Chapter News
September 2008


Meeting Date: September 2, 2008

Meeting in Session: President Morris Langworthy calls meeting to order at 9:03pm.

President’s Report: We meet every Tuesday at 9pm in Dow 270. Tuesdays at 5pm Dr. Peyrifitte puts on a current weather session that is open to anyone. One of our cores is academics! We help each other out, so if you have a problem, ask anyone. In the community, we do adopt a family, and adopt a highway as well as peer education and elementary education. Activities that we do as a club include picnics, bowling, kickball, and go on bike rides. Saturday, September 13 we will be meeting in the Dow parking lot for adopt a highway. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!

Vice President’s Report: This year we want to have the committees have a separate meeting time other than right after the general meeting. Members signed up for committees and will meet with them starting next week.

Committee Reports: Committees will be resuming next week.

Secretary’s Report: Currently there is $2189.08 in the checking account and $2483.78 in the savings account. Bottles were returned as well as College of Science and Technology funding.

SGA Report: SGA has not yet started yet, but if you have any ideas or concerns for CMU Jacob will bring your ideas to the Student Government Association.

Webmaster: The weather station is currently up, it just needs a new battery. Currently the battery only lasts approximately 30 days, a lot less than it used to, so we are looking into the issue.

Conferences: The conferences committee will begin looking into conferences next week.

Meeting Adjourned: Meeting is adjourned by President Morris Langworthy at 9:pm.


Meeting Date: September 9, 2008

Meeting in Session: President Morris Langworthy calls meeting to order at 9: 00pm.

President’s Report: We are planning to do road cleanup this Saturday. We will be voting on a time later in the meeting. Current weather hosted by Dr. Peyrifitte is held every Tuesday at 5pm in the meteorology lab. Everyone is welcome. SCAMS dues are due as soon as possible. A full year is $15. If you want to join the National AMS, SCAMS will reimburse you half ($10) of the dues. To get reimbursed bring in a copy of the verification e-mail to Cort, the treasurer. Next week, Kim Hoogewind will be doing a presentation on her adventure in Colorado this summer. We will meet at 11am in the Moore metered lot and be carpooling to the road cleanup location. It usually takes 2 hours to clean up, and the picnic will be at 2pm at Megan’s house. Directions to Megan’s will be e-mailed to you. Bring gloves and wear long clothes. If it is rained out, we will figure something else out. We will be going on a bike ride this Friday at 4pm in the Moore metered lot. We will ride up to Island park and back. If you are a freshman, this is a great time to get to know downtown Mount Pleasant.

Vice President’s Report: If you have not yet signed up for a committee, please sign up for one tonight. Your choices are Public Relations, Conferences, Fundraising, Activities, and Jobs & Internships. Tonight will be the first committee meetings. You will be discussing a time and place for your weekly meetings.

Treasurer’s Report: Currently there is $327.71 the checking account and $2383.78 in the savings account. This week we turned in pop bottles and deposited dues money. We voted to donate $300 to the 4 SCAMS members that are going to the NWA conference in Kentucky.

Secretary’s Report: If you are new this meeting, please provide us with your name, global ID, and phone number. If you were here last week, just sign the attendance sheet.

SGA Report: SGA started this week. They talked about how much money is available. We can have up to $1,000 per year. There is $55,000 total available for all Registered Student Organizations. E-mail if you have a good idea for a name for the CMU student section. SGA wants to buy a trophy for the Central/Western rivalry. Another big thing that they talked about is making campus more green.

Webmaster: Dan has been working on the computer in the meteorology lab. He is on the lookout for a solar rechargeable battery for our weather station. New members are strongly encouraged to register at our website and join the forum. If you are registered and forgot your password, Morris can reset your password for you.

Meeting Adjourned: Meeting is adjourned by President Morris Langworthy at 9:43pm.


Meeting Date: September 16, 2008

Meeting in Session: President Morris Langworthy calls meeting to order at 9:02 pm.

President’s Report: The Meteorology program is no longer part of the Geography Department. We will soon be known as the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and will move to the Information Technology Building. We are trying to work towards a more earth science program, building towards something that involves more of the earth and its systems, including Geology, Earth and Atmospheric sciences. This will hopefully lend us to more money that we will be able to use in the future for technology and student funded opportunities. The entire program including classes and offices will move to the Information Technology Building. There will be one classroom that will be all to ourselves, and another room that will be the equivalent to our map room. The Geography Department wanted us out, so they moved us to a more permanent space. The move should take place in January.

              If you want to do the weather challenge, please fill out a form and hand it in to Dr. Baxter by September 23.

              The road cleanup has been moved to this weekend on Saturday at 11am due to the rain this weekend. We will still be meeting in the parking lot by Dow and are still doing the picnic after and kickball tournament.

Peer Education- Kim Hoogewind had an opportunity to attend the NCAR undergraduate workshop in Boulder Colorado. It was a 5 day workshop that allowed her to meet other students in meteorology and helped build their leadership skills. A highlight of the trip included a tour of the Doppler on wheels, including some of the instrumentation used on it. There was also a “science on a sphere” which is a sphere that has many projectors projecting images of the earth on a huge globe. She also got to see a C-130 that they fly into hurricanes. (The Powerpoint presentation will be on the website so you can view the links.)

Volunteer Internships

Vice President’s Report:

Committee Reports:

1. Activities- Volleyball, capture the flag, poker night, and the medallion homecoming search are just a few of the ideas floating around. If you have any more ideas, please talk to Annie.

2. Fundraising-Papa Johns fundraiser will be starting next week. This is a coupon book that is $5, but we get to keep 80% of the profit. We were also thinking about doing Yankee Candles again this year. It has been wildly successful in the past, so we are going to shoot for doing that again this year too. We get 40% profit, but we have gained nearly $2,000 in years past.

3. Public Relations- Chalked the campus promoting the Student Chapter of the     AMS. They are also going to talk to schools about doing a presentation to elementary school kids.

4. Jobs and Internships- A Facebook group has been created for the committee which will post new jobs and internships available. It will be updated as soon as more information is available.

Treasurer’s Report: Currently we have $637.71 in the checking account and $2293.78 in the savings account. We deposited $10 in bottles this week and $210 in dues.

Secretary’s Report:

SGA Report: Acoustic Brew is hosting local bands this week. They are selling coffee in which you choose which charity 50% of the profits go to.

Meeting Adjourned: Meeting is adjourned by President Morris Langworthy at 9:58 pm.


Meeting Date: September 23, 2008

Meeting in Session: President Morris Langworthy calls meeting to order at 9pm.

President’s Report: We are discussing having our meetings every other week. Please give your input to Morris throughout the week.

Committee Reports:

1. Activities-Bowling will be next week in place of the meeting! Riverwood is $3 a game, $2 for shoes.

2. Fundraising- Papa John’s fundraiser is in! Everyone is required to sell 2 coupon books (more is encouraged!). The Yankee Candle fundraiser will also be starting soon. We will be getting 40% profit from Yankee Candles.

3. Public Relations- They contacted two schools so far about peer education in the elementary schools. Tonight they will be working on the slides

4. Jobs and Internships- Adam updated the board today. There are a few new job postings up, and there are a few weather comments up for amusement.

Treasurer’s Report: Currently we have $637.71 in the checking account and $2,383.78 in the savings. We deposited $90 in dues.

SGA- If you are artistic, the CMU Police Department is looking for a new logo for Night Rides. The grand prize includes a year of free parking on campus!!

Webmaster: Dan added a weather challenge link (easy access!) that will be helpful to use during the Weather Forecast Challenge. It will be updated each week according to the city that we are forecasting for. It will include many useful links to guide you in your forecast.

Open Floor: Rock the Mall is at the Midland Mall! It is a great volunteer opportunity. You will have to make sure that middle schoolers are behaving and you can even shop yourself.

              In the line-up of speakers, we are looking into bringing in a broadcaster, someone that does research alone, and Matt Kirkwood of TV8. (More to come!)

Meeting Adjourned: Meeting is adjourned by President Morris Langworthy at 9:25pm.---Katie Dupree.



Monthly Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2008

The initial meeting of the 2008/2009 Central North Carolina Chapter of the American Meteorological Society was called to order by new President Kara Smith, who introduced the night’s speaker, Bebhinn Do, of the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR), Division of Air Quality Planning Section, Attainment Planning Branch in Raleigh.  Her topic was titled, “The New Ozone Standard and what it means for North Carolina”. 

