Chapter News
February 2008


February 7, 2008  


Call Meeting to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Kristine Nelson, at 11:31 a.m. The meeting was held at the National Weather Service Anchorage Forecast Office on Sand Lake Rd. 

Treasurer’s Report: 

Treasurer Absent. AMS ANC Chapter last report shows funds are currently at $2,342.50. This amount included $450.00 for the local scholarship.

Old/New Business:   

National Scholarships

The Deadline is Feb. 8th, 2008 and must be postmarked by that date.  The deadline for the AMS HQ receipt of the Anchorage Chapter Scholarship recommendation is likely 3-7-08.

The Minority/Industry Scholarship is not out at this time. The Website is:

Science Fair

Alaska Science & Engineering Fair is now April 11-13th at Begich Middle School.

Dave Vonderheide is available to help judge on the 12th. Laura Furgione can do the awards on the 13th.



 We have ample supplies for giveaways to speakers thanks to Kristine, Jim Peronto, Lisa Reed and Jackie P.

Annual AMS Meeting:

New Orleans was cold according to Laura Furgione and Jim Peronto, who attended the meeting.  Jim also announced that the Local Chapter Poster won 2nd place!


Guest Speaker: 

Heather Hasper – Aviation Transportation Planner, Anchorage Amateur Radio Club Officer.

Heather comes before our group to discuss Disaster Preparation.  She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Aviation and a Master’s in Aeronautical Science from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, as well as a PhD in Aeronautics from Stanford.  Her expertise in Aviation extends to the mechanical side of the industry as well, holding an FAA airframe and powerplant mechanic certificate, along with special ratings for 747 100s, 747SP’s, and the 777.  These specialties often lead her to helping with accident investigations with the National Transportation Safety Board.  Currently, she is the Office Safety Coordinator for HDR.

Heather asks some tough questions, like is the Weather Service itself prepared should a disaster occur. Can employees make it for a day, or three relying on themselves?

Often when a natural disaster occurs, you may have to live out of your car for up to 3 days.  Employees should know how to evacuate their building safely, and practice doing it!

She will assist members in putting together a 3-day kit to help deal with a lack of food and water in the event of an emergency. The 4 big things to address are HEAT-SLEEP-FOOD-WATER. A well thought-out plan is needed.  For example, can you help those with special needs in your workplace? What about your pets, are they provided for?  Many times pets are not allowed in local shelters.  Heather recommends packing a 5 Gallon drum of food and other necessities for each pet. 

Communications radios are also a must in a disaster. Power may be out and phone lines and towers down.  Ham radios are sometimes the only communication network during large disasters.

Following Heather’s talk, we assembled Disaster Cans with enough food and emergency supplies for 72 hours.  Some of us struggled with the task of fitting all those food items into such a small can.  The trick is working small items into the nooks and crannies around the bottom of the can.  Also, following the instructions really helped too.  It is amazing how much food you can get into a one-gallon paint can. 


At the same time as Heather’s talk, the Anchorage AMS hosted a Beans Café Charity Bean-A-Fit where Beans Café brings soup and corn bread to your location to raise money for their charity.  The soup was scrumptious and many chapter members mentioned that they would like to have Beans Café cater all of the meetings. 

Our next meeting will be March 19th, Twin Dragon Restaurant.

The speaker will be Paul Whitmore of the West Coast Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, talking about Tsunami Awareness Week

Adjournment.---Kristine Nelson.



Meeting Date: February 5, 2008 


Meeting in Session: President Morris Langworthy begins meeting at 9:01pm.

Current Weather Discussion:

Members Michael Estime and Brandon Hoving present this discussion. There is an ongoing winter storm warning going on tonight. There are also ongoing tornado warnings in Tennessee. There is plenty of moisture feeding the storm, and we are in the right spot for this storm. At this point, we have plenty of upper level support to work with. The GFS forecasts between 4 and 10 inches for the Mount Pleasant area. Another is reporting 12.5-15 inches. The Weather Service is reporting 6-9 inches for the Mount Pleasant area by this time tomorrow night. Michael estimates a more conservative amount. Tonight in Tennessee, there have been tornadoes spotted, and there have been a few casualties. Tonight there is thunder in the forecast (thunder snow!). With thunder snow, we can see heavy amounts of snow accumulate very quickly. Milwaukee is expecting 20 inches of snow!!! This is helped with lake enhancements.


Iowa Conference: They are staying at the actual hotel of the conference. This will increase the price by about $30.

Vice President/ Committee Reports:

1. Fundraising- sell $5 gift certificates. If we sell at least half of the gift certificates, it is free to do. If we don’t, it will cost us $25. We need to know an amount that we need ahead of time.

2. Public Relations -We’re talking about going to Fancher Elementary to put on a presentation about weather to get students interested in weather. For spring, we’re waiting to do chalking. We also got a bulletin put on the table tents in the cafeteria.

3. Activities- We are going sledding for the next meeting!

Treasurer’s Report:

Deposited $20.00 in dues into savings at $3083.72, and $34.97 in checking.

Secretary’s Report

SGA Report:

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) There is a file on you on campus, anyone can see it unless you request to restrict it. Elections are coming up for SGA president. It is open to all students (not just SGA members). They are improving intramural lots. They would like to up the student programming budget to $50,000 to $850,000. If you have empty ink cartridges, please give them to Jacob and they will be recycled. If you live in the towers, please look both ways before you cross the street!! Renovations to the UC will be done by 2010. All offices will be removed to make it more of a student environment.

Webmaster: Weather station is up this week! It is reporting to There is someone posting rude comments on the forum. If this person continues (it is open to the public) they will be removed from the site. The CITRIX program is working. Just use your global ID and password


Meeting Adjourned: President Morris Langworthy adjourns meeting at 9:39pm.


Meeting Date: February 19, 2008


Meeting in Session: Meeting was called to order by President Morris Langworthy at 9:02pm.


President’s Report: Last week’s meeting was a social meeting where 9 people showed up to go sledding. There is a banner available at the Volunteer Center to sign that we are sending to NIU. There is a speaking event on Thursday at 4pm Dow 273 put on by Dr. Peyrefitte about Extreme Winter Weather in China. Refreshments will be served! The professors are out of town this Friday, so we are going to The Cabin at 7pm to eat pizza and hang out. Monday April 7th, there will be a presenter from the hurricane hunters coming.


Vice President’s Report: Committee reports.

Committee Reports:

1. Activities- Tomorrow there will be a current weather discussion at 5pm. There will be King Cake! Whoever wants to show up to watch the lunar eclipse tomorrow are welcome. They will be discussing activities to come tonight.

2. Fundraising- There are three other organizations on campus doing La Senorita fundraiser, so we are thinking of new ideas.

3. Public Relations- There is still no answer from Fancher Elenmentary where we are trying to give a presentation to elementary students.

4. Jobs and Internships-They updated the board, and more grad school stuff will be put up fairly soon. They are looking into a speaker later in the semester.

Treasurer’s Report: Currently, we have $34.97 in our checking account and $3083.72 in our savings. Cort took back $6.40 in pop bottles.

Secretary’s Report: If you have not been here

SGA Report: With all the missed days of school, there are rumors going around about adding days. There are no rules, so they wrote a piece of legislation to have them write in a rule about missed days. Long range projections instead of schedules will be given 2 semesters in advance. There is a possibility that the Fall/Spring designators will be dropped from the course book.

Webmaster: We banned “Pablo” from the website. He was rude, and kept posting inappropriate pictures and comments.

Conferences: Deadline for Iowa is this week. A $50 deposit will be due by next week. If you are willing to drive, please indicate it on the sign-up sheet. For Iowa, the lower end of the price range will be $300, and the upper range will be about $400 if we rent cars to get there. Also, the deadline for Valparaiso is coming up soon, and you can sign up to go. It will cost approximately $105 for the one day Valparaiso conference.

Meeting Adjourned: Meeting Adjourned at 9:24pm.


Meeting Date: February 26, 2008

Meeting in Session: President Morris Langworthy calls meeting to order at 9:06pm.

President’s Report: There are two scholarships available to us. Dr. Baxter is looking for people to meet the requirements of the scholarship. This will look good on a resume.

