heavy rains late in the season contributed to higher than normal stream flow values for the river leading up to the freeze. Compounding the situation is the saturated nature of the soils in the basin from the heavy rainfall. During the period from 1 September through 30 November 2008 most of the basin received 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) more rainfall than normal and some locations received more than 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) more rainfall than normal. The Red River crested above flood stage on 16 October and again on 29 October.

December brought on colder than normal temperatures across much of the basin with minimal snow cover through the middle of the month allowing for deep freezing of the saturated soil. By the end of the month much of North Dakota had experienced several significant snow events and Bismarck, Fargo, and Grand Forks all reported record snow totals with above average snow water content. The all of North Dakota recorded above average snowfall for December with large portions of the Red River Basin receiving 300% to over 400% of average precipitation. The trend reversed for January with below average precipitation but by February above average precipitation had returned to the basin. During the winter temperatures in the region trended between 4*F and 7*F below average.

By the time Spring arrived Fargo had accumulated 79.7 inches (202.4 cm) of snow and 10.67 inches (27.10 cm) of rainfall September through November. Combined these values represent the wettest Autumn-Winter for the Fargo area.

The flood forecast guidance produced on 20 January 2009 pointed toward high probabilities of major flooding in the Red River Basin during the spring. The forecast for the Wild Rice River at Abercrombie, ND carried a 91% probability of meeting or exceeding major flood stage of 18 feet (5.4 m). During the 1997 floods the Wild Rice at Abercrombie crested at 26.6 feet (8.1 m). In 2009 it crested on 25 March at 27.77 feet (8.46 m), a new record crest. At the time of the January forecast the Red River at Fargo was in the 90% or better probability category of meeting or exceeding major flood stage of 30 feet (9.1 m). In 1997 the Red River at Fargo crested at 39.57 feet (12.06 m) and crested on 28 March 2009 at 40.82 feet (12.44 m), a new record. Meanwhile, downstream at Grand Forks the Red River carried a better than 40% risk of meeting or exceeding major flood stage of 46 feet (14 m). The Red at Grand Forks crested on 1 April 2009 at 49.50 feet (15.08 m), the 3rd highest crest on record. The 1997 crest at Grand Forks was 54.35 feet (16.57 m).

The Red River flooding of 2009 featured another first. The Department of Homeland Security approved a short term loan of an unmanned Predator drone to monitor ice jams during the event. Additionally, another blizzard moved through the basin on 31 March and 1 April 2009 raising fears of a second record crest in April. This last blizzard of the winter deposited 10.3 inches in Fargo, Breckinridge, MN, across the river from Wahpeton, ND, received 24 inches during the two-day event. Fortunately, the melt from the last blizzard was slow and a new record crest was not observed.---Kevin L. Huyck.



Monthly Meeting:  Friday, September 11, 2009


The chapter’s first meeting of the 2009-2010 academic year began at 12:15 pm.  President Chris Schultz introduced each of the officers and presented an overview of goals for the chapter this year.  The chapter will aim to expand its current activities and introduce more professional development activities.

The meeting continued as Treasurer Chris Jewett presented the financial report, noting that the chapter’s opening budget for the year is $369.35.  Once the final paperwork is filed with the University to register the organization for the year, $50 from UAH will be added.

Webmaster Jon Fairman then gave an overview of the proposed new UAH AMS website.  The current version of the website can be found at and the new version can be seen at  Members were asked to view the proposed site and submit questions and suggestions Jon at  A vote will be held at the next meeting to decide if the website will remain as is or transition to the new design.

Education and Outreach Committee chair, Sandy LaCorte, was unable to attend the meeting due to sickness.  In her place, President Schultz discussed upcoming outreach events.  The WAFF 48 Road Tours will begin September 22, and continue on Tuesdays until October 13.   Road Tour events involve programming NOAA weather radios, assisting the Huntsville National Weather Service’s booth “Professor Weather,” and answering general severe weather and preparedness questions.  At least two to three more volunteers are needed for these events; members are asked contact Sandy at if they can help out.  Other events discussed that will be coming up soon were helping Boys/Girls Scouts to earn their Weather Badge, volunteering to lead tornado simulations with the Madison County 911 Center’s Weather Preparedness tour to local schools, and organizing the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America Walk in May of 2010. 