The overview included a review of ozone and its related health affects.   There are two types of ozone, stratospheric and tropospheric.  While stratospheric ozone is beneficial to humans, as it is responsible for blocking ultraviolet radiation, tropospheric ozone, which occurs at low atmospheric levels, can be harmful.   Inhalation of high concentrations of ozone can cause lung irritation, aggravate asthma, and temporarily reduce adult lung function by 15 to 20 percent.  Repeated exposure to ozone can lead to “airway remodeling” and lung growth problems.   Active adults, young children, and people with existing respiratory problems are especially vulnerable to the effects of ozone. 

On March 27, 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced a revised ozone standard in an effort to be increase protection of public health.  The new standard decreased the threshold value of maximum daily 8-hour average from the 1997 level of 0.080 parts per million (ppm) to 0.075 ppm.  In 2009, North Carolina will designate non-attainment areas in the state to determine where ozone levels are exceeding the new limit, indicating ozone problems.

NCDENR currently forecasts ozone levels for seven locations in the state, including Asheville, Hickory, Charlotte, the Triad region, the Triangle region, Fayetteville, and Rocky Mount.  The forecasts for these areas are compared to a 2008-revised Air Quality Index (AQI) and “action days” are issued when 8-hour average ozone levels are anticipated to reach the 0.075 ppm threshold.  This value corresponds to the lower end of the Code Orange level on the color-coded system developed by the EPA to distribute the ozone information to the public. 

In North Carolina, the average number of ozone action days has about doubled statewide from 2002 to 2007, due in part to the lowering of the standard.  As an example, as of September 26, 2008, the Triangle region has exceeded the 0.075 ppm standard twelve times, but would have only exceeded the 1997 0.080 standard once. 

In 2009, North Carolina will designate non-attainment areas in the state to determine where ozone levels are exceeding the new limit, indicating ozone problems.  In 2010, the EPA will also evaluate non-attainment areas.  The determination of non-attainment boundaries is based on several factors, including air quality monitoring data, emissions, population density, traffic patterns, growth rates, meteorology, geography and topography, and jurisdictional boundaries.  Each state is required to develop a plan to show how the state will meet and maintain the new ozone standard.  This plan will require “new source review on new major industrial sources and major modification of existing sources”. 

Locally, the Triangle region, which had been a non-attainment region, was redesignated on December 26, 2007 as an attainment region, based on the 1997 standards.  However, as the standard has lowered, the Triangle could be an example of regions that are redesignated as non-attainment and forced to redevelop a new attainment plan. Additionally, it is anticipated that the new standard will result in new areas being designated as non-attainment. 

From a forecasting perspective, lower ozone standards are leading to ozone forecasts being issued earlier in the year (April 1st instead of May 1st).   More action days are anticipated, both in terms of “one-hit wonders” and for longer stretches.  As North Carolina forecasts for all non-attainment areas, more forecasts are anticipated as new non-attainment areas are recognized. 

From an ozone monitoring perspective, an earlier shift in the monitoring season, to March 15, is also expected. 

The change in the ozone standard also affects media outreach, as the public will be presented with an increase in action days.  NCDENR will need to expand media connections, adjust printed material, and add outreach programs to educate the public on the changes.---Ryan Cleary.


September/October Newsletter.---Steve Tracton and Andrea Bleistein.



September Meeting Minutes.---Jessica Marie Klaibor.



This short meeting was held during a break of the High Plains 12th Conference, on Thursday, September 4th, at the Holiday Inn in Hays, KS.  Eighteen members were in attendance.   

Call to order.   The business meeting was called to order at 4:35 PM by President Rick Ewald.   The reading of the minutes from the previous meeting was waived, and it was verified that all in attendance had received an email version of the past minutes.

Treasurer’s report.  Treasurer Matt Masek reported we would nearly break even with income/expenses from this year’s conference, with approximately $3300.00 in and $3500.00 out.  There were 55 persons in attendance at this conference.  Also, another $500 had been anonymously donated toward the Jim Johnson Scholarship, bringing that fund to approximately $1440.00 and good for the next 3 years.

Old Business.  Pictures and presentations from our conference will soon be made available via our website:

New Business.   Anyone desiring to be a Chapter officer let Rick Ewald know soon.  We discussed a possible teleconference Chapter meeting in the future, perhaps with a short speaker presentation featured.  Members will be notified well in advance of any scheduled teleconference. 

By now, it has been announced the High Plains Chapter won the Chapter of the Year award from the NWA.  President Rick Ewald will travel to the NWA conference in Louisville, KY on October 15th to accept the award.  Former Chapter member Dan Nietfeld/OMA SOO will be attending the AMS conference and volunteered to attend the Chapter breakfast and display any poster we would provide him.  Anyone out there good at putting posters together?  Let Rick Ewald know.  Also discussed was the best time of year for the conference – Aug, Sep, Oct?  This is probably best decided by the hosting office. 

Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 4:55 PM.  The next meeting will be held in the early December time frame.---Rick Ewald and Tim Burke.



Sept/Oct 2008  Huntsville, AL

The most recent meeting of the TVAMS was held at Baron Services, located in Huntsville,  Alabama on Sept. 25 at 5pm.

After a brief discussion regarding Chapter activities and business, Chapter president Wayne MacKenzie turned over the speaking duties to various employees of Baron Services for the evening.

Baron Services consists of  5 groups: Broadcast, Radar, Mobile, WxWorx, and BAMS.

Broadcast addresses issues within the TV community and utilizes Barons VIPIR and FastTrac systems to decipher weather data to the viewing public. Now with HD coming of age, high quality forecast graphics are also coming out.  Bob Baron actually started the company following the need for quality and easy to understand weather information, after the 1989 tornado that devastated portions of Huntsville. The company officially had its first product for purchase in 1992.

Radar division is just that, putting radar systems out in the field whether its for TV, private, or government use. The company was recently awarded a contract to upgrade the NWS NEXRAD radars to dual-pole, which should keep them busy for years to come.

Mobile division started more recently to provide weather info to automobile drivers via satellite. Simple data and a slower update time, make this a cheaper  alternative to WxWorx, another Baron division. The company already installs this on some Acura models with more to come.

WxWorx division caters mainly to the aviation and marine crowd also delivered via XM satellite radio.  A tad expensive, but higher quality graphics and data updates that are quicker.

BAMS division are the computer modeling group based in North Carolina, responsible for generating weather product to be used in the various Baron systems.

Following the overview of the company, a brief tour was conducted to include a trip through the radar assembly area and the tornado enforced operations center.  Brand new construction just opened a few months ago. After a few questions from the membership, the meeting was adjourned for the evening.  Until next time.---Dan Schmit.



President Schwedler called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM on 2 September, 2008.

President Schwedler

President Schwedler welcomed all present to the meeting.

Surveys were handed out regarding classes, future meeting times, and social events.

Mr. Schwedler gave a little overview about:

The National AMS website is located at

Mr. Schwedler also talked about creating a weather section to put in the Iowa State Daily newspaper and putting together a daily forecast for them.  A sign-up sheet was sent out for this.

The chapter plans on continuing our StormReady program (preparing the school for weather safety and staff preparedness).  We will attempt to update the storm safety sheets in the residence halls.  We will meet with the Department of Residence soon to complete this project.

Vice President Deppe

Mr. Deppe mentioned the Earth, Wind, and Fire learning community, and the general mentoring program in the ISU AMS.  You can contact Ben Schwedler or Adam Deppe if you would like to get involved with the ISU AMS mentoring program, if you are currently not. You can email Ben at, or Adam at

ClubFest is coming up soon.  It is to be held on Wednesday, 10 September, 2008.  A sign up sheet was passed around for hours to help with our ClubFest table.

ISU AMS apparel was mentioned.  T-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, polo shirts, and jackets are all available.  The order forms will be available through email, or through the AMS website.  We should have clothing back by Thanksgiving.  Drop off the order forms at the Meteorology office, Agronomy 3010, or hand it in to one of the cabinet members for us to place your order.

Also, there are ISU AMS window clings available.  They are 5 dollars a piece.

Treasurer Karsten

The current balance is $2952.17.

We first voted on dues.  After some discussion as to what the dues were for, we went to a vote for 10 dollars.  It passed unanimously.  You can pay your dues at the next meeting, or you can drop them off at the Agronomy 3010 AMS mailbox. Please put your mail address on the envelope so we can let you know we have your dues.

Mr. Karsten stated that we might use some of our funds for a new updated weather station on the roof of Agronomy Hall.  We might add some great things—such as a lighting detector.  We discussed the cost of these updates.

The upcoming National Weather Association (NWA) meeting was brought up.  This meeting will be held in Ankeny, Iowa next Tuesday, 9 September. The meeting is at Godfather's Pizza in Ankeny.