Volunteer Internships- The last call for Grand Rapids is this Saturday for a volunteer internship. Juniors are preferred, almost mandatory, but sophomores may apply. (Synoptic and Dynamic are preferred). Also, the SCEP internship is available. You must be a junior, and you submit your application to the central region of the NWS. If you get a SCEP internship, it is paid. This really gets your foot in the door, and SCEPS will almost assure you a spot in the weather service.

Vice President’s Report: Committee reports.

Committee Reports:

1. Activities- The week after spring break, we will be doing a euchre tournament.

2. Fundraising- They looked into Papa John’s fundraising where we sell coupon books for $5 and we keep $4 for every book we sell. This coupon book includes a coupon for a free small pizza.

3. Public Relations There are no updates with Fancher Elementary, so we are checking out different schools after Spring Break. We want to get a group photo going as well to post on the SCAMS board.

4. Jobs and Internships- They are looking for more grad school stuff and it will be posted as soon as possible.

Treasurer’s Report: The budget is unchanged with $3083.72 in our savings and $34.97 in checking. However, that is soon to change when we deposit over $300 in dues.

Secretary’s Report:

SGA Report: They voted on legislation that opposes the Big 3 funding. There is a survey going out later from Residence Life about campus safety. The building with the most participating will get a pizza party and there are also random individual prize drawings. The Alpha Leadership program is coming up and you can submit that online at

Webmaster: There is nothing new on the website. If you have questions or suggestions, let Dan know.

Conferences: The $50 deposit is due tonight for the Iowa conference. The hotel is booked for Valparaiso. So far, 2 people are driving, and they are leaving Friday. You will not miss any classes for the Valparaiso conference. We originally estimated the hotel to be at $25, but it is not down to $18. This Thursday is the last day to register for Valparaiso. The cost to register is $45. If you register after Thursday, it will cost $50.  Dr. Baxter is presenting at Valparaiso. It is proposed that $300 be donated to those going to Iowa. The money will be split evenly between the people going. The motion was passed. It is also proposed that $100 be put toward Valparaiso. This motion was also passed. 

Meeting Adjourned: Meeting is adjourned by President Morris Langworthy at 9:30pm.---Katie Dupree.



CCAMS Meeting: 2/1/08

Welcome back from break, hope it was a good one!


        - pay your dues to Andrew if you haven’t already

        - if you are a sophomore, junior, or senior who has yet to pay for theyear, it is $15

        - freshman are no longer free, it is $7 for you this semester

        - dues help you get into the fun activities free, or at a reduced price

National Weather Service Severe Weather Awareness Week in March:

        - Wysocki would like us to get involved in a joint effort with the NWS toget the w ord out on severe weather safety to the Ithaca community

        - awareness events or displays may be set up at local stores such as Tops or Wegman’s, and the Cornell Store

        - email Wysocki (mww3) if you would like to help with this project

Weather Phone:

        - there is a schedule on the back door in the classroom for days and times when the lead forecasters will be forecasting

        - sign up under the day (or email the lead forecaster) if you plan to show up and help out with the forecast

        - freshmen are especially encouraged to attend if interested in learning some forecasting techniques from the upperclassmen

        - we still need a Sunday forecaster (can do weekends from home!), email Alli (aaw28) if interested

        - Schedule:

                Mon:   Dean    3pm

                Tue:   Erik    1pm

                Wed:   Ethan   2:30pm

                Thu:   Robert  1:30pm

                Fri:   Andrew  3pm

                Sat:   Leon

AMS Conference:

        - some quotes from the meeting about the conference:

                “It was a good time”

                “We learned a lot”

                “Find out where the cool kids are”

        - sounds like fun, doesn’t it?!

        - seriously though, it’s a good opportunity to meet and talk to others in the field, and can open your eyes to aspects of meteorology that you may

not have previously recognized or considered

        - you can use your networking skills to meet professors and researchers at potential future grad schools

        - the student conference is especially recommended for sophomores and juniors, so start thinking now about going next year

        - next year the conference is in Phoenix, AZ from 1/11-1/15

Northeast Storms Conference:

        - is the first weekend of Spring Break this March (3/14-3/16) in Springfield, MA

        - not as technical as the AMS Conference with lots of student presentations

        - more to come in a later email

Mentoring Group for Women:

        - women are less likely to continue on in their degrees, so the point of the group is to help and encourage women to stay involved in atmospheric


        - group will be made of undergrad and grad students

        - plan to meet soon, email Chris Patricola (cmd58) to join the mentoring group

Social Events:

        - ice Skating is next weekend, Sunday 2/10, at 9PM at Lynah (cost = a few bucks)

        - later plans also include bowling and potentially kayaking, more on these later


        -we’d like to get one out soon

        - perhaps someone could write an AMS Summary or any other wx related article

        - email Brian (bac54) or Harrison (ht225) with articles

Bulletin Board Updating Project:

        - the old bulletin board in the classroom you have probably ignored for (insert number of years that you’ve been at Cornell here) might be

getting a much needed makeover!

        - we want to put useful info up there and make it look nicer

        - if you have any ideas or want to help, email Bryan (bmb46)

Map Room Revitalization Project:

        - there was talk of revisiting plans to remake the map room

        - a meeting has been planned for after synoptic I lab on Monday at 4:30pm in the classroom, so attend if interested

Assasins Game:

        - last year some of us played a game of assasins

        - the rules remain posted in the classroom if you would like to know more

        - Robert will also send out an email soon with more information

Relay for Life:

        - fundraiser for the American Cancer Society

        - we will likely have a CCAMS relay team

        - the event is 3/29 in Barton Hall

        - Robert will also send an email with more information on this soon

Cornell Athletics Forecasts:

        - there are no outdoor athletics events to forecast for just yet

        - Pat will let us know when things are getting started again

        - however, if you are interested in taking over coordination of this activity next year, email Pat (pcm28)

Alumni Weekend:

        - will likely be held in April sometime, but we will start planning soon

        - if you didn’t sign the sheet at the meeting, email Alli (aaw28) if you’d like to help out

        - more information on the event itself in the future

Have a good weekend!---Erik Thorgersen.




Meeting Start Time: 6:45pm

First Meeting of the Spring semester

Welcome/Introduction from the president

              Welcome new members

              Introduce officers

Discuss Conference experiences

Please pay dues ($10) by the next meeting

Encourage members to join National AMS

              Get student discounts: $15 dues for the year

              Benefits (BAMS magazine)


              Spring semester has started

Elections will be held at the next meeting.  Officer positions will be for the 2008-2009 school year.  Please consider running as all offices (president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer) will be open.



              Need volunteers to run stations and volunteers to be group leaders

              Ideas for stations

                            Airplane on display

                            Weather Safety



Weather Broadcasting



                            Station/Activities coordinator: Kristen

                            Advertising: Krista

                            Finances: Kelly

                            Registration: Dan

                            General Administrator: Austin

Station leaders will create presentations/activities and report directly to Kristen.

Brian will take the lead on building the tornado machine and give updates to Austin as necessary.

Meeting End Time: 7:25pm



Meeting Start Time: 6:45pm

Welcome from the president

Dues due today ($10) to Austin after the meeting

UNO’s Dinner- March 4

              Fundraising activity- pass out flyers to friends

Celebrate a great Science Day!

Spring Potluck- March 28

              To be held at Kristian’s

Ordering AMS polos – Give your shirt size to Linda

Science Day

              Presenters should be ready by next meeting, Feb 26


              Members nominate candidates

              Candidates give speeches


Voting takes place


              Results will be announced at UNO’s Fundraising dinner

Meeting End Time: 7:20pm---Dan Halperin.



Feb 6, 2008


This gathering of 15 members began at 11:30 AM at the Town and Country Café on the east side of Norton.  Travel conditions delayed some members from arriving on time, but all started with lunch, followed by a short business meeting, then a presentation by President Rick Ewald of the “Meteorological Memories of  2007”, a presentation given previously by SPC Greg Carbin at the Omaha AMS Chapter meeting of Dec 5, 2007. 