Next, the possibility of having a Yankee Candle fundraiser was discussed.  A sample brochure was passed around to the members, and information can also be found at  Members are asked to consider the fundraiser as it will be further discussed at the next meeting.  The chapter’s long-running soda/coke/pop fundraiser will continue this year, and suggestions for items can be emailed to Sandy.  Chris Schultz discussed that the chapter will not do another bake sale in the place of member dues, but that $5 dues will be required for the year, and are to be turned in by the end of the next meeting.  The chapter will be organizing various activities, and this nominal amount from each member will help cover expenses.

Chris Jewett continued the meeting by announcing a bowling night, t-shirts, and polo shirts.  The bowling is set for Thursday, September 24 at 8 pm; emails to come will contain more information.  Designs for this year’s t-shirt are due by Thursday, October 15, so that voting can take place at the next meeting.  Members interested in ordering polo shirts should contact Chris Jewett, a minimum of 15 shirts would need to be ordered. 

At the end of the meeting, Chris Schultz announced that members are encouraged to submit any ideas for the organization, especially ways to cultivate more undergraduate interaction, to the officers.  Those in attendance were asked to make sure they signed the sign-in sheet so that a specific AMS email list can be created.  The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 pm; the next meeting of the UAH AMS will be held on Friday, October 16, 2009.---Stephanie Mullins.



First Meeting – September 1, 2009 @ 7p in room 109 ATMS
Meeting Minutes

Introduction (Justin)    
              Introduced officers and welcomed members.

Weather Briefing (Justin)
              Eric presented some information about tropical cyclones.

Group Picture

Introduction to SCAMS and AMS websites (Justin)

Business (Justin)    
              Justin mentioned that changes need to be made to the Constitution and that revisions would be coming soon. He asked for permission to improve aesthetic appeal, but Sara mentioned he need not ask for permission.

Treasury Report (Eric)
              Reported the RSO Account Activity for 2007-2008, 2008-2009, TCF Account = $272.25, RSO = $796.46, and TCF Business Account gift card = $23.02 (which Sara mentioned was for taking guest speakers out for dinner.) He then discussed plans for funding for the year.

Other Annoucements (Justin, Sara)
              Justin announced that logistics of monthly meetings will be decided via online poll to be e-mailed to all members. Sara gave a brief summary of the committees and invited members to create other committees. Justin asked for volunteers who want to get involved in updating the website.


Second Meeting – September 15, 2009 @ 6p in room 163 Noyes
Meeting Minutes

Welcome (Justin)
Justin proposes that we need to make an amendment to the way we handle passing amendments – particularly concerning how many active members we need present to pass something. Unfortunately, he found that not enough active members we present to change this rule.

Finance Report (Eric)

AMS Annual Meeting (Justin)
Encouraged members to go.

Student Conference and Career Fair (Eric)
Eric discussed ways to get funding (i.e. Volunteer, AMS Travel Grant, SORF Funding)

WeatherCast, Severe Wx Converence in DuPage (Wendi)

Guest Speaker (Isaac Hankes)



Minutes from:

Sept 1st, 2009

Odegard Hall Rm. 356

5:15 p.m.

Members Present:

Al Borho – Advisor

Kelsey Watkins - President

Leah Tatarak - Vice President

Erin Bertschi - Treasurer

Matt Saari – Secretary

Chris Kruse

Aymie Oliver-Wedwick

Andrea Newmann

Amanda Homann

Dan Adriaansen

Kelly Buer

Mike Lanciki

Shawn Palmquist

Megan Gray

Garrett Bruce

Justin Weber

Laura Burns

Joe Hansel

Nicole Bart

Amanda Mills

Miranda Hilgers

Emily Danielson

Nichole Shotwell

Michael Heitz

Katie Giannecchini

Joel Sielgel

Angelle Van Oploo

Scott Rowe

Karen Larson

Ben Schink

Andy Kitsch

Brady Hoskins

Randy Johnson

Melissa Becker

Marc Provencher

Brandon Austin

Call to Order:

              President Kelsey Watkins called the AMS meeting to order at 5:17 pm

Past Minutes:

The minutes were not read from last semester.