Social Chair Hoffman

Mr. Hoffman started with Intramurals.  Please make sure you are at your games for a sport you signed up for.  Come and play some sports with your fellow meteorology majors.  Upcoming sports include:

Sign up sheets were sent out for all sports.  The respective captains for each sport will contact you about when and where the games will be.

Mr. Hoffman spoke about the Student/Faculty dinner.  We are going to try and have it on 15 September.  This is to be decided soon.

Mr. Hoffman spoke about a volleyball club, meeting about twice a month.  Final dates, times, and locations are to be decided.

We will be having a campfire gathering at McFarland Park—the time will be determined soon.  We sent out a signup sheet for the event.  September 26th will be when we will have the campfire gathering.

A hockey trip to Minnesota was mentioned to go to see the Minnesota Wild hockey team play. We will keep you posted about the date and time.

Mr. Hoffman spoke about a golf tournament, possibly being held in late September.  Keep an eye on your emails for information.

If you would like to suggest a social event, let us know.  If you need information on Intramurals, you can visit the ISU Intramural website at

Academic Chair Prentice

Mr. Prentice mentioned the class list on the surveys were for the purpose of forming tutoring groups.  Any upper-class individual who is interested in tutoring for the AMS, please let Jayson know by emailing him at

Mr. Prentice also mentioned the use of the ISU AMS forums.  Please sign up at  We have great forums for help, questions, or comments for the mathematics, physics, and general meteorology classes.

We also do the Weather Challenge forecast contest.  It is a national competition where you can forecast locations all across the nation.  Jayson handed out a sign up sheet for Weather Challenge.  The fee is five dollars. The link is under the ISU AMS page, under Forecast Contest.

Past President Jon Hobbs mentioned the local forecast contest.  Go to the ISU AMS page, and go to ISU AMS contest.  The contest goes from September to July.  We forecast for locations all in the state of Iowa.  The contest will start Monday, 15 September.  The forecast contest is free.

Finally, you CAN do both forecast contests if you would like to.

Webmaster Mair

Mr. Mair showed the group how to register for the forums.  It's under Member Resources and under Forums.  Click on the Register button at the top of the page.  Please use your first and last name, NOT some non-generic name like “weatherchaser5.”  For your email address, use your ISU email address.

If you have any questions, email Mr. Mair at:

If you don't pay your dues, you will no longer have an account on the forums.

Historian Witter

Ms. Witter will be taking pictures of social events throughout the year.  You can post pictures on the Forums.  Also, send Rachael any photos you may have. You must have a Forums account to post photos.

Cy's Eyes on the Skies

Jeff Edmondson and Ben McNeill introduced themselves.  They are the co-producers of Cy’s Eyes on the Skies, our own meteorology show on ISUtv.  The first meeting at the studio (we will NOT have a show) will be next Monday, September 8 at 6:00 PM.

Shows will start at 6:30 PM on Monday’s and Wednesday’s thoughout the year.  We will put up posts for shows very soon.  Several positions are available, and they are a first come-first serve basis.  The location is Studio B in the Communications Building on campus.

Outreach Chair Rabideau

Ms. Rabideau spoke about the ISU AMS calendars.  If you have any good pictures of weather (clouds, tornadoes, etc.), please send her those, and we will consider using your photos for the calendar.  We will vote on the photos later.  Those that were interested met with Ms. Rabideau after the meeting.

Ms. Rabideau spoke about our school talks, and community outreach.  If you have any great suggestions for these, please send her any suggestions at:

Closing Remarks

If you have not handed in your surveys, please hand them in to us at the next meeting.

At the end of the meeting, Jeff Duda spoke about his NCAR Research Experience he did over the summer.

President Schwedler thanked all present for attending.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

The chapter will meet Tuesday, 30 September at 7 PM.

If you have any questions, please email the officers.  Our email addresses are found at the bottom of the first meeting agenda, or they can be found on our website at


Meeting Minutes

30 September, 2008


President Schwedler called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.  He welcomed all present to the meeting.

President Schwedler 

Vice President Deppe 


Treasurer Karsten

Social Chair Hoffman

Academic Chair Prentice 

Webmaster Mair 

Historian Witter 

Cy’s Eyes on the Skies 

Outreach Chair Rabideau 


Closing remarks 



The 75th diamond anniversary year of the Kansas City Chapter of the American Meteorological Society kicked off in style with the first meeting of the year taking place on September 30, 2008 at Beauchamp’s on the Rail restaurant in Lees Summit, MO.   Chapter President Evan Bookbinder opened the meeting greeting several new members as well as introducing the new chapter officers for the upcoming year.

To mark the significance of the 75th anniversary year of Kansas City Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, several upcoming events were discussed during the chapter meeting.  Of highest importance, the Kansas City AMS will become a co-sponsor of the 2008 Mayor’s United Nations Day Dinner held annually by the United Nations of Kansas City.  This year’s featured guest will be scientist Dr. John Stone from working group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  Dr. Stone will be speaking on the topic, “International Cooperation in the Face of Climate Change”.

With several members planning to be in attendance for Dr. Stone’s presentation, it was decided to forgo a formal meeting in October 2008.  Instead, the November 2008 AMS meeting will be held earlier in the month with guest speaker Dr. Antony Lupo from the University of Missouri-Columbia providing a second viewpoint of the changing global climate.     

In additional news, Secretary Matthew Dux briefed the membership on exciting changes coming to the chapter.  New online membership enrollment, restaurant surveys, as well as a redesign of the Kansas City Chapter of the AMS website will be on hand for the upcoming year.

September Speaker Information:

Captain Jeffrey Gipson from the 509th bomb wing of Whiteman Air Force Base located near Warrensburg, MO, presented on the topic, “Weather Forecast Challenges in the combat zones of Iraq and Afghanistan”.  Captain Gibson recently returned from deployment in Iraq, and was eager to explain the changing operations faced in the heart of a war zone.  Over the decades military weather operations have continually undergone rapid adjustments from an organizational standpoint to a financial and manpower standpoint.  In days gone by weather operations were restricted to individual operations often including human manual observations and embedded weather personal in military squadrons, with military operations highly dependant on accurate forecast information.  The military today has evolved through the years, with computer automation leading the effort.  While sometimes still used, the introduction of the Automated Surface Observation System (ASOS) has greatly reduced the number of manual observations taken.  In addition, increasing computer power and portable upper air and radar data has allowed for remote forecasting from central locations in support of dispatched servicemen across the world.   

The forecast concerns in the desert climate of Iraq and Afghanistan are just as difficult as those in the United States.  High winds, dust storms, high base thunderstorms and excessive heat all pose threats to those already in danger.   However, perhaps the most dangerous weather element in the region is called a haboob.  A haboob is a type of intense sandstorm commonly observed in the Sahara desert, as well as across the Arabian Peninsula, throughout Kuwait, and in the most arid regions of Iraq. Caused by a thunderstorm collapse, wind directions reverse, gusting outward from the storm and generally gusting the strongest in the direction of the storm's travel.  When this downdraft or downburst reaches the ground, dry, loose sand from the desert settings is essentially blown up, creating a wall of sediment preceding the storm cloud.  Rapid onset of haboob conditions can have a major impact on military aviation as well as on the safety of troops on the ground. 

However, despite the struggles of forecasting in a war zone, one of the most special times in a military service persons life is when they can return home to their families in the States.  Captain Gipson expressed his thankfulness to be able to present his struggles in forecasting and to be able to show how military forecasting differs from his counterparts in the States.---Matthew Dux.


September 10, 2008 General Business Meeting

Attendance: 64 (Including Executive Board)

Start Time: 7:01 pm

              This was the first General Business Meeting for the fall semester of 2008.  Hayley Lapoint, our AMS President, first welcomed the new students to the club.  She also welcomed back the returning students for another exciting year.  She then explained that the registration sheets and dues for the club had to be filled out and handed in by October 4th.  He also mentioned all the committee options on the registration sheet, and discussed the Storm Conference Committee each of them in detail. Hayley then updated the club on the new features added to the 34th NESC, mainly the shorter lunch period and our Sunday morning keynote speaker position. Changes also included a new weather briefing each morning for approximately 20 minutes. She then made the club aware of our success in raising enough money to send 5 people to the national AMS conference in Phoenix this coming January.  Finally, she talked about the requirements and need of a Meteorology Department Spokesperson.  This person will be a student representative at department meetings held every month.  Nominations and voting occurred later in the meeting.

              Vice President Josh Redinger then took the stage and talked about the club’s Internship Night.  He asked that anyone in the club who did internships during this past summer to present during this event.  Josh then talked about our new website which is finally up and running. He discussed the changes he still plans to make and ask for any suggestions as well.