The highlighted events were listed in chronological order, starting with the Ice Storms of Dec ’06-Jan ’07, with over 87 deaths and affecting from Texas to New York.  Number 2 on the list was the Tornadoes of Central Florida on Feb 2nd, with 21 deaths.  Third listed was the Nor’easter of Feb 14, with 24-48 inches of snow in the Northeast.  Next was March 1st and 2nd Tornadoes in the Southeast, including the Enterprise, AL killer tornado.  The March 28th rash of tornadoes across the High Plains came in at number 5, with the May 4th Greensburg EF5 Tornado listed as number 6.  Number 7 was the Georgia/Florida Droughts and Fires, followed closely by the expansive flooding of Oklahoma and Texas.  The Summer of ’07 made the list at number 9 with the record Heat, Drought and Wild Fires in the west.  Finishing out the list of 10 ten, was the California Fires of October, especially in San Diego. 


Call to order.   The meeting was called to order at 12:35 PM.  President Ewald led a short round of introductions.  Secretary Tim Burke/DDC read the 11/14/07 meeting minutes; the minutes were accepted as read. 

Treasurer’s report.  Treasurer Matt Masek/LBF sent a treasurer’s report with Christina Henderson, who relayed that our 2/26/08 Balance was $3783.07.  There is $1260.00 in the Jim Johnson Scholarship fund, leaving our checkbook balance at $2523.05.  More dues are being collected and sought, with $5 of each $15 dues going toward the Jim Johnson Scholarship.

Old Business.  The vote of Officers revealed 22 votes had been cast, either electronically or sent to this meeting.  The same slate of officers will serve for 2008:  President Rick Ewald, Vice President Mike Umscheid, Treasurer Matt Masek, and Secretary Tim Burke.  Others were encouraged to seek an officer position next year.  Webmaster Jared Guyer is willing to change the format of our webpage so officers could post changes, but for now, it was decided to just send updates to Webmaster Guyer and he will post the updates. Each office had recently mailed out letters to area High Schools notifying them of the upcoming Jim Johnson Scholarship deadline, with over 235 letters mailed out.  This letter emphasized the recipient could be planning to major in any Physical Science, not just Meteorology.  Jim Johnson Scholarship points of contact at each office are:  GID/Rick Ewald, DDC/Jennifer Ritterling, LBF/Teresa Keck, and GLD/Christopher Foltz. 

The Goodland crew reported on the upcoming HP Conference.  It will be September 4-5th in Hays, KS.  A diverse set of Keynote speakers are being approached.  Paper abstracts are welcome now, and can be submitted to .   Our conference was designed for perhaps the first time presenter or student in mind, and we strive to create a relaxed, non-threatening environment.  More will be posted soon on our website, at

New Business.  Secretary Tim Burke will serve as the point of contact for our Chapter of the Year submissions.  ALL members are encouraged to email Tim with any outreach activities you, or your offices, have participated in the past year.  We need to collect a wealth of outreach activities, in order to compete strongly for Chapter of the Year.  Our chapter voted to send $50 to help with refreshment costs to a March 1st fundraiser at the Pratt Community College for Greensburg relief.  Greg Stumpt and Jim LaDue of Norman are spearheading a showing a Storm Chaser ’07 DVD, as well as selling the DVD.  All money raised will go toward Disaster Relief of the American Red Cross.  One or two Chapter members from DDC plan to attend and help serve refreshments as well. 

Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 1:15 PM.  The next meeting will be in mid-April.---Rick Ewald and Tim Burke.



Number of Members in attendance: 31

National AMS Conference

                  Rachel Butterworth and Jayson Prentice gave a presentation on their trip to New Orleans, LA for the National Conference.  They did numerous fun and interesting things besides just going to the conference.  Also gives opportunities to make contacts with many brilliant minds in the meteorology field.   For anyone who is interested in going to next year’s annual meeting, it is in Phoenix, AZ.   Any questions, email .

ISU Storm Ready

                  Groups will be assigned to “storm the dorms” to check if the buildings are storm ready.  Things like: signs posted on where to go during a severe weather event, if the signs are up to date and if there are weather radios on each floor of the dorms.  We will be conducting this on Saturday February 24, 2008, from 1:00pm to around 4:00pm.  Everyone is welcome to help out and make Iowa State University storm ready!

Fundraiser Chair

                  A new chair will be added to the cabinet for next year in the area of fundraising.  This chair will be responsible for calendar and apparel sales, aiding in some of the duties that the president and vice president have to deal with.  Also since fundraising is a big part of our organization, it deserves its own chair.  Nominees for this chair will be taken at the next meeting, so be thinking of someone that might be a good candidate for the position!

Spring Apparel

                  Over the past years there has been spring apparel for our organization, last year the design consisted of many of the momentum equations that meteorologists deal with in dynamics.   This year there will be a contest to design a new t-shirt and the winner will receive one t-shirt with their design on it for free!   Submit your designs by February 29, 2008. 

Spring Break Trip

                  The ISU AMS will be going to Boulder, Colorado for spring break!!  It was motioned that the AMS fund $275 for the trip, and seconded.  The motion was amended to fund for $200 of the trip.  The motion was seconded.  Motioned voted on and motion passed.  This topic will be brought up at the next meeting.  If anyone wants to go on the spring break trip and hasn’t signed up yet, contact Jason Patton at

TV Station tour

A tour of ABC 5 of Des Moines, IA will occur on Monday March 3, 2008.  You will get a “behind the scenes look” at what goes into a production of a weather broadcast, and maybe spark an interest you never knew you had!  A sign-up sheet was passed around to go to the TV Station.  If you were unable to attend the meeting and are interested in attending the tour, contact Chris Conoan at   Plans on the March 3rd will be to meet in the lot north of Agronomy at 6:15pm and arrive in Des Moines at 7:00pm.  

United Community School Talk

Members of the United Community School are looking for 2-3 volunteers to give a presentation on Friday March 7, 2008 in Boone, IA.  A 45 minute to 1.5 hour PowerPoint presentation will be needed.  A sign-up sheet was passed around at the meeting, if you were unable to attend, contact Chris Conoan at for further details. 


Members wishing to participate in KaleidoQuiz met after the meeting for a short meeting to decide on a team name.  If you want to participate and weren’t at the meeting contact Jason Patton at for further information regarding this contest.

Severe Storms and Doppler Radar Conference

                  The 12th Annual Severe Storms and Doppler Radar Conference will be: March 27 - March 29 2008 at the West Des Moines Sheraton Hotel and Convention Center.  This is something definitely worth attending.  We as students even get a discounted rate!!  Get the opportunity to attend some of the top meteorology researcher’s presentations!  LAS also refunds members partially for attending the conference.  Exact amount depend on how many members attend.  A sheet was passed around stating whether or not you planned on attending.  Also Jessica Reese will be hosting a dinner for all members Thursday March 27th, 2008 in between conference breaks at her house in West Des Moines.  Details will be given at a later date.  A sheet was passed around at the meeting to sign up for the dinner.  Contact Jessica Reese if you were not able to attend the meeting at  There is also an Alumni Luncheon at Rock Bottom on Saturday March 29th, 2008.  This is a great way to get contacts as well as converse with former Iowa State University meteorology students while enjoying a great lunch!  An email from the Meteorology Department will be sent out at a later date.

Research Presenter

A researcher from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory will be presenting April 7-8 2008.  Presentation will be about Regional Climate Modeling.   It was motioned the ISU AMS fund $100 for the presentation.  This motion was seconded and passed. 


                  The current balance of the ISU AMS is: $2998.  After the events the organization will aid in the balance will be approximately: $2684.   Also for those members of Cy’s Eyes that haven’t paid their dues, do so ASAP!

Tornado Machine Committee

                  There will be a contest for the best name for the tornado machine.  Email Ben Mcneil at with your submissions.   Submissions are due February 29, 2008.   Also if anyone who is not on the tornado machine committee and wants to be, contact Ben Mcneil.

Academic Chair

                  Section leaders have been assigned, for further information check the forums.  Be sure to let your section leaders know when tests are so they can arrange accordingly.  Going to these review sessions is a great way to review for a test with your meteorology buddies.   Be sure to take advantage of them!!

Studying abroad

                  If anyone is interested in studying abroad next year, email with information about where and when you want to go.  Studying abroad can be a great experience and a great way to broaden your horizons.

Social Chair

                  The follow are intramurals that the AMS could participate in if enough interest is expressed: Softball, broom ball and coed volleyball.  Sign-up sheets were passed around at the meeting.  If you were not able to attend and wish to participate in an intramural sport, contact Jayson Prentice at for further details.