Officer Reports:

-President’s Report: AMS Powerpoint

-Vice-President’s Report:

-Secretary’s Report:

-Treasurer’s Report: The current balance is $1,943.78

Guest Speaker: none



-went around and everyone introduced themselves


-presentation going over what AMS is and what our local chapter does

-will be posted online

              Introducing Committees

                            -Went over the four committees and described what they were

                            -Fundraising-baked goods, hot perks, cleaning up the Betty, ect.

                            -Activities-Plan picnics, spring trip and other activities



              Break into Committees

              Committee Reports(below)


Old Business:

            Boy Scouts Workshop

                            -Professor Borho talked about the workshop. Showed the scouts experiments and presented a severe weather awareness slide show.

New Business:        

- Fall Picnic – Sunday, Sept 13 at 4pm in University Park

-Britney Spears concessions?-Sept 12 anyone interested email Kelsey

-Who's Who Wall – Monitor in 4th floor Clifford Hall with a slideshow of pictures of everyone in the department and a brief bio of everyone. Want to update this. Freshmen and anybody new to the department (transfers/new grad students) send info to Leah.
-Photo Contest-picture contest with different categories for each month. Photos due by 15th of each month. Miranda Hilgers is in charge of this. Have to be pictures that YOU take, not googled. More info to come.
-Homecoming Float?-voted to NOT have a float in parade
-Bowling/BWW's/etc. night soon-might combine bdubs and bowling. Friday, Sept 25th.

-AMS Webpage-looking for someone who is good with creating a webpage for our chapter. Angelle will take this on.
-Baked goods sign up-sheet went around. Wrap items individually. Being sold for 50 cents a piece.
-Hot dog fundraiser-Thursday, Sept 10th  email will be coming. We sell hot dogs, chips, pop, and we need volunteers to make cookies/bars
-Pizza for next meeting? THERE WILL BE PIZZA 

-Activities Committee

              -ideas, rock-climbing, who’s who wall updating, Bdubs/Bowling night-same night?, Fall picnic. Sept 13 at 4pm in University Park

-Fundraising Committee

              -Britney Spears Concessions Next Saturday. Hot Dog Fundraiser, did not get picked for Popcorn in Union this year, Baked Goods sign up

-Banquet Committee

              -want to have speaker by the end of this semester.


-T-Shirt/Logo Committee

              -looked at new logo, get a trademark on it, shirt colors,


            Next meeting Sept 15 in Odegard 356 with Storm Chasing talk from Aaron Kennedy

-With Pizza




              -The meeting was adjourned without objection at 6:06 pm


Minutes from:

September 15th, 2009

Odegard Hall Rm. 356

5:15 p.m.

Members Present:

Al Borho – Advisor

Kelsey Watkins - President

Leah Tatarak - Vice President

Erin Bertschi - Treasurer

Matt Saari – Secretary

Amanda Homann

Dan Adriaansen

Aaron Kennedy

Mike Lanciki

Miranda Hilgers

Aymie Oliver-Wedwick
Joe Hansel

Brady Hoskins

Kelly Buer

Andrea Neumann

Nichole Shotwell

Melissa Becker

Laura Burns

Angelle Van Oploo

Karen Larson

Scott Rowe

Ben Schink

Will Crawford

Justin Weber

Chris Kruse

Amanda Mills

Thomas Jenell

Alec Davis

Randy Johnson

Garrett Jepsen 

Call to Order:

              President Kelsey Watkins called the AMS meeting to order at 5:16pm.

Past Minutes:

The minutes from 9-1-09 were read.

Officer Reports:

-President’s Report: none

-Vice-President’s Report: none

-Secretary’s Report: last meeting’s minutes

-Treasurer’s Report: The current balance is: $1943.81

Membership dues are due Oct 13th. $30 for whole year. That includes banquet ticket. Also if you participate in at least 2 fundraising activities, you get to go on the annual Spring Trip.