              Secretary Kaitlyn Jacobs reminded the club members that the registration sheets needed to be turned in by October 4th and that she would be willing to receive them at any time before that date.  She then stressed the importance of signing up on event sign-up sheets during all events.  Kaitlyn then explained the active member requirement of five events or more, and the benefits of this active member status.  She then finished with explaining to the club her plan to post an “event counting” sheet on the AMS bulletin board, so club members could track their progress to becoming an active member.

              Treasurer Tony Mcgee notified the club members to get their $10 dues to him if possible; otherwise they could be given to any executive board member.  He also mentioned the opportunity to go to the Southern New England Weather Conference.  More on this process will come in future meetings.  Finally, he gave the club an update of SGA (Student Government Association) and the funding that we have remaining from the previous academic year.

              Ryan Long, our Public Relations Director, introduced the new members to the various events the club does throughout the year.  He then moved onto our first event, the annual Fall BBQ, which will be held on September 14th.  He also talked about the first Events Committee meeting on September 17th, and the events that will be covered during that meeting.  He finished with reminding club members that event meetings count as one-third of an event and that General Business Meeting attendance is also a requirement for active member status.  To be an active member, one must attend two-thirds of the AMS General Business Meetings.

              Community Outreach Officer Tyler Southard began by mentioning the clubs science fair being moved from Saturday to Friday night.  He then updated the club on his efforts to get local school visits started.  He has contacted many of the local schools with little response at this time. Lastly, he introduced a new event that he is working on, skywarn which should be occurring in April.

              Joe, the AMS Historian, talked about collecting photos and notebooks from past Northeastern Storm Conferences.  He also mentioned the alumni newsletter which was sent out over the summer.  Lastly he discussed our changes to the photo contest. This year we will be compiling photo to make into a weather calendar which will be sold throughout the year as a fundraiser.

              Finally, nominations and voting for the Meteorology Department Spokesperson were done using Robert’s Rules of Order.  Todd Lanouette, Rachel Ducharme, Alex Jacques, Rich Maliawco, and Joe Ditommaso were all nominated, seconded and accepted. Then each candidate took the stage and explained their reasons for wanting the position.  A secret-ballot vote was then done and unfortunately two-thirds majority was not won.  The candidates were narrowed down to Todd Lanouette and Rich Maliawco. A second vote occurred with Todd Lanouette receive the two-thirds vote.

              This concluded the first General Business Meeting of the year by the Lyndon State College AMS & NWA.  The meeting officially ended after the club raffle at 8:16 pm.---Kaitlyn Jacobs.



Meeting Type: General Assembly

Meeting Date: September 3, 2008

Attendance: 61

Meeting in Session: 8:30 pm


Introduction (President Jim Kurdzo)

Informational #1 (Webmaster Bill Deger)

Final Remarks (President Jim Kurdzo)



Minutes from:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Odegard Hall Room 356

5:15 p.m.

Call to Order:

              President Dan Koller called the AMS meeting to order at 5:15pm.

Past Minutes:

                None read—first meeting of the school year.

Officer Reports:

-Vice-President’s Report: None

-Secretary’s Report: Since this is the first meeting of the year, no minutes were available to read

-Treasurer’s Report: As of right now, our balance is: $1107.49.

Guest Speaker:



Old Business:


New Business:        

-Officers were introduced- Dan Koller: President, Kelsey Watkins: Vice President, Erin Bertschi: Treasurer, and Kevin Skow: Secretary

-Dan talked about what AMS is all about, the AMS HTML-Ez site, and Kelsey discussed the history of AMS

-The parliamentarian position was established by Dan, who will help the meeting run by Robert’s Rules of Order. Blake Johnson and Leah Tatarak were nominated. Blake was elected as parliamentarian.

-The National Weather Service in Grand Forks has an open house on Saturday, September 20 from 10am-3pm. Amanda Homann discussed the possibility of AMS setting up a both at the open house. Several people volunteered to help run a booth for AMS.

-We will be selling concessions at the Potato Bowl on September 13. Nine people volunteered to help out on this date.

-The previous year’s committee chairs discussed their committees in more detail and committee chairs were selected for this year:

              -Activities: Leah Tatarak

              -Fundraising: Andrea Neumann

              -Banquet: Joe Hansel

              -T-Shirt: Matt Saari

-Committees were then formed and each officer was assigned to help oversee each committee. The following is a list of who is on each committee (including chairs and officers):

Activities: Leah Tatarak, Kevin Skow, Ben Schink, Miranda Hilgers, Nick Prosinski, Justin Dockter, Melissa Gibson, Tim Logan, and Chris Hammer

Fundraising: Andrea Neumann, Kelsey Watkins, Blake Johnson, Matt Petrowiak, Aymie Oliver, and Robert Mitchell

T-Shirt: Matt Saari, Erin Bertschi, Shawn Palmquist, Krista Cooley, Kim Bestul, Kathryn Crosby, and Aaron Kennedy

Banquet: Joe Hansel, Dan Koller, John Opatz, Tim Logan, and Tim Kahly

-Each newly formed committee got together and discussed various ideas for the semester. Reports will be given at the next meeting on Tuesday, September 16.



*The fall picnic has been rescheduled for Sunday, September 14 at 3pm*

Watch the HTML-Ez site for more info

-News around the department: Dave Delene is looking for a student to help computer program and work on instruments. Contact him for more info.



              Meeting was adjourned without objection at 6:08pm.


Minutes from:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Odegard Hall Room 356

5:15 p.m.

Call to Order:

              Vice President Kelsey Watkins called the AMS meeting to order at 5:15pm.

Past Minutes:

                read— the first meeting minutes 9-2-08.

Officer Reports:

-Vice-President’s Report: None

-Secretary’s Report: Read the meeting minutes from September 2, 2008.

-Treasurer’s Report: As of right now, our balance is: $1107.49. But we have some deductions that need to be made from our recent picnic. Also, dues are $30 due by October 28th.

Guest Speaker:



Old Business:

              -Committee reports from the first meeting:

-Fundraising- discussed what fundraising does and brainstormed ideas for this coming semester.

-T-shirts – discussed what we had for a logo. Also, if we could possible change the logo this year. Possibly having a logo contest. We might not be able to order from who we did last year but we are looking in to it.

-Activities – discussed different ideas, movie night, bowling, bws, video game night, canadinn night, Halloween.

-Banquet – Starting to brain storm with different ideas.

              -Alerus Center Fundraising:

-fundraising went well we haven’t gotten the proceeds yet but we will soon. They might want us to do it again during some concerts or the next two home games, depending on the avialablity.

              -Department Picnic:

-We had a picnic on Sunday. It went overall well. Only about 30 people showed up. Most of those people were graduate students and professors.

              -HTML ez:

-remember we made a site, don’t forget to request access if you haven’t already.

New Business:        

-Introductions of the group that was there.

-We broke into committees again.

-Fundraising talked about snack sign up for the fourth floor of Clifford hall. They also discussed a hot dog fundraiser that we are planning on doing next week Thursday from 11:30 to 1:30 pm. 50/50 raffle for guessing different weather phenomena, part of the funds go to the winner and the other part goes to AMS.

-Activities talked about all the possible activities from last meeting. We also set dates for Halloween as a group for Thursday, October 30th unless the professors can’t participate. Set a date for going to Buffalo Wild Wings, that is Thursday 25th around 7pm. Also discussed bowling sometime in October. We have a Freshman who is going to help set up their Who’s Who wall. Discussed another girl scout event. Voted in the big group to do a school (middle or elementary) to teach weather.

-T-shirts got some of the information on how to change the logo. They decided to have a logo contest to pick a new logo. Also, they are checking on prices from different places that the university usually goes through. We are trying to get these t-shirts done before Christmas.

-Banquet discussed a possible speaker from the air force.

-As a group we discussed the possibility of doing a homecoming float but voted not to do one.

-Dues: $30 per year, and $15 for semester. The $30 goes toward the banquet ticket. If you want it to go towards that then you have to pay the $30. Otherwise it’s the $15 and $20 for a banquet ticket.



-News around the department: Dave Delene is looking for a student to help computer program and work on instruments. Contact him for more info.

            -Dues again are $30 and are due October 28th.

-We need to step up someone to come to the freshmen orientation class to discuss helping the freshman with classes as tutors.

-National Weather Service open house, this Saturday 10am-3pm.

-Sign up for Hot Dog fundraiser and baked goods for fourth floor.

-Remember to check the EZ site for updates.


              Meeting was adjourned without objection at 6:09pm.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Odegard Hall Room 356

5:16 p.m.