Forecast Contests


                  Our last city forecasted for was New Orleans, LA.  Congratulation goes out to Bill Gallus, Jon Hobbs, Chris Schaffer and Ryan Alliss for winning their respected categories for New Orleans, LA.  Iowa State’s top forecasters cumulatively are: Jayson Prentice, Ryan Alliss, Jon Hobbs, Brandon Engelson and Chris Schaffer.  The current city is Crescent City, CA.


                  Congrats goes out to Andrew Ansorge for winning the last period of Spencer, IA.  Brandon Engelson, Jon Hobbs and Jeff Duda round out the top four spots.  Cumulatively Brandon Engelson leads overall with Jayson Prentice, Jeff Duda and Jon Hobbs rounding out the top four.   The current city is Estherville, IA forecasting for day 7.


                  Pictures are needed of anything community related that the ISU AMS has participated in.  These pictures will added to the forums.  Please send to Ben Schwedler at:

Cy’s Eyes

                  Cy’s Eyes now has a green screen and is working very well!  Things are running smoothly and are in working order.  Everyone is welcome to help out in the production of Cy’s Eyes at any show.   Meet at the Communication Building at 6pm and show time 6:30pm. The more the better!  Please pay dues from last semester ASAP!


                  Pictures of last weekend’s ski trip are wanted to add to our collage of pictures containing meteorology activities.  Please give pictures or send pictures to Jeff Edmonson(

Next Meeting will be: 7pm March 13, 2008---Brandon Engelson.





TIME: 6:30




-The previous speaker could not make it, so Julie stepped up to talk to us about space weather as she has a masters in space physics

- Officers need to meet to decide how to reduce the money we have

-Treasurer Report: $1,080

-Science Fair in April Motion to donate $100 (motioned by Joe, second Evan)

-Join Joe Laura’s Pro forecaster blog, see him for more details

-Previous meeting: Smokehouse BBQ, Evan Bookbinder spoke about cold air severe storms

-Next meeting: March meeting is officer nominations on March 11. Location TBA

SPACE WEATHER: What will they think of next?

6 solar observation sites around the world was operated by Air Force now civilian

-Air force cares about the Sun because solar flares can show up as missiles at NORAD & it interferes with there communications

-Earth’s magnetic field has impacts due to solar activity by both radiation and particles

- Sun has a solar cycle that lasts for 22 years; there are 11 years of solar minimum (less sunspots) and 11 years of solar maximum (more sunspots).  All due to sun’s rotation and that the solar poles switch.

-Prominences are flares that are being forced back down by an intense magnetic field on the sun.  Filaments are cool gases strung around the sun and hangs above the surface

-109 earth diameters to fill up the sun’s equator

- Sunspots named by 4 digits and by groups and are created by sun’s rotation rate, which is different at the poles versus the equator.

-Solar flares cause radio blackouts, power outages, creates radiation storms (high energy particles- electrons & protons), geomagnetic storms, GPS problems, and communication issues.

-Space weather is important to human space travel, one shuttle mission with the Endeavour (in fact its first voyage) first EVA was cancelled due to sunspot activity.  Flares are very dangerous to astronauts as 30 minutes to 24 hours after a sunspot is formed it can release a flare into space. 

-Aviation- flying over the poles, pilots need to know about extra radiation entering in the poles so they won’t fly through it as it can disrupt communications.

--Geomagnetic storms can take from 1-4 days to affect us on earth and they are the easiest to forecast.  Example: 1989 blackout in quebec (gave space weather more funding) since 6 million customers had no power.

-Coronal Mass ejections: create geomagnetic storms as it can creep into our magnetosphere.

Visit or



12 February 2008


National Weather Service Forecast Office

Peachtree City, Ga


The meeting began shortly after 7 pm and lasted approximately 1.5 hours.  There were 24 people in attendance, not counting the NWS employees who were working the evening shift.



Presidents Report, Stephanie Klipfel: 


              Our elections are coming up, so please nominate someone (or yourself) if you think they would make a good officer.  The positions we are voting on are: President-elect (will serve as President of the Chapter in 2009-10), Secretary, and Treasurer.  Our current President-elect, Trisha Palmer, will be the new President.   You can nominate by sending Stephanie an email at .  Stephanie also handed out forms on which you could nominate someone for a position, as well as suggest nominations for the Chandler Award and Excellence Award (which can also be done through email).

               The Chandler Award goes to “the individual or group who has done the most to foster and enhance the science of meteorology in the Atlanta area over the past year.”  The Excellence award goes to “the organization, group, or individual who contributed most significantly to the understanding of the science of meteorology or who may have provided a service to the public during a meteorological event.”

              The other aspect we will be voting on is the “Best Program Award,” which goes to the monthly meeting presentation/program/or tour that everyone votes as the one they most enjoyed.  The nominees are (I feel like I am at the Oscars):


September – Gibson Ridge Radar Software (GRlevel2, 3 , Analyst) – Mike Gibson


October – CNN Weather- Dave Hennen, Peter Dykstra, and Chad Myers


November – Norfolk Southern Railroad – Jeffrey McCraken


January – CBS 46 Weather – Gene Norman


February – Southeast River Forecast Center (drought) – John Feldt and Todd Hamill


President Elect – Trisha Palmer:  Trisha welcomed everyone to the NWS/SERFC and also introduced Christine McGehee from the SERFC, who gave a 10 minute presentation on the new Georgia CoCoRaHS (Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow network...see for more details) that will be starting up this spring.  Christine mentioned the need for volunteers to participate in the high density network, so everyone should sign up and mention it to anyone else interested.  There is also a need for county coordinators and regional directors as well, so if you are interested, let her know!


Presentation:  The presentation was the first of a two part series on the drought affecting us here in Georgia.  John Feldt, the Hydrologist-in-Charge at the Southeast River Forecast Center, and Todd Hamill, also of the SERFC, gave a presentation on the meteorology and hydrology of the drought.  The presentation was very informative and answered questions that many have on all aspects of the southeastern drought.  John and Todd talked about the current status of the drought, as well as how it got so bad.  They also went into what we can expect going forward, and even talked some about the public response and the effects so far.  The entire presentation has been loaded on the web, and I encourage everyone to look at the presentation, which can be found here: .  Thanks to Todd Hamill for posting this!


There were many interesting questions and discussions after the presentation that continued even after the meeting, and we look forward to many more questions and discussions at the panel discussion during the March meeting. 


After the “formal meeting,” there was a tour of the NWS forecast office and the SERFC office provided to all of those interested.


I look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting.---Brandon Miller.



Meeting Type: General Meeting

Meeting Date: February 20, 2008

Attendance: 36

Meeting in Session: 8:35 pm


Introduction (President Jim Kurdzo)

Nominations/Elections (Jim Kurdzo)

Constitution Amendment Process (Jim Kurdzo)

AMS Banquet (Jim Kurdzo)

Met-Mentor Program (Jim Kurdzo)

Intramural Softball Sign-ups (Jim Kurdzo)

Meeting Ended: 9:07 pm---Channing Dale.



On Tuesday, February 5th 2008, Charlie discussed this meeting’s “Today in weather” event which was the current severe weather system moving through Northern Mississippi and Western Tennessee. In other news, the national AMS conference was well attended by North Florida AMS members, and students and faculty of Florida State University with approximately 30 members. This week is Hazardous Weather Awareness Week (HWAW) and help is needed from our members to help with our booth in the Oglesby Union from 10 AM – 2PM. Members will be covering all hazardous weather events, and how Florida State University became Storm Ready.

The North Florida American Meteorological Society’s 5th Annual Banquet will be Thursday, February 28, 2008. Our key note speaker, Steve Lyons, will be speaking about The Weather Channel’s operational mode during approaching land falling US hurricanes, and any other topic requests from members to be included. The cost of the banquet is $10 for students and their dates, professional members and their spouse $20 each, non-member students $25, and general public $35. Sign up deadline is by February 21st in room 304 or 305A of the Love building; checks made payable to North Florida AMS. More information can be found at . Kevin then announced our account balance of $2,040.24. The basketball tailgate was Feb 3rd against UNC and had a great turn out. Coming up on April 8th is the mini-golf tournament. We need sponsors and Kevin came up with a sponsor run with approximately 10 restaurants per group to attempt to get. The next Programs Committee, Membership/Fundraising Committee, and the Publicity Committee meetings will be in early March. Following, Liane announced the next bake sale, which will be Wednesday February 20th from 10 AM – 2 PM; help is primarily needed from 12:20 – 1:10 PM. Alec then announced that any outreach events need to be forwarded to him, and talked about the Capital Regional Science Fair. At the next Outreach committee meeting, lessons plans will be made for our chapter’s website.