Guest Speaker:

Aaron Kennedy, a 4th year Doctorate student in the Atmospheric Sciences Department, gave a talk on storm chasing. If you have questions, email Aaron at

Useful websites:


Old Business:

Britney Spears Concessions-had 5 people and it went fairly well.

Fall Picnic-a fabulous success. Thanks to everyone who came.

Hot Dog Fundraiser-went really well. Thanks to those who helped out!

Who’s Who Wall (on going) 

New Business:

Decided to drop the T-Shirt Committee and add those duties to the activities committee. We also split the activities committee into 2 parts: outreach activities, and fun/recreational activities.             

Photo Contest-will start in October

BWW/Bowling-meet in Clifford parking lot at 6:30pm, Friday Sept 25th   

Baked Goods Sign-Up-sheet went around

Dues- Due Oct. 13th ($30 for whole year)

-Activities Committee-split committee into 2 parts-outreach and fun/recreational

-Fundraising Committee-talked about how fundraisers have been going, hot perks in Gamble Hall, and a hot chocolate fundraiser.

-Banquet Committee-nothing to report


-T-Shirt/Logo Committee-added committee to activities


- Membership dues are due October 13th. It is $30 for the whole year. That includes banquet ticket. Also if you participate in at least 2 fundraising activities, you get to go on the annual Spring Trip. Selling baked good s\for one week only accounts for half an activity. Contact Erin Bertschi if you have any questions.

Next Meeting will be Sept 29th at 5:15pm in Odegard 356. -will be voting for committee chairs



              -The meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:58pm.


Minutes from:

September 29, 2009

Odegard Hall Rm. 356

5:15 p.m.

Members Present:

Al Borho – Advisor

Kelsey Watkins - President

Leah Tatarak - Vice President

Erin Bertschi - Treasurer

Matt Saari – Secretary

Joe Hansel

Laura Burns

Chris Hammer

Miranda Hilgers

Andrea Neumann

Aymie Oliver-Wedwick

Randy Johnson

Amanda Homann

Dan Adriaansen

Melissa Becker

Christopher Kruse

Garrett Jepsen

Scott Rowe

Marc Provencher

Karen Larson

Mike Lanciki

Justin Weber

Amanda mills

Nicole Bart

Nichole Shotwell

Ben Schink

Angelle van Oploo

Brady Hoskins

Call to Order:

              President Kelsey Watkins called the AMS meeting to order at 5:15pm.

Past Minutes:

The minutes from Sept 15, 2009 were read.

Officer Reports:

-President’s Report:

-Vice-President’s Report:

-Secretary’s Report: none

-Treasurer’s Report: $2256.30   get dues in!

Guest Speaker:

 Suzanne Irwin, from Studio One, the TV show that airs live from the UND campus, came and talked about the show.

For more info, go to

-Anyone with interest in weather broadcasting, any aspect of creating a television show, or just want to grow professionally are encouraged to apply.

-Internships for Spring Semester are available. Due by October 30th.

-apply by calling the studio, or go to the website.

-10-15 hours a week time commitment. Create 1 or 2 weather stories a semester.

-Aired all across the region (Bismarck, ND, Minneapolis, MN, Colorado Springs, CO, Winnipeg and of course the greater Grand Forks area.


Old Business:

Who’s Who Wall(on-going) Grad Students give info to Dan Adriaansen. Freshmen give info to Justin Weber.

Photo Contest (on-going)

 BWW/Bowling Night-was last Friday

New Business:        

Vote on Committee Chairs

Congrats to:

Miranda Hilgers and Chris Hammer-Education/Outreach Committee

Laura Burns-Fundraising Committee

Kelly Buer and Amanda Mills-Banquet Committee

Justin Weber-Activities Committee


Baked Goods Sign-Up

Halloween Trick or Treating-Friday October 30th. More info to come.

Career Fair-different professionals from various fields of Atmospheric Sciences come and talk about their careers. Could find out about the jobs, pay scales, hours, ect.