Call to Order:

              President Dan Koller called the AMS meeting to order at 5:15pm.

Past Minutes:

                The minutes from 9/16/08 were read.

Officer Reports:

-Vice-President’s Report: None

-Secretary’s Report: None

-Treasurer’s Report: As of right now, our balance is: $1295.41. Dues are due on October 28.

Guest Speaker:



Old Business:

-Buffalo Wild Wings was last Thursday. Eight people showed up—it was a great bonding time J.

-The National Weather Service open house was on September 20. Not too many people showed up, but it was fun.

-Hot dog fundraiser was last Thursday which many people helped out with.

-Reminder: HTML Ez site that displays current events about the meetings and other AMS activities.

New Business:        

-Committees broke into groups and discussed different topics:

-Fundraising: Hot dog fundraiser made about $100. We will be sending around another sign up sheet for baked goods on fourth floor. We will also be having a 50/50 contest for the day/hour that it dips below zero degrees Fahrenheit in Grand Forks. It will be restricted to the department for now. It will cost $1.00 per person and run from November 1 to 26th. We are also considering cleaning up the Betty Engelstad Arena to make more money.

-Activities: Talked about doing an electronic Who’s Who wall on PowerPoint that displays little bits of information about each person. Different committee members will collect information from their classes. We need to talk to professors about whether or not they will be home on October 30 for Trick-or Treating. We decided to go talk to area elementary schools about the weather—need to figure out who can help out with this.

-T-shirts: The logo contest will be changed to an AMS only contest since the aviation store has offered to sell merchandise with an ATSC department logo. Logos are still being accepted can be drawn or computer generated and sent to Matt.

-Banquet: There are a few potential speakers—if anyone has any ideas, please talk to Joe. Also everyone should be taking photos of AMS and ATSC activities for the end of year banquet slideshow.

-Fees ($30) are due on October 28 to Erin

-Sign-up sheet for baked goods was passed around

-We made a roster of those who are in AMS that will be posted to HTML-ez.

-We are going bowling on Monday October 13 at 8:00pm. A local bowling alley has $1.00 a game bowling on Monday nights.


-Dave Delene is still possibly looking for someone to program for him.

-From UND: A group is helping collect food for homeless people for Thanksgiving and was wondering if AMS could help donate food. There is also a dance marathon on Thursday, October 7 at the Union for anyone interested

-Leah talked about changes that will be happening to the ATSC department curriculum:

              -ATSC freshmen orientation class may become mandatory due to low turnouts

              -Senior project will be worth one additional credit starting with this year’s freshmen

              -More writing classes will be required for the program

              -A new class called “severe and hazardous weather” will be offered to new freshmen soon

              -The department is considering sending out informational brochures to high school students who list ATSC as a possible area of interest on their standardized tests.



              -Meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:57pm.---Kevin Skow.



September General Meeting Minutes 9/2/08 .

September Executive Meeting Minutes 9/15/08 .

September General Meeting Minutes 9/23/08 .---John Smith.



September 23, 2008 Meeting Minutes 


President Greg Story called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Greg introduced himself, and then asked those in attendance to introduce them.  

There was a discussion on the effects of Hurricane Ike and the damage that was done not only in the state of Texas, but in other states like Ohio and Kentucky.  

Treasury Stan Christmas gave a report.   With the current balance and membership dues expect we would have enough money to cover this year’s expense.

There was a discussion on raising the dues from $6.00 a year to $10.00 a year. The membership voted on raising the dues and it was approved. As of October 1, 2008 the dues for the North Texas AMS/NWA membership will be $10.00. 

Janice Bunting thanked Mike Heskett, Jory McIntosh, David McAnally, Billy Mason, Rick Sagers and Bobette Mauck members of the Fort Worth Skywarn team for their work during Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.  

The National Weather Association’s 33rd Annual Meeting will be held at the Galt House Hotel & Suites, on the waterfront in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, October 11-16, 2008. Janice mentioned that the NWA is currently having a fall/back-to-school special on their membership. For more information on becoming a member or the annual meeting visit their website 

Patrick Ware gave another great talk about his 20 plus years of experience flying planes in different types of weather such as lightning, hail, and thunderstorms. He also told the group about some of the tools the pilots use to help navigate the planes.  

Vice-President Diane Cooper thanked Patrick and presented him with a gift from the chapter.  

The next AMS/NWA meeting with be Tuesday October 21, 2008, the speaker will be Bernard Meisner.---Bobette Mauck.



The Northwest Indiana Joint Chapter of the AMS/NWA held its first general meeting of the 2008-2009 school year on Wednesday, September 10, 2008, in Kallay-Christopher Hall at Valparaiso University. There were 63 people in attendance.

Members present:

- President: Stephanie Dunten

- Vice President: Rich Krupar

- Secretary: Katie Giannecchini

- Treasurer: Chris Hoyt

The meeting was called to order at 11:10am. Introductions to the e-board were made. Each e-board member explained who they were and what jobs they hope to complete while in office this year.

The first Activities Committee meeting will be held on October 1st. Any members of the group that are interested in helping to plan fundraisers and events should come and bring ideas of what they would like to see being done. Activities this year include, but are not limited to, the Snowfall Contest, the Bake-Off Baking Competition, and the No Talent / Talent Show.

The Conference Committee will be holding its first meeting towards the end of September. If any students are interested in helping plan the menu for the 7th Annual Great Lakes Meteorology Conference, or would like help decide the venue for the conference, they should be sure to come.

Our tentative date for the 7th Annual Great Lakes Meteorology Conference is Saturday, March 28, 2009.

We are looking into putting together weather calendars again this year. Any students or faculty with weather-related photos should send them in by October 17th.

Our yearly internship talks will take place on September 17th and 18th at 6:00pm in Kallay-Christopher Hall. Any students who completed an internship over the summer are encouraged to speak, though those who took the internship for meteorology credits are required to give a summary of their experiences.

We will be hosting a joint meeting with the Chicago AMS on October 7th at 7:30pm in the tiered classroom of Kallay-Christopher Hall. The talk will be given by Ed Fenelon, the Meteorologist-In-Charge at the National Weather Service office in Chicago. All students are encouraged to attend.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:23am.---Katie Giannecchini.



Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

This was the first general meeting of the year. The main goal was to welcome new members (mostly incoming freshmen) and to make them aware of opportunities that were available to them through SCAMS and other resources in the School of Meteorology. We were scheduled to start
the meeting at 5:30 P.M., but we were not able to start until 6:00 because of the pizza showing up late.

The first thing we did was introduce the officers who were elected at the final meeting of last year and tell what they did. The current officers are the following: EmmaLe Davis, president; Patrick Hyland, vice-president; Ross Kimes, secretary; Vivek Mahale, treasurer; Bryan Putnam, senior representative; Sarah Glenn, junior representative. The sophomore representative that we had elected in the Spring did not return this year, and the freshman representatives (we have 3), were yet to be elected.

The officers also introduced the elementary outreach program and the annual School of Meteorology picnics. After the officers concluded Dr. Fred Carr came up and gave an additional welcome. Dr. Kevin Kloesel was the next to come up. He told everyone about outreach opportunities such as volunteering as a National Weather Center tour guide. Patrick March and David John Gagne followed up Dr. Carr and Dr. Kloesel to talk about opportunities in the Student Affairs Committee and the Oklahoma Weather Lab (a student forecasting organization), respectively. The last speaker to come up was Patrick Burke of the NWS, who told us about COCAMS (Central Oklahoma Chapter of the American Meteorological Society).

The last part of the meeting was to elect the rest of our officers. We had to get another Sophomore representative, three freshman representatives, and a graduate representative. We elected Cat Taylor as our sophomore representative. Our freshman representatives are Jake Thiem, Amy Hendricks, Stacey M. Hitchcock. Our graduate representative is Angelyn Kolodziej, last years’ president.

We followed up the elections with announcements of future meeting dates and merchandise sales. The meeting concluded at 7:00 P.M.---Ross Kimes.


OR-AMS Meeting Summary

“3rd Annual Weather Sampler”

On September 18, 2008, fifteen members (including two AIH members) came for good drink and food…and to share their weather projects.  We held our event at the McMenamins - Ringlers Pub on West Burnside, in downtown Portland.

Phil Welke took a trip to Australia and New Zealand.  He collected various newspaper reports on the winter type weather they were experiencing.  Phil also mentioned to us some new weather terminology that he learned about the weather.  Phil snapped pictures of the B.O.M. Alice Springs.  Phil also showed us the "Evapometer" - an instrument used to measure the amount of water that has evaporated.