Andy then introduced our speaker, Rusty Pfost, the Meteorologist in Charge at the National Weather Service in Miami. Russell L. (Rusty) Pfost is the Meteorologist-in-Charge of the Miami-South Florida Weather Forecast Office of the National Weather Service.  Rusty is a native of Dunedin, Florida, and a graduate of Pinellas County (Fla.) Public Schools.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology from Florida State University (Phi Beta Kappa) (1977), and a Master of Science degree in earth and atmospheric science from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) (1990). Pfost’s presentation included many weather observations and records from the 1800’s, discussing the history and how these observations help with records today. With observations from 1857, scientists can find extreme records such as a low of 30 degrees Fahrenheit in Miami.

The North Florida American Meteorological Society’s fifth annual end of the year banquet was a tremendous success with 100 attendees. The banquet took place at Florida State’s University Center Club on February 28th, 2008 at 7:00 PM. During the reception a slideshow of pictures throughout the year was shown. Dinner began at 7:30 PM while the officers made announcements. Charlie welcomed everyone and went over a synopsis of the chapter’s accomplishments throughout the year. He then introduced Andy who thanked his program committee for their help with events throughout the chapter year such as the golf tournament, the bowling social, the football tailgate, and helping with refreshments before the general meetings. Following Andy, Kevin thanked his membership/fundraising committee for their help with finding sponsors for the upcoming mini-golf tournament, the basketball tailgate, and the car wash fundraising event. Next, Liane thanked her publicity committee for their help with advertising the chapter meetings and thanked those who helped to bake or sell for the bake sales throughout the year. Following Liane, Alec thanked his science and education committee for their help throughout the year with outreach events such as science fairs and Hazardous Weather Awareness Week. Charlie then thanked all of the officers and distributed certificates to each officer. He then announced the chapter’s Member of Year, John Smith. Finally, Charlie announced the banquet’s speaker, Dr. Steve Lyons, hurricane expert at The Weather Channel.  Dr. Steve Lyons spoke on “Hurricanes and The Weather Channel” explaining to our chapter how The Weather Channel operates during hurricane season and with storms approaching the United States coastlines.---Liane Claytor.



February 26, 2008 The Northwest Indiana Joint Chapter of the AMS/NWA held its fifth general meeting of the 2007-2008 school year on Tuesday, February 26, 2008, in Kallay-Christopher Hall at Valparaiso University. Twenty-three people attended.

Members present:

- President: Michael Grogan

- Vice President: Mark Borchelt

- Secretary: Katie Giannecchini

- Treasurer: Chris Wilson

The meeting was called to order at 11:11am.

We have now reached the 57” mark for the Snowfall Contest, with two candidates remaining for the win. The contest will officially end on Friday.

Thank you to all who participated in baking and eating at the annual AMS/NWA Bake-Off Baking Competition. Rich Krupar was named the winner with his Moore’s Fruit Pizza. Keep an eye out for emails after spring break listing a date and time for upcoming Activities Committee meetings to plan the No Talent / Talent Show for the end of the year.

The menu for the 6th Annual Great Lakes NWA Conference was decided at the last Conference Committee meeting. It was also decided that this year’s gift will be red lanyards with the same weather symbol design used last year. The speaker line-up has also been created. The Conference Committee is planning to meet once more before the conference.

You can now sign up online for the conference at Registration fees are $45 before February 29th, and $50 thereafter. A group has also been created through facebook, so students can invite meteorology students from other schools in the area and help spread the word.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:23am.---Katie Giannecchini.



February 19, 2008       Kevin Scharfenberg (NSSL)

5:30 Food served

5:45  Kevin presents on the current status of project development for probabilistic warnings, goes through the tough choices that must be made, and the problems to be overcome.  Gives the plusses and minuses of possibly enacting such a system, and motivates a timeline for future milestones.

7:00  Hoodies delivered!---Kim Klockow.



The  February 2008 Omaha-Offutt AMS chapter meeting was held at Boyd and Charlie’s restaurant  in Elkhorn (or the piece of land formerly known as Elkhorn, now it’s just the western-most extent of Omaha), NE on the 12th of the month.  The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by chapter president Evan Kuchera.

For the first order of business, chapter member Bruce Telfeyan announced that he had joined the AMS Weather Analysis and Forecasting Committee and announced that the June 2009 WAF hosted conference would be in Omaha (Bruce is the program chair).  He then announced his hopes that the local chapter would be able to help support the conference, and that will let the chapter know when more information is available to him.  Several comments were made on the high quality of the conference.

Next, the January meeting minutes were read.

Evan then announced that Chris Snyder has confirmed that he will be able to present for the March meeting, and that the AFWA open house appears to be a likely venue for an AMS meeting.

Treasurer Bendorf then gave the treasurer’s account - $2440 dollars and 81 members.

Corresponding secretary Karen Harder-Sittel announced that she had plenty of volunteers for the March 8 science fair, but still needed volunteers for the March 29th science fairs in Nebraska City and in Ames, IA.

Chapter member Ken Dewey announced and welcomed everybody to the 8th Annual Severe Weather Symposium.  Among the guest speakers will be Joe Schaefer from the SPC, John Davies, Mike Mogil, and Mike Umscheid.

At this point, the floor was opened to any chapter comments.  Member Matt Sittel announced that while he was in New Orleans for the AMS conference, he managed to meet with Bruce Jones, and announced that Midland Radios is interested in working with the chapter again.  It is hoped that the chapter might be able to team up with Channel 7 during severe weather week.  Matt will spearhead the event and he welcomes volunteers to contact him.

The business meeting was then adjourned at 6:50.

After dinner, that chapter welcomed Mark Conner to give an intriguing presentation on his experiences with Nebraska Stratospheric Radio (NSTAR).  Among the various videos and imagery he displayed, Mark discussed the NSTAR mission, which, aside from it just being fun, was to promote amateur radio, gain understanding of the atmosphere, and to keep forecasting skills sharp, as weather conditions must be adequate for a balloon release to take place.  Mark also ran down the different types of equipment used when sending up a balloon, ideal release conditions, FAA rules, and entertained the chapter with some stories from the different experiences he has had with this very fun hobby.  He also gave the chapter some web sites to visit if they are interested in getting into Stratospheric Radio:

The meeting ended at 8:32.---Scott Rentschler.



Temperature Trek IV

About 10 members of the Oregon Chapter, plus some of their family members, participated in an increasingly popular field meeting, called "Temperature Trek." Secretary Drew Jackson had participants assemble near downtown Portland an hour before sunrise on February 23rd. We always choose a non-rain day in February. We then drive across the Portland metro area along pre-determined routes. One person drives and a passenger records temperature measurements every minute or mile for one hour. We return to the same downtown starting point and turn in our data sheets. The data was then compiled by member Charlie Feris. He drew up a contour map (see graphic). The results were discussed at the next meeting.

This year’s temperature trek saw clear skies and calm winds across Portland. Fog formed in low colder rural areas, with a large area of fog from south of a line from the south edge of Hillsboro to the western edge of Beaverton. Temperature patterns this year were in a typical pattern with the heat island centered over downtown Portland and the near east side. Coldest areas were in the Tualatin Valley and outer southeast over Happy Valley. We had no observers
this year covering Clark County, Washington, normally the coldest part of the metro area.

Each year, a different weather pattern emerges. Current and past Temperature Trek results can be found on the Oregon Chapter website: Dittmer.