Studio One-visiting a show-October 29th?

AMS is on Html-ez and Facebook! Add us!

-Faculty Awards-Outstanding Faculty Awards.

The professor: Teaches affectively, inspires, stimulates, respects and shows concern for students, gives guidance.

Provide solid evidence and concrete examples to build case.

Go to to vote. 

-Education/Outreach Activities Committee-Girl Scouts-end of October/early November.

-Fundraising Committee-Baked goods (sign up is for 2 people a week to bring baked goods to 4th floor)

Selling concessions at football games. Potato Bowl game (Sat, Oct 10th) maybe Nov 7th also.

-Banquet Committee


-Activities Committee-Talked about possible apparel ideas. Going to do trick or treating Friday, Oct 30th.

Announcements: - Membership dues are due by the next meeting, Oct 13th, 2009. Dues are $15 for one semester or $30 for the whole year. The $30 gets you a banquet ticket for our end of the year awards banquet. Make checks out to AMS. Get them to Erin Bertschi

-Faculty Awards (see above)



              -The meeting was adjourned without objection at 6:05pm.---Matthew Saari.



September Meeting Minutes

September 1, 2009

At our September 1 meeting, we had an introduction by our School of Meteorology director, Dr. Carr.  Following him our Associate Dean, Dr. Kloesel discussed the opportunity for students to become tour guides for the National Weather Center and the two training sessions held in the month of September.  Our new president, Jake Thiem, introduced the officers that were elected in May 2009. Then we talked about some of the major events that our chapter does throughout the year including the School of Meteorology Welcome Back Picnic in September and the Weather Fest on November 7.  We also discussed our Outreach committee that has quickly become known for its presentations to elementary school classes in the spring and assistance with weather radio programming days at Home Depot and Wal-Mart. We talked about our upcoming meetings topics including: Vortex II, the new GIS major, and requirements for graduate school.  We held elected new freshman representatives Kristopher Davis, Kaitlyn Smoleroff, and Emily Thompson. We began the meeting at 6:35 and ended at 7:45. 

September 8, 2009

           At the officers meeting on September 8, we began with a discussion of the possibility of funding implementation of campus wide tornado shelter signs.  One of the junior students is working on a proposal for the signs and the University has offered to cover some of the cost. We discussed feedback from the previous meeting and what we can do to improve included logistics and basic organization issues to make our meetings run more smoothly.  We planned the September 15th study abroad meeting with speakers Alek Krutmann, Margaret Frey, and the exchange students from Reading, England and Hamburg, Germany. Alek traveled to Monash, Australia and Margaret traveled to Reading, England on the exchange program last spring. 

              We are going to invite COCAMS to at least one meeting each semester. Fees are due at the October and we would like to invite Dr. Purcell, Dr. Tarhule, or Dr. May Yuan to the October meeting.  We are looking for a freshman or sophomore to learn how to update the website along with our Vice President. We began discussions about who will be attending the AMS meeting in January, and preliminary poster information.  We also touched on publicity for the National Weather Center Festival, and the possibility of a campus wide weather awareness day. We ended by creating committees and choosing which officers will head up those committees. The 4 major committees are the publicity, fundraising, outreach, and social committees.  Our additional committees include T-Shirt, Poster, Weather Fest, and Big Event committees. The meeting ran from 6:30 to 8:15.

September 15, 2009

              We began our September 15 meeting by announcing the major committees: Publicity, Social, Outreach, and Fundraising.  The first student speakers at this meeting were the students from Hamburg, Germany.  They showed a promotional video about the University of Hamburg and the science and research available.  Hamburg is the 2nd largest city in Germany. The university has 38000 students total with 25 professors, 100 undergraduate and 40 graduate students in Institute of Meteorology. The trip is cheaper than students think and the language is not as big of a problem as it may seem.  The next speaker was Alek who studied in Monash, Australia. He talked about the opportunity for travel and the Monash Weather and Climate society camping trip. Following Alek, Dr. Grimes from Reading University in England spoke about the program.  Reading is a top ranked university in Europe located 30 minutes from London and Oxford by train.  The original meteorology building was a restored WWII hospital. The UK Met Office, ranked highest department in the country and home of offices like NCAS and NCEO (Similar to NOAA), is only minutes away. The department has 22 professors, 15 to 20 undergraduates, and 15 PhD students.   Margaret Frey traveled to Reading last spring, and talked about all of the possibilities for travel during the 4 week Easter break.  The several Reading students who were present gave a students perspective of the university. The meeting ran from 6:30 to 8 pm.---Stacey Hitchcock.