Steve Pierce broke down the last 137 years of winter in Portland.  Snow-fall by decade was presented with a data handout that showed rankings of the most amount of snow to the least amount by snow.  The data also ranked the winter in terms of snowfall from 1 to 136.  Steve was also able to get the NWS data that had been missing since ASOS was implemented in Portland.  NWS still won't confirm all the data, but Steve's legwork will make them go back and change any data errors.

Bobby Corser updated us on the Central Oregon Radar topic from last year.  Both U.S. Senator's offices want to talk again after November.  He also updated the AMS group on some of the new things that will be coming online here shortly including the Facebook Chapter and update on the winter weather meeting.---Bobby Corser.



September Minutes:

This month we had a lot on our plate. First and foremost we discussed the annual Lake Effect Conference, which is to be held this weekend. We organized registration for it and discussed proper attire and behavior. We also had our "welcome freshmen" picnic to welcome any incoming freshmen into the meteorology department. We're starting a program called the "Better Forecasting Bureau" to help freshmen and any other students out with forecasting and GARP. We started to discuss the coats that we sell every year, with the OSSCAMS logo on it. We're also going to be doing either a weekly or bi-weekly basketball night to "bond" with our fellow meteorology students. We've decided that November 8 we're going to be visiting the Binghamton, NY NWS and TV station. Also, we're going to be accepting applications for financial aid for the National Conference.---Alexia Martinez.



Autumn Newsletter.---Brian Hulse.



September was a month full of exciting activities to jumpstart a fresh new year of PSUBAMS. Our first outing was set for the Friday after the first week of classes. On September 1st, PSUBAMS held its annual “Night Out at the Ballpark”. Old members and new members alike enjoyed an evening at a minor league baseball game hosted by local team State College Spikes. Over 30 students and faculty attended the event, which featured truly picture perfect weather. A hot air balloon even floated over ballpark at one point during game as conditions were simply as good as could be asked for on a summer evening in central Pennsylvania. Even though the home team favorite eventually lost the game, a good time was had by all who came out to the game. A night out at the ballpark was a great social event and a fun way to kick off the start of a brand new year.

PSUBAMS members enjoy an evening at a minor-league baseball game

PSUBAMS had its first organizational meeting of the semester on September 11th. Members enjoyed fresh local ice cream at an ice cream social held before the actual meeting. With the start of the meeting new PSUBAMS officers introduced themselves and laid out a proposed schedule of events for the upcoming year. New student officers for the 2008-2009 year include President Maria Zatko, Vice President Chris Nowotarski, Treasurer Kevin Bowley, Secretary Alex Matus, and Community Outreach Leader Katie Jablonski. Overall the meeting had an excellent turnout. The meeting was highlighted with an introduction of the brand new PSUBAMS student mentorship program. In this mentorship program, older experienced undergraduate students (and graduate students) are paired with other students who have common interests in meteorology. PSUBAMS was fortunate to have many students volunteer to become involved in the program, either as mentors or mentees. The rest of the meeting was dedicated for mentors and mentees to get to know each other and exchange contact information.

On September 25th, PSUBAMS members had the privilege of hearing a talk by Ken Carey from Noblis entitled “A Lifetime of Growth and Success through Mentorship”. A pizza social was held shortly before the start of the meeting. Mr. Carey spoke about the importance of establishing professional relationships through networking and emphasized the benefits of becoming involved in mentoring. As Mr. Carey said in his speech, you can never be too young to be a mentor. The take home message of the talk was to dream big and not be afraid to make mistakes. Mr. Carey peppered his talk with several insightful anecdotes about his own life, in which he spoke about challenges he faced in his career and how he has overcome them. After the meeting Mr. Carey joined a handful of PSUBAMS members for a trip to the campus creamery to get an ice cream cone and chat in a more informal setting. PSUBAMS is glad to have had so many events so early in the year and is excited to host other great events planned for the near future!---Alex Matus.


Date: September 10, 2008

Time: 7:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Location: Civil Engineering Bldg., Rm. 1252

Discuss: outreach, IM sports, AMS/NWA 



Thursday, Sept. 11, 2008

5:30 – 7:00p 



Meeting Minutes – 9/25/08


Introductions – Nick Mangieri, president of RUMC, introduced himself and the rest of the 2008-09 RUMC executive board.  And the year was under way!


Mount Washington trip – Had to be cancelled because it is too close to the end of the tourist season and it was extremely difficult to try to book a hotel in the general area.  We will try again in the spring or try to arrange another trip.


Photo Contest – Will have a different format than last year.  Last year, we had one winner for each month who won a small prize for the photo.  This year, we will have four winners in each of the fall semester months (Oct., Nov., and Dec.) for a grand total of 12 pictures.  These pictures will show up in a brand-new RUMC weather calendar for the year 2009.  Photo submissions can be sent to Allie ( anytime until the second meeting (time TBD).  The person who has the most photos included in the calendar will receive a $25 gift card to a store/restaurant from the list of eligible stores.


T-shirt design contest – Last year, it was a hoodie design contest.  This year, it is a t-shirt design contest.  Designs are due to Nick by October 15, but this may be extended depending on when the second meeting is.  Word of caution:  The more color you use in the design, the more expensive the t-shirt will be!


Applebee’s Dining to Donate – RUMC will be holding a fundraiser in collaboration with Applebee’s sometime in the coming months.  RUMC will hand out flyers to people who eat in Applebee’s on two specified days (TBD), and Applebee’s will donate 10% of the profits from those people’s meals to RUMC.  More info on this by the next meeting!---Ross Alter.



The September meeting of the Smoky Mountain Chapter of the AMS was held on Monday evening, the 22nd. A few people met first for dinner at 'Calhoun's on the River' in Knoxville, and then around 15 people convened for the meeting in the Plant Biotech Building on the University of Tennessee Agriculture campus. David Hotz (Science and Operations Officer at the National Weather Service in Morristown) spoke about microbursts. The following was a synopsis of his talk:

"Microbursts are small downbursts, less than 4 km in outflow size, with peak winds lasting only 2 to 5 minutes. They can be classified as micro or macro-bursts, and also either wet or dry microbursts (Fujita, 1985). All microbursts are characterized by a vertical downrush of air with a divergent outflow at its base. Strong, concentrated downdrafts from convective showers and thunderstorms (downbursts; Fujita 1985) have caused a number of commercial passenger jets to crash on attempted takeoffs and landings (see also Fujita and Byers 1977; Fujita and Caracena 1977). Microbursts also pose hazards to small sailboats that are capsized by sudden-shifting, strong winds, and to those fighting forest fires, who may be suddenly engulfed in a fire storm fanned up in an unexpected direction by a microburst.

Most origin theories credit thermodynamic factors with microburst creation. Wolfson (1983) contends that microbursts result from dynamically induced vertical pressure gradients that are intrinsic characteristics of strong mesocyclone circulation. There are several forecasting tools and techniques to determine the potential of microbursts, such as WINDEX and looking for mid-level dry air. Doppler radar is the primary tool for detecting and observing microbursts." ---David Gaffin.



September 4th, 2008

Meeting called to order at 3:32 P.M. by Jennifer.  Ten members were in attendance. 

Treasurer’s Report:

     Treasury currently has $261.  Four members have paid dues (six members will pay by the next meeting).

Old Business

  Website needs to be updated.  If you want to update your information or picture please send them to Jennifer.

AMS Annual Conference:

              Many eligible members expressed interest in attending the Annual conference this year in Phoenix, AZ.  Jen will seek funding from University of Wyoming’s RSO (Recognized Student Organizations) as well as the UWEFE (University of Wyoming’s Engineering Fund for Enrichment) for the trip.

Note: Deadline to apply for Student Travel Grants and Student Assistantship Program is October 17, 2008

New Business

Election of new officers took place.
Nominations:                                                                            Vote (For or against):
              President/Webmaster: Jennifer Vogt                         For: 10           Against: 0
              Vice President: Joshua C. Demko                             For: 10           Against: 0
              Secretary: Stephanie Luberda                                    For: 10           Against: 0          
              Treasurer: Rachelle Domke                                       For: 10           Against: 0

All students that were nominated were elected for the 2008-2009 academic year.

Members then discussed possible activity ideas for the year. These included a hike up Medicine Bow Peak, bowling, a Halloween party, trip to Cheyenne’s National Weather Service Office, and skiing.

Jennifer and Stephanie will be attending the RSO meeting on September 5th, 2008 which enables the chapter to become a recognized student organization on campus.

Reminders: Next meeting will be held October 2nd (Thursday) at 3:30 P.M. in EN-6060. Dues will be collected at this meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 3:50 P.M.--- Jen Vogt.