February 5th
    The chief meteorologist at WTOP (student run TV station) announced information to the club about a WTOP general meeting for all interested in being on air meteorologists.  Our President sent around a final sign up sheet for the NESC (Northeast Storms Conference) registration.  We needed a final number so we could reserve the proper amount of vans.  Our president also talked about the joint science club shirt and talked about the meteorology clubs involvement in creating it. 
    Our vice president talked about the proper behavior at the NESC.  Our vice president also held a short meeting after the general meeting for all those interested in forecasting for the meteorology website.
    Our treasurer talked about our recent accomplishment of becoming recognized by the Student Association (SA) as a tier three club.  This allows our club to have a larger budget and do more activities.  Our treasurer also talked about or Fajita Grill club fund-raiser to be held in April.
    Our secretary talked about the “meteorological pick up line” T-shirt fund-raiser.  He also discussed a research internship opportunity offered by the REU program in Oklahoma. 
    On April 5th the club will be having a storm spotting class for anyone in the club who is interested in becoming a national weather service storm spotter. 
    Our public relations officer talked about the fact that February 5th was the anniversary of the Locust lake-effect snow storm that dumped 131 inches of snow in Red Field New York, and 85 Inches in our City of Oswego last year.  A brief overview and educational session was held to explain the weather conditions in place that create this event. 

February 19th

    Our president first discussed a trip to the SY zoo and the Science museum in Syracuse to be held on March 2nd.   She also talked briefly about a community service opportunity for the club.
    Our vice president brought up a “Habitat for Humanity” fund-raiser bowling event.  Our club voted on the best date to bowl, this data was Sunday March 9th.  Our treasurer first discussed in fine detail the budget our club submitted to SA, and then spoke briefly about a community service opportunity for the club. 
    Our secretary talked about the up coming “March Madness” forecasting tournament to start the first week of March.---Ted Letcher.



February was a month of new opportunities for the Penn State Branch of the AMS. Seven PSUBAMS members attended the first annual StormFest Conference sponsored by the Southwestern Pennsylvania chapter of the American Meteorological Society. PSUBAMS members attended the event on a Sunday at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, alongside students from California University of Pennsylvania, Millersville University, and others. The event was an overall success, numerous and informational student research presentations, as well as speakers from the professional meteorological world. These professional speakers included Severe Weather Expert Dr. Greg Forbes from The Weather Channel®, Jamie Rhome from The National Hurricane Center, Kevin Scharfenberg from the National Severe Storms Laboratory and Bob Hamilton from the National Weather Service Center in Buffalo, New York. Along with the student presentations and numerous presenters, PSUBAMS members were able to learn more about various aspects of meteorology and create networking opportunities between students in meteorology and atmospheric science programs across Pennsylvania. 

PSUBAMS members in Pittsburgh, PA attending the First Annual Stormfest Conference sponsored by Southwestern PA chapter of the American Meteorological Society

On campus, we planned and executed the first annual PSUBAMS movie night as a social event for the PSUBAMS members and Penn State meteorology students. The movie voted on and selected by many members for this event was The Perfect Storm, which attendees watched and enjoyed very much needed study break for those in attendance.

February was also a month of planning for PSUBAMS events in March.  Specifically March will prove to be bustling, beginning with four PSUBAMS members attending the Northeastern Storm Conference in Springfield, MA.  PSUBAMS is also looking forward to many interesting and informative meteorology speakers throughout the rest of the semester.---Maria Zatko.  




Executive Board Meeting

Date: February 6, 2008

Minutes: 5:30-6:00pm

Board Members in Attendance: Melissa P, Heather D, Katie P, Norm S, Jeff V, Andy D, Lindsay V, John S, Peter A


Executive board meetings have been moved to Wednesdays at 6pm.

A report on the Allocations process was given by Jeff. Overall, the meeting went really well.

The Student Activities Fair is tonight from 8pm to 9pm in the HUB Courtroom.

Josh and Lindsay will be generating fundraiser ideas for raising money to improve the TV Studio. Jeff suggested a bowling fundraiser where sponsors would pay a certain amount of money per pin knocked down during a game.

Melissa will email the Yearbook club to try and secure Monday, February 25th at 7pm as the date and time for the AMS group photo.

The deadline for the Logo Contest is tentatively Friday, March 28th. The process of picking a winner will be discussed at a future meeting. An idea for this was to do an online voting poll on the PSU AMS Website.

Potential field trips for this semester include the CBS-4 Boston TV studio and the National Weather Service.


Executive Board Meeting

Date: February 20, 2008

Minutes: 6:00-6:30pm

Board Members in Attendance: Melissa P, Heather D, Katie P, Norm S, Jeff V, Josh F, Lindsay V, John S, Peter A


         On Tuesday March 4th at 7:30pm in Boyd 144, there will be a IDV Introduction Seminar for the geography and meteorology clubs. All are welcome to attend.

            The March All Majors Meeting will be held Monday, March 10th at 7pm in Boyd 306.

            The AMS Group picture for the yearbook will be taken on Monday, February 25th at 7pm in the HUB. All members should plan on meeting there at 6:45pm.

            The bowling event with Lyndon State will be held the weekend of April 18th through the 20th. A definite date and time will be selected and all members will be notified. The event will be held in Vermont, so the option of renting a van will be explored.

            The Allocations request has been fully approved by the committee.

            This year, the California University of Pennsylvania is hosting the StormFest Conference, for the first time. The deadline has passed for this year’s registration; however, this would be a great opportunity to consider in the future.

              The capability to upload all meeting minutes to the PSU AMS website will be added soon.


Executive Board Meeting

Date: February 27, 2008

Minutes: 6:00-6:30pm

Board Members in Attendance: Melissa P, Heather D, Katie P, Norm S, Jeff V, Josh F, Lindsay V, John S, Andy D


              Flyers will be printed out regarding the IDV meeting on Tuesday, March 4th at 7pm in Boyd 144 and regarding the All Members Meeting on Monday, March 10th at 7pm in Boyd 306. Pizza will be served at the IDV meeting only.

            A fundraiser idea, courtesy of Josh and Lindsay, was to hold a car wash in the Spring. Potential locations include the Boyd parking lot or the Plymouth fire station. Another idea was to have a babysitting night for multiple families. The children could watch a movie or play various games. The event could be advertised at the local elementary schools. The last idea was to hold a Bingo/Poker/Game Night. The money raised from the event(s) would go toward the TV Studio fundraiser.

            The club is anxiously awaiting a reply from the National Weather Service in Gray, ME and Ken Barlow of CBS4-Boston regarding a visit.---Heather Dinon.



Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 12, 2008

The meeting was called to order by chapter president Phillip Marzette at 5:36 pm PST.

Map discussion:  Phillip Marzette led the evening’s map discussion.

Evening’s program:

President Marzette introduced the subject for the evening’s program.  Chapter members were asked to discuss the factors that caused them to become interested in the atmospheric sciences.  The responses varied.  The majority of members in attendance stated that they became interested in weather as children.  Thunderstorms were a common type of weather that piqued people’s interest.  Winter weather was also mentioned as starting a couple of members on the road to becoming meteorologists.  One member however said that she became interested in atmospheric science while in college.

Officer reports:  Outgoing chapter treasurer Subhashree Mishra gave a detailed treasurer’s report concerning chapter financial information for the past year.  Money earned from calendar sales totaled almost $650.  This did not include money still to be collected from bookstores that sold our calendars.  Total chapter funds are $1140.35.

Committee reports:

Brian O’Hara (of the weather calendar committee) reported that the 2008 weather calendar sales have gone well.  He will collect calendar sale proceeds from Borders Bookstore, Sundance Bookstore, and the UNR Bookstore.  Other members reported calendar sales at weather conferences and also to coworkers, friends, and family members.

Continuing business:

Chapter members agreed that it would be a good gesture to donate most of the remaining Reno and Lake Tahoe weather calendars to the Washoe County (NV) school district for use by teachers in middle school classrooms.  The donation will consist of around 200 Reno weather calendars and around the same number of Lake Tahoe weather calendars.

New business:  Chapter elections are scheduled for each February.  At this meeting new officers were elected.  Officers for 2008 are J. D. McAlpine (president), Lupita Paredes-Miranda and Shar Samy (vice-presidents), Patrick Joyce (secretary), and Phillip Marzette (treasurer).

The meeting was adjourned at 7:14 pm PST.---Brian O’Hara.