September 2009


Monthly Meeting:

Our second monthly reunion of the Semester was held on September 29 at 10:40 am. A total of 24 members attended. During the reunion, we discussed the economical status of the society and the activities of the month such as: hot dogs sales and the 4th General Assembly. The meeting concluded at 11:45 am


4th General Assembly:

              On September 1st we had our 4th General Assembly at 10:40 am in the Planetarium at the Department of Physics. A total of 20 people attended including students, professors and Honorary Members. The purpose of this General Assembly was to introduce the UPRM Student Chapter to those students new to the University this year and interest them in joining our chapter. During the General Assembly we talked about Atmospheric Sciences Program the Department of Physics offers. Also, we discussed the benefits and great opportunities that the members of this Chapter have. Application Forms of the Chapter and of the National AMS were handed out to the students that attended. The Assembly concluded at 11:45 am.


Hot Dogs Sales:

              We had hot dogs sales on September 8, 14, 28, and 31st as fund raising activities.



On September 1, 2009, an officers meeting was held.  The deparmental picnic (Earth Sciences dept) has been scheduled for October 9.  Tailgating was next on the agenda.  Since USA has a football team for the first time ever, we discussed the pros and cons of tailgating (ie expenses).  We then discussed what the agenda is going to be for our next club meeting.  Outreach programs came next, such as career fairs and school talks.  Last few things we talked about:  new tornado machine, NWA conference in October, meteorology club t-shirts, and pros and cons of creating a Meteorology Honor Society.  

On September 2, 2009, we held a short general club meeting.  We discussed creating a facebook group for the club.  We also reminded everyone that wants to be a member of the club that they need to pay dues of $15.  Our club president, Corey Bunn, also recommended that everyone join AMS and NWA,  

On September 9, 2009, we had a general club meeting.  Our president, Corey Bunn, introduced our new officers for the year and also the SeCAPS coordinator and co-coordinators.  SeCAPS (Southeastern Coastal and Atmospheric Processes Symposium) is our annual conference.  Next on the agenda, we discussed the rest of the events planned for the next two weeks, such as Bowling Night, Movie Night, and a club cookout on campus.  Intramurals was brought up next:  flag football.  A tour of the local NWS in Mobile, AL is probably going to be scheduled soon.  Next, we talked about building a smaller tornado machine.  The one we have is not in good shape.  Fred Schmidt then talked about his committe within the club.  Basically, he goes around to different high/junior high schools to talk to students about meteorology.  Our vice-president, Charles Aldrich, then played a powerpoint video of pictures from different events from last year and over the summer. 

On September 29, 2009, we held a officers meeting.  Our club treasurer resigned the week before, so we had to vote on a student to nominate for that position.  Emily Schwing has been nominated and it will be voted upon the next general meeting, which is next week.  We have decided to build a new tornado machine, we just need some funding.  Our SeCAPS co-coordinator, Sam, is designing the meteorology dept t-shirts.  We also discussed the upcoming NWA conference in Norfolk next month.  Reminder:  departmental picnic is October 9 at 4:30.  The meteorology students are bringing the dessert.---Ariel Johnston.



Florida as a Model for Climate Change in the Subtropics

DATE:                            September 9, 2009

LOCATION:                  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service Campus, St. Petersburg, FL

PRESENTATION       The September meeting of the West Central Florida Chapter was presented by Dr. Thomas Crisman of the University of South Florida (USF). The presentation focused on climate change in the state of Florida by examining past climate zones based on data found in lake sediment. Dr. Crisman provided an overview on climate change, explaining how the term “global warming” is not entirely accurate. He noted that in a changing climate, some climate zones would experience warming trends, while others may experience cooling. He also noted that during climate cycles, temperatures tend to transition rapidly toward colder climates, however coming out of the cold periods tend to occur much more slowly.