Tuesday, September 9, 2008 – 4:45 PM
Eberly Science & Technology, California University of PA

On behalf of the Southwest Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Meteorological society, I am proud to present you with our Chapter’s September Submission.

Old Business

New Business

Next meeting



The new officers for the school year were introduced. We then discussed all the organizations related to our meteorology club such as our weather broadcasting organization and our storm chasing team. We introduced all the members to the weather challenge and promoted entering this competition. We then collected dues, discussed the schedule for the semester, and talked about our upcoming trip to San Antonio to visit a news station.---Elizabeth Bange.



The September 2008 meeting of the Twin Cities chapter of the American Meteorological Society was called to order at 7:07PM on September 18, 2008 by President Chris Bovitz.  Vice President Lisa Schmit and Secretary/Treasurer Bryan Howell were also in attendance along with nearly 15 members and potential members.  The meeting was held at the Twin Cities WFO.

Since this year marks the 60th year of the chapter, cake was brought in to celebrate.  After a rousing rendition of ‘Happy Birthday,’ cake was passed out to all and introductions followed.

Chris Bovitz started the business portion of the meeting with a few of his goals for the year.  He would like to see membership levels continue to grow and asked everyone to bring a friend to upcoming meetings and to tell two others in hopes that they might attend as well.

The Minnesota State Fair recently wrapped up for the year and a few of our members staffed the display set up by the Twin Cities WFO.  Lisa Schmit reported that the event was a success and well received by the fairgoers.  The Wisconsin coordinator for DataStreme, Jerry, helped staff the display as well and performed weather related science experiments much to the delight of the children in attendance.  Lisa also gave a brief description of the DataStreme program for those that were unfamiliar.

In new business, our Chapter Newsletter Editor and Science Fair Coordinator, Karen Trammell, has accepted a position at the Tulsa WFO and will be leaving us.  As such, we will need to find people to fill these positions.  Since Newsletter Editor is an elected position, a special election will be held at the next meeting.  We would like to thank Karen for her work with the chapter and wish her the best as she returns home to Oklahoma.

A few events are upcoming that may be of interest to members.  The Northern Plains Winter Storm Workshop will be held September 25-26 and is sponsored by St. Cloud State University and the Twin Cities Chapter of the American Meteorological Society.  Chapter members Lisa Schmit and Matt Friedlein will be presenting at the workshop.  The 3M Teachers’ Workshop and Super Saturday will be October 4th at 3M in Maplewood.  Members Doug Dokken and Kurt Scholz will be participating in this event.  Also October 4 is Scout Day at the Twin Cities WFO.  Scouts from across the state will be coming to the office to complete the requirements for their weather badges. 

The October meeting is tentatively scheduled for October 9th, which is a week earlier than normal.  The meeting will be at the Center Weather Service Unit (CWSU), which is co-located with the Minneapolis Air Route Traffic Control Center in Lakeville, MN.  Arden Berge will be presenting on the duties and role of the CWSU. 

Lisa Schmit reported that the AMS will be coming out with a new journal soon entitled ‘Weather, Climate and Society.’  Papers are now being accepted for this publication which will deal with how the weather affects today’s society.

Just before the close of the business portion of the meeting, Secretary/Treasurer Bryan Howell informed President Bovitz that the Treasurer’s report had not yet been made.  The report was then read and approved.

The business portion of the meeting was then adjourned at 7:31 PM.

After the business portion of the meeting, Andrea Holz, a hydrologist at the North Central River Forecast Center gave a presentation entitled “The Floods of June 2008 in Eastern Iowa.”  Andrea originally comes from Wisconsin and has worked at the NCRFC for 10 years.  Her primary basins of responsibility are the Red River of the North and the Des Moines River. 

Above normal rainfall had impacted Eastern Iowa during the months leading up to June and a succession of storms brought record amounts of rainfall over large portions of the region.  With the ground already saturated, all of the rain that fell was going directly into rivers and streams as runoff.  Some locations reported over 9” of rainfall in one day.  Forecasters knew they were looking at the probability of an historical event, but the full impacts were staggering.  Episodes of levee breaks and overtoppings began to occur very early in the event. 

The hardest hit areas in Ms. Holz’s area of responsibility included Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.  Downtown Cedar Rapids was devastated by the flooding.  Over a hundred city blocks were underwater at the height of the flooding.  The bridges leading to the civic buildings on an island in the Cedar River were submerged and water rose to the second story of the buildings.  The raging waters also caused a railroad bridge to collapse, sending the tangled mass of steel and iron, as well as railcars loaded with rock, into the river.  To make matters worse, another round of storms brought the threat of flash flooding to Cedar Rapids on June 13th, just as the river was cresting.  The Cedar River crested 11 feet higher than it had in 1993, reaching an estimated 31.12 feet.  Even more remarkable was that the volume of flow through the city was more than double that of 1993.

Iowa City was also hard hit by the rising waters of the Iowa River in the area of the University of Iowa.  Sandbagging efforts were made along the river, but water still made it into some of the buildings of the University.  Complicating forecasting of the flooding in Iowa City was the presence of a cofferdam in the river, which the forecasters were not immediately made aware of.  The university was doing work along the shore and had constructed a cofferdam spanning roughly half the normal width of the river.  The floodwaters built up behind this cofferdam and backed up for miles upstream.  Throughout the event, videos from news websites and You Tube provided forecasters a first hand look at the rising waters and were used to improve the outgoing products.

Some of the other problems encountered by forecasters during the event were the loss of the river gauge in Cedar Rapids and operational tools exceeding their limits.  Power to the Cedar River depth gauge was cut off as the waters rose without the knowledge that the backup battery was dead.  By the time the next reading was manually taken, the river depth had risen dramatically above expectations.  The models used for forecasting flooding events are better suited to handle stratiform precipitation and snow melt scenarios rather than heavy convective rainfall.  Another aide in river forecasting is rating curves.  Rating curves are developed for each river and relate the depth of the river to the flow.  These are essential as the models output flow, so this number is used with the curve to find the depth.  Due to the unprecedented nature of the floods, the depth of the rivers exceeded the curves in many places.  Representatives from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) were sent to the RFC in order to update the curves.    

In the aftermath of the flooding, new actions are being taken in hope to lessen the impacts of the next event.  New rating curve extensions are being developed with the new data, as well as changes to the models.  One of parameters being looked at is the possibility of using more than 24 hours of forecast rainfall amounts during prolonged weather events.  Training of the products put out by the RFCs is being provided to FEMA and local Emergency Managers to have a better understanding of the information available.  Finally, real-time footage from agencies such as the Civil Air Patrol and NOAA Corps is hoped to be obtained during events to help in forecasting as well.

Ms. Holz then fielded questions from the group before the meeting was dismissed (adjourned) at 8:25 PM.---Bryan J. Howell.



The first meeting of the UAH Student AMS Chapter was held on Monday, September 15 starting at 11:30 a.m.  President Elise Johnson opened the meeting by allowing everyone to introduce themselves and tell where they were from and year in graduate school. 

Vice President Chris Schultz discussed several ongoing and future fundraising ideas.  The soda fund is still going strong with a consistent net profit.  The calendar with local station has seemed to be stalled on account of administrative reasons.  This fundraiser may be pushed towards next year with another sponsor.  A bake sale is tentatively scheduled for Friday, November 21.  The UAH ATS Dept acquired a $200 contribution for the chapter to use at our discretion.

Treasurer Chris Jewett discussed some upcoming social events.  A department picnic is in the planning process for sometime in mid-October.  There was also discussion about the upcoming hockey season and a trip to the pumpkin patch.  Jessica Paxton discussed the current intramural sports schedule for sandpit volleyball and football. 

Any ideas for club apparel should be sent to Chris Jewett.  We are looking for designs for T-shirts and car window clings.  The polos will be a great asset to use at outreach activities in order to appear more professional. 

The Educational Outreach chair Christina Crowe discussed the need for more involvement and is forming an Outreach Committee.  IF you want to help out, email Christina.  One of the duties of the Outreach committee will be to create the initial design for the bulletin board in the library and then also develop outreach materials to use for school talks and other outreach activities.  Volunteers may be needed throughout this semester for the WAFF Fall Road Tour to program weather radios and for Madison County EMA events with their severe weather simulator.  Chris Schultz will keep everyone updated on the schedule these events.  The UAH College of Science is looking to develop a better relationship with Sci-Quest the local science museum.  Look for more information on ways to be involved with this in the coming weeks.