The San Diego AMS Chapter meeting for February was held at the Fox 6 television studio in Kearny Mesa, and hosted by television meteorologist Aloha Taylor. A Hawaiian native, Aloha started her broadcast career in 1998 as a field reporter in Honolulu, and then switched to weather broadcasting. She came to San Diego in 2001 and was hired by the CBS affiliate as their morning meteorologist. Aloha completed the broadcast meteorology program at Mississippi State University, and also holds a BA in Communication from Hawaii Pacific University. She was awarded the American Meteorological Society's seal of approval in 2002. In 2006, she left sunny, warm San Diego to become the weekend meteorologist at WCCO in Minneapolis. After one short year, Aloha returned to San Diego and is currently the chief meteorologist at FOX TV.  

Aloha showed us the FOX 6 weather center and demonstrated the array of commercial software packages she uses for analyzing and presenting the weather. Aloha told us that every television meteorologist goes about their forecasting in different ways. She keeps a running log of daily weather. Rather than going directly to the National Weather Service and checking their forecast for initial guidance, Aloha likes to analyze current maps, data, and forecast models on her own. Though she checks the official forecast before going on air, she reserves the right to present a different forecast if her own judgment dictates.

Attendees were then given the opportunity to have themselves videotaped giving their own forecast in front of the green wall. By the end of her presentation all attendees were impressed by Aloha’s knowledge and graciousness. This was a very memorable event.

Following the visit to the studio, the officers and several other attendees convened for a discussion centered on future meeting planning. Interest was high in having a panel presentation on southern California fire weather, especially after the October 2007 wildfires. Potential invitees include John Roads of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Tracy Gorman, Fire Captain with the San Diego City Fire Department. A National Weather Service Fire Weather Forecaster could also talk about the fire weather forecasting aspects.---Edward Aguado.



February 2008

The SWPA-AMS participated in several social events in February. Many game nights and evening gatherings were spontaneously planned in order to build relationships with underclassmen. Ten chapter members participated in a snow tubing adventure on February 21 at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. An approaching cold front provided a windy but fun experience on the mountain slopes.

Chapter activities for February 2008 primarily focused on final preparations for our inaugural “Stormfest” event. This three-day event was held at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA from February 29 – March 2. The first two days of this event revolved around educational outreach activities for local students and families. On Friday, February 29, fourteen local districts brought middle school students to the Carnegie Science Center to learn about a variety of topics such as: world climates, oceanography, tornadoes, geology, and topography. On Saturday, March 1, an estimated 1,200 people attended “Stormfest” for a variety of hands-on activities related to earth sciences. Families, girl scouts, and local teachers also participated in the day’s activities. The featured IMAX presentation was related to the New Orleans devastation following Hurricane Katrina. In addition to hands-on activities throughout the Science Center, “Hurricane Hunter” Major John Gordon of the US Air Force Reserves 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron and MIC at NOAA/NWS Louisville, KY office discussed his experiences flying through the center of some of the strongest hurricanes in U.S. history. Major Gordon also hosted special sessions of Weather Jeopardy for students on Day 1 and Day 2 of Stormfest 2008.

For the final day of Stormfest, a professional conference was organized for chapter members. Other students from Millersville University, Slippery Rock University, and Penn State University attended the event. Four keynote speakers were invited to present regarding a variety of topics. We were honored to host Jamie Rhome, hurricane forecaster of the National Hurricane Center; Kevin Scharfenberg, Severe Storms Service Coordinator of the National Weather Service; Bob Hamilton, Senior Forecaster of the NOAA/NWS office in Buffalo, NY; and Greg Forbes, Severe Weather Expert of The Weather Channel. Amongst these professional speakers, students also presented their latest research as part of a student research competition that was held. The winner received a cash prize. Our keynote speakers also served as judges for this competition. In all, eighty students, several professors, and the keynote speakers participated in the first Stormfest conference. All keynote speakers agreed that Stormfest was extraordinary success and we were encouraged to make this an annual event.---Reece Todd.



We had our first meeting of the new semester on February 12th 2008. At the beginning of our meeting, we discussed merchandise issues and our plan to visit NASA on March 1st. We also discussed our plan to hold a weather camp for elementary students on April 5th, 2008. We then had guest speaker Roger Edwards from the Storm Prediction Center come and speak to our club about the storm structure of severe storms and also about tornadoes. Our next meeting will be March 4th.---Beth Bange.



The February 2008 meeting of the Twin Cities chapter of the American Meteorological Society was called to order at 7:04 pm on February 12, 2008, by President Chris Bovitz.  Vice President Lisa Schmit and Secretary/Treasurer Lori Bovitz were also in attendance along with nearly 15 members and potential members.  The meeting was held at Casper’s Cherokee Steak Room in Eagan.

Introductions were made and the secretary and treasurer reports were read and approved.

Lisa Schmit reported on the DataStreme activities. The semester is going well with about 5 students participating. Both Schmit and Lori Bovitz are mentors this semester. A description of the program was also presented for those not familiar with DataStreme.

The Minnesota Skywarn Workshop is coming up in April. A request was made for $100 from the chapter to pay for a sponsorship at the workshop. With the sponsorship, the chapter would also get a booth at the workshop. Chris Bovitz will staff the booth during the workshop  In addition, Chris Bovitz suggested the chapter could put together a “Weather Bingo” game and work with one of the speakers so participants at the workshop could play the bingo game. Anyone with bingo would be put into a drawing for a weather radio provided by the chapter. The chapter approved $100 for the workshop sponsorship.

Science fairs are coming up quickly. Volunteers were requested for the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair at the University of Minnesota on February 15 and the Southwest/South Central Minnesota Regional Science and Engineering Fair at Minnesota State University on February 16. Weather radios are available to take as awards for the best weather-related projects at each fair.

The next meetings include a presentation in March by Julie Westerlund of the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District; she will discuss the implications of climate change on stormwater runoff.  In April, the meeting will be at the meteorology department at St. Cloud State University, where a couple of the seniors there will present the results of their research projects.

The business portion of the meeting was adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

After the meeting and dinner, Dave Christiansen from the St Paul district of the Army Corps of Engineer discussed the support they provided during the I-35W bridge collapse on August 1, 2007.

Christiansen provided a description of what the Army Corps of Engineers does in the area. They are an agency of the Department of Defense with mainly civilian workers.

During the bridge collapse two lockmasters were on site. A barge and crane were fortunately upstream when the bridge collapsed. This barge and crane assisted in the rescue of survivors and recovery of some vehicles in the river. The rescue craft at Lock & Dam #1 was also launched to assist in rescue and recovery operations.

All three lock and dams in Twin Cities area were closed during the rescue and recovery operations. The flow in the river was about 1,200 cfs, low for that time of year. The center span of the collapsed bridge blocked the flow of the water, which forced the river to flow around the debris. This resulted in eddies and currents which caused problems for the divers. The flow was controlled to make the conditions as safe as possible for the divers during the rescue and recovery operations.

A command post was set up at the Corps site. All agencies used this command post for operations during the recovery operations. The Navy was on site for 11 days to assist in recovery operations. MnDOT, Hennepin County Sheriff Department, and the NTSB also worked out of the command post.

The locks were reopened to commercial traffic on September 6th and to all traffic on October 6th. It had to be determined that there would be no problems with debris in the channel before traffic could be allowed through.

The Corps is involved in the reconstruction of the bridge. Engineers made sure the new bridge will not interfere with river traffic. They will also be involved when the large concrete spans are lifted into place to create the new center span.

Christiansen took a few questions from the attendees about the recovery efforts and the functions of the Corps.---Lori Bovitz.



February 1, 2008

The meeting opened with the Staff Assistant, Melonie McClendon-King addressed the students with issues regarding her office hours and a discussion on prelims.  Several issues were brought up with prelim pay raises and times to take the tests. 

The fundraising refrigerator is ready and located in the library.  A cup is on top of the refrigerator to collect your money.  All drinks are $0.50. 

The next social activity will be bowling nights on Wednesdays.  Chris Jewett will provide more details later. 

The Severe Weather Poster Contest is underway again with information being sent out to local schools.  Those wishing to join the Educational Outreach committee should see Christina Crowe.  The Science Olympiad is Saturday February 9th.  There are two events on March 13th:  Sparkman Middle School Career Fair from 7:45-10:30 a.m. and the annual Science Fair at 9:00 a.m.  Those who would like to volunteer for an event should see Elise Johnson. 