Dr. Crisman continued to discuss Florida’s climate history by using lakebed sediments to trace changes in climate. He presented the theory that Florida was a desert 5,000 years ago, and therefore, although the existing systems are young, they are used to rapid transitions. South of Lake Okeechobee, lake temperature climate zones transition to tropical. In this zone, lakes mix only once a year. Lakes tend to be a slow integrator of temperature over time, because they aren’t affected by diurnal heating like land is affected. The next climate zone is located between Lake Okeechobee and Interstate-4, and is considered subtropical.

Dr. Crisman questioned: As temperature increases, will these climate zones move farther north? Based on Dr. Crisman’s research, the subtropical zone has moved farther north about 45 km. However, the tropical climate zone did not move farther north. It is important to note, also, that the frost line has moved farther north. Dr. Crisman inferred that as the bottom of European culture occurred during the Little Ice Age, so all human societies are destabilized by environmental changes, which ultimately would lead to national security issues.

Dr. Crisman concluded his presentation by touching briefly on Florida’s wetlands and the effects changing temperatures would have on the hydrology. As temperature increases and hydrology of Florida’s wetlands change, birds and other animals would be affected because the breeding grounds for insects would be affected. Every ecosystem stores a memory of abuse. The results may not be immediate, but they could threaten Florida’s ecosystems over the long term.

SPEAKER: Dr. Thomas L. Crisman, Patel Professor of Environment for the Dr. Kiran C. Patel Center for Global Solutions and the Department of Integrative Biology.

Dr. Crisman speaks to the West Central Florida Chapter of the AMS.

Photograph by Dan Noah, National Weather Service.


TREASURER’S REPORT: The West Central Florida Chapter of the AMS account balance, as of September 9, 2009:  $927.87.

CONCLUSION:  The meeting was attended by 30 AMS members – including students from the University of South Florida and officials from the National Weather Service, National Marine Fisheries Service and local media.  Refreshments were available to those in attendance.---Brian LaMarre with summary contribution from Alicia Williams.



Sept. 1, 2009

The head of the Geography department here at Western Illinois University, Dr. Samuel Thompson, addressed the club on September 8th to come to a focus group for the Meteorology program.  On September 19th, 10 members from the club, and 4 faculty members (Dr. Redina Herman, Dr. Thomas Williams, and Dr. Marcus Buker) all attended and gave insight to how the program is functioning, and what can be improved.  It was a great turnout, and hopefully this will gain more students and allow there to be more of an ethnic diversity in the Meteorology program.

On the 15th, the club voted on picture submissions for our calendar fundraiser.  There was roughly 80 pictures shown, and our promotions committee will tally up the votes so we can decide which pictures would be in the top 20, and from there the committee will decide the top 12 photos to use for our calendar.

McDonough County Red Cross Disaster Coordinator, William Wetzel, introduced himself at the meeting as well, showing interest in collaborating with the club to warn McDonough County citizens and  about disaster preparedness.

Dr. Redina Herman gave us an update on our radar.  She explained that the radar's upgrades are to be finished soon, and that once she learns the software and when the radar has returned to campus, she will offer training classes for simple operation of the radar.

Club members are to create club slogans and t-shirt designs for the next meeting (taking place on the 22nd of September), and will be voting on them.  Last year our t-shirts came out great, and was a rather simple design.

Eric Apel distributed Yankee Candle fundraising packets at the last meeting.  The club will make a 40% profit of all sales made, so this will kick start our bank account so we can afford materials for reaching out into the community.

Our organization is also working on planning for other events, such as homecoming week, a picnic out at beautiful Lake Argyle, participation in the nation-wide WxChallenge, talking to students about severe weather safety at Lincoln Elementary School here in Macomb, and Cans Across America.  News of these events will be posted as they approach.---David Anderson.





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