Jessica Busse discussed the progress of reviving the UAH Graduate Student Association.  This group is a collective of graduate students from all UAH programs whose purpose is to present any issues relevant to graduate students to the Graduate Office.  More information on this group will be coming soon. 

Upcoming conferences include NWA in Louisville (October), AMS SLS in Savannah (October, preregistration has passed), and AMS in Phoenix (January).  Information regarding travel grants to AMS can be found at               

The new UAH AMS website is currently under construction by webmaster Christina Crowe.  There will soon be a list of students that include their name, graduate level, advisor, research topic, and email (optional).  Look for updates at  The recent website already has past meeting minutes, photos, and an updated calendar.  If you have any suggestions please email Christina.             

The next Huntsville Area AMS meeting is scheduled for September 25 at 5:00 p.m. at Baron Services.               

Our next meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 24 at 1130am.  A group photo was taken outside the lobby entrance after the meeting adjourned.---Holly Ramey.   



SCAMS at UIUC— Chapter meeting minutes (business)

Held 9-02-08 @ 5:00 pm, Synoptic Lab (ASB 100)


New officers introduced themselves, including Sara Strey (president), Jason Keeler (vice president), Brittany Detterding (treasurer), and Catrin Mills (secretary).  Last year’s accomplishments were reviewed, such as volunteering for Illinois Science Olympiad and Boy Scouts, attending the 2008 AMS Annual Meeting, hosting peer education/speakers, holding a T-shirt contest for the organization T-shirt design, and raising money through a snow pool.

Many ideas for this year have been posed, including member services, community outreach projects, and National AMS services:


Treasury Report

There is currently $828.92 in our account.  $10 dues was proposed and passed.

Proposed Meeting time/structure

A new meeting setup was proposed with 2 meetings monthly, a business meeting and a meeting that would host speakers.  The meeting times were voted upon, and the1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 5:00 pm was passed.

Girl Scouts

Allie and Marile are heading the Girl Scouts weather badge project.  People are volunteering for the activities, featuring weather basics and severe weather.

Proposed Committees

New committees have been formed, making others obsolete.  The social committee has been replaced with member services, community service, and AMS service.  A spring ad hoc Quad Day committee will be formed to explore the possibility of participating in Quad Day 2009.  Other committees remain, such as fund raising (raises funds for committee activities), academic and professional (selects future speakers) committees, and website committee (help co-webmasters update/maintain/come up with ideas).



$80 was spent in pizza for the first meeting.  It was passed to reimburse Sara for the charges.


SCAMS at UIUC— Chapter meeting minutes (talk)

Held 9-16-08 @ 5:00 pm, Loomis Lab (rm 151)

Weather Briefing

We are now starting to do weather briefings at the speaker meetings.  Eric Meyers updated us on Hurricane Ike using IDV and Google Earth, among other products.


Summer Schools (Speaker presentation)

Sara Strey and Andy Van Loocke talked about summer schools they attended.  Sara went to an IARC summer school, hosted in Fairbanks and Barrow, Alaska.  Andy attended one in Boulder, Colorado.  They described their experiences, such as meeting students and post-docs, some working on projects similar to their thesis research.---Catrin Mills.



9/11/08 2pm

Meeting was changed to the 11th due to class schedules.

Members paid ($10) Dues

Attendees ate pizza sponsored by Robbie Mannion

Introduction of the ST.OR.M officers

Future plans for the year of (08-09)…..

Weather Briefing by our Faculty Advisor- Terry Shirley

Need People for: Newspaper, Weather Wall, Artists for shirts, and Sophomore/Juniors for Junior Officer Rep.

Introduction of Meteorology Professors: DR. Elizabeth Page, Dr. Walter Martin, Dr.Matt Eastin, Dr. Brian Etherton, Terry Shirley, John Wendall

Dr. Eastin spoke about getting involved in ST.OR.M because is has great opportunities for Career advisement, connections, and just an overall great experience.---Travis Corbett.



September 2008

Monthly Meeting

                  We had a monthly meeting on September 11th  at 10:55 am. A total of 36 people attended. We discussed the details of our 3rd UPRM Student Chapter Initiation. The meeting concluded at 11:20 am.

Hot Dogs Sale

              We had a hot dogs sale on September 15th as a fund raising activity.

Talks and Shows

              This activity, like other ones, is important to us as a student society. The main goal of doing this social, educational and interactive activity is to teach, and show students of all grades in different school around Puerto Rico, about meteorology, and how important must be to all of us.   With simply and other none simply demonstration about physics, chemistry and other fields, we can explain the effects of nature events like hurricane, tornados, typhoons, and many more events that occurs every day.   Also in these talks we teach students about these events forms, works and how can affect us, in a way that they can understand in an interactive way. 

              On September 16th 2008 we visited a school in Manatí, Puerto Rico. Professors and 35 students participated in this talk. Later in the semester we will meet with other schools around Puerto Rico.



3rd  UPRM Student Chapter Initiation

On September 25th we celebrated the 3rd UPRM- Student Chapter Initiation in Ramón Figueroa Chapel Amphitheatre at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus.

 With this important activity, we can start a new year as a society, because is the day that new students in our college interested in meteorology can be part of the society as a members students.  This year, 23 students from different mayors, were welcomed in our family as a society.  Professors, Meteorologists from the AMS Professional Chapter, family members, new students, student members and visitors were present and enjoyed this unique activity. Like past years, the society selects an honorary member who is the person that helps and teaches the society in many ways.  This year the honorary member was José R. López PhD., physic professor in our University. 

              Also in this activity, the president of the UPRM Student Chapter, informed everyone, that our society now has an office in the Physics building of the college, for our students meetings and a place to get together and socialize.

Weather Today

              Weather Today is an activity that occurs every months.  It is the day that we as a society meet for different things.  For example, we can see weather documental, some professional in meteorology can give a talk. On September 25th we socialized and shared information about meteorology and everyone learned about something new. Also in this Weather Today, many new members were there and interacted with old members and shared time and knowledge. 



Our September meeting consisted of a welcoming to all of the members for the beginning of the year. We discussed the welcoming weeks events which included: a bowling night, a movie night, a dinner night, and a cookout. This was all in a span of three weeks. We next discussed a possible spring break trip. In order to encourage this, we showed pictures of the last spring break trip to Oklahoma. Finally, we opened the floor for questions.---Fred Schmidt.




DATE: September 30, 2008

LOCATION: Colonade Restaurant, 3401 Bayshore Blvd., Tampa FL 33629

OVERVIEW: The first meeting of our season began with a member dinner at 6pm at The Colonade Restaurant. Fifteen members, officers and their guests were in attendance. Following dinner, a short business meeting began at 7pm and was hosted by our Chapter President Andy Johnson. This brief business meeting included financial reports and discussion of upcoming events for the 2008-2009 season for our chapter. These upcoming events will include a variety of topics ranging from insurance issues with storm coverage to forensic meteorology, and instrument balloon launching done by students. Our annual "Teach the Teachers" meeting, back by popular demand, will also be held again.

SPEAKER: Corene J. Matyas, Ph.D, University of Florida Dept. of Geography

Dr. Mayas presentation was titled: "Utilizing Geographic Techniques to Investigate the Spatial Properties of the Rain Fields of Tropical Cyclones". Her work centers on her research agenda of shape metrics to characterize Tropical Cyclone rain fields. Her very detailed presentation highlighted her groundbreaking research into this area. This research focuses on identifying patterns and shapes, using mathematical representations and geographical techniques, to describe precipitation echo patterns in tropical storms. Her research goals are to evaluate these shapes and patterns, determine evolution of shapes, and couple patterns and shape representations to better forecast locations of heavy rainfall in tropical storms.

Her research work is important to investigate and predict areas of heaviest rainfall, not only at the point of landfall in a tropical system, but perhaps even days later (and many miles away) as the storm moves inland. What patterns define where the points of maximum rainfall can occur, and why? She went into detail about the many factors involved, comparing distance of heaviest rainfall to the center of the storm (sometimes there's a maximum on one side) and the reasons for the variability.

Using overlaying grids, shape analysis and describing the different type of analysis tools used, she presented a very interesting and unique topic that has not been covered by any previous discussion for our chapter.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Nancy Knight provided an update on the Chapters checking account balance, which stands at $1,115.73. The Dr. Dewey Stowers Scholorship fund will continue and the Bert Woppler Scholorship fund was closed. Submittals for the Dewey Stower scholorship will be accepted until February 2009 and funds donated will be awarded during the Banquet Dinner Meeting that will be held in April, 2008.

MEETING END TIME: The meeting itself ended at 8:45, but many of our members stayed afterwards to chat and socialize with each other.---Jennifer Collins.



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