The NWA is asking for weather pictures to put on their website.  Anyone with photos should see an officer for details. 

The reschedule National Weather Service Open House will be March 8th.  They have asked the UAH AMS Chapter to assist in welcoming people and attending refreshments. 

The UAH AMS website is in construction.  Any suggestions can be sent to Jonathan Fairman.---Holly Searcy. 



SCAMS@UIUC meeting minutes—Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Presentations-Undergraduate and Graduate Research Opportunities:

This month our speakers focused on research opportunities outside the University of Illinois for both undergrads and grad students.  Marile spoke about her experience with NCAR’s Advanced Study Program (  The portion of the program open to grad students brings graduate students to NCAR for 3-12 months in order to work with NCAR scientists on a portion of their thesis research.  Marile’s advisor was based in the Research Aviation Facility, but NCAR has a variety of divisions covering many different aspects of atmospheric science.  Jack spoke about his summer internship at the University of California Irvine in the Department of Earth System Science.  He worked with a physical oceanographer looking at the chemistry of deep ocean waters as a way to understand ocean circulation.  The internship was funded by the National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Undergraduates program, which offers research opportunities in a variety of fields ( to search for internship opportunities).


In an attempt to help people meet the other people in the club, we broke into groups of three to discuss a series of questions.  Each group had to decide who had the best story for any of the questions, and an overall winner was chosen after hearing the best story from each group.

Committee Reports:

The Social Committee is thinking about organizing outdoor activities/day trips once the weather starts getting nicer.  The Community Outreach Committee is actively working on creating an event to help Girl Scouts earn their weather merit badge.  Please let us know if you would be interested in helping out.  The number of volunteers we have will determine whether we try to organize on large event or visit individual troops.  The Boy Scout weather merit badge day took place this past Saturday (March 1st).  Additionally, Science Olympiad preparations are under way, but volunteers may still be needed for the state competition later this year.  For those people participating in the snow pool, our total snowfall for the winter as of February 23rd is 22.8 inches.  We are still looking into looking into various weather stations for the department.  There aren’t any Skywarn training sessions planned for Champaign County this spring, but we will continue to look into this.

Treasurer’s Report:

We currently have a balance of about $510 in our account.

Future Ideas:

We would like to hear what you’re interested in doing as a club in the future.  If you have any ideas (movies? bowling? activities for meetings? speaker suggestions?) please email them to

Our next meeting will be a joint meeting with the Central Illinois chapter on Monday, March 24th in Champaign.---Faye Barthold.



Spring 2008 Recruiting Meeting

Date: Thursday, February 7, 2008

Time:  3:30 PM EST

Room: 124 McEniry, UNC Charlotte

Head Count:  30

-The meeting was opened by President Heather Anderson, who gave a brief introduction to STORM for new members.

-John Avery of the UNC Charlotte Earth Club gave a brief talk about the Green Initiative and the Lights Out Initiative.

-Secretary Jason Callender gave a brief recap of last semester, which included storm spotter training and a talk by Dr. Bill Gray.  There was no unfinished business from last semester.

-Graduate student Kelly Smith announced the formation of the UNC Charlotte chapter of the Chi Epsilon Pi honors society starting in the fall and outlined the requirements for admission.

-Vice-President Grant Snider talked briefly about the green screen and podcasting opportunities for students interested in broadcasting, as well as the need for a new STORM webmaster for next year.

-Honorary Junior Officer Alex Zarnowski talked about officer elections in April and encouraged next year’s STORM members to consider running for one of those positions.

-Treasurer Bao-Canlia Tchang announced the formation of the new STORM journal (CAT.5) and informed the audience of possible fundraising opportunities in the future.

-Heather Anderson once again addressed the audience to outline the semester’s schedule:

-AMS Charlotte Chapter meeting on campus with guest speaker Larry Lee of NWS Greenville-Spartanburg, February 26

              -Venture group activities, March 13, 3:30-5:00

-Vince DiCarlo of NWS Greenville-Spartanburg to conduct advanced storm stopper training, March 27, 3:30-5:00

-Departmental guest speaker Jason Dunion of the Hurricane Research Division, April 4

-STORM members suggested ideas for the “Top Ten Things You Should Know About STORM”, to be presented on the back of a future STORM t-shirt.  Members then voted on the top ten list, which is subject to review by the officers and meteorology professors.

-Heather Anderson adjourned the meeting.---Jason Callender.




Minutes from:

Tuesday, February 5th, 2007

Clifford Hall, Rm. 264

5:00 p.m.

Members Present:

Alan Borho, Advisor

Kira Dordal, President

Katy Olson, Vice President

Becki Legatt, Secretary

Kelly Kramlich, Treasurer

Kevin Skow

Dan Koller

Michael Phillips

Andrea Neumann

Aaron Hommerding

Kelsey Watkins

Matt Saari

Leah Tatarak

Erin Bertschi

Shawn Palmquist

Sydney Souza

Mitch Beck

Peter Johnson

Ben Schink

Call to Order:

              President Kira Dordal called the AMS meeting to order at 5:00 PM.

Past Minutes:

            Past meeting’s minutes were read.

Officer Reports:

              Secretary’s Report: Past meeting’s minutes were read.

              Vice Pres Report: none

Treasurer’s Report: The current balance is not available but past balance was $1838.38.  We will have an updated balance at the next mtg.

Guest Speaker: none

Old Business:

              -No old business


New Business:             



-A sign up sheet was passed around to bake  goodies for 4th floor.  Please sign up.

-We set the date for the hot chocolate fundraiser to be next Monday, February 11th.  We passed around a sign up sheet.  Set up will take place 7:00 – 7:30 and then we’ll sell from 7:30 to noon.  We’re also looking for volunteers to bring muffins or other baked goods to sell as well.

-Hot Dog fundraiser will take place after spring break.


-Who’s Who wall has been printed but may need to be reprinted due to some sizing issues.  They’ll be up shortly.

-Feb photo contest is winter wonderland.  Photos are due by the 15th, then voting will take place until the end of the month.

-The date for the AMS member trip to the science museum of MN was set for the weekend of April 5th-6th.  If we have 15 members go the rates are $13/ person for omni theater and exhibits or $9/member for exhibits.  The rates with fewer than 15 are $16 and $11.  The plan is to leave on that Friday with 5 people/car and then stay overnight at member’s families houses in the twin cities area.  We will plan further details at the next meeting including what portion of the trip AMS can pay for.      


-Wendy Pearson has responded and has accepted being speaker.  We’re currently looking at prices for airfare and hotel for her stay.  We will talk with department about possibly helping with cost, otherwise AMS will cover her travel expenses.

-The banquet will take place April 25th at the Holiday Inn.

-The slide show is in it’s early stages, please send any photos to Dan Koller or bring them on a cd or jump drive to an upcoming meeting.

-Invitations should go out 6 weeks in advance… we’ll worry about that after spring break


-No more business for the semester 



-We discussed a new undergraduate summer internship through the National Weather Center in Norman, OK.  For more information see the following website:

-The Holling’s Scholarship/Internship deadline has been extended to February 22nd. 

-The Grad Student organization is interested in presenting information about grad school at an upcoming meeting.  They’re interested about speaking about when to take the GRE, things to do during your undergrad career to prepare for grad school, and they’ll have Q and A after the brief presentation.  We’ll plan this for one of the upcoming meetings.  Yay!   


              Meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:45.---Becki Legatt.



Meeting Minutes:

5 February, 2008:  A total of 24 people attended the meeting.  Discussion topics included: personalized forecasting service, forecasting for the campus newspaper (The UNC mirror), attendance at the Denver News Channel 7 Storm Chasing convention, tornado model outreach activities, fundraising (Cici’s Pizza), fun events, tour possibilities, visiting speakers (John Gordon, MIC NWS Louisville, late April), adopt a highway (for community service and program visibility), spring bar-b-que, storm chase/severe weather week (including SkyWarn training from the Boulder WCM), t-shirts, weather calendar, and guess-casting contest.  A visiting speaker from UNC career services described the upcoming career and internship fair and highlighted services such as aptitude and interest testing, resume reviews, and interview skill building. 

Chapter Activities - Scholarship:

88th Annual AMS Meeting, New Orleans, LA:  Seven undergraduate students from the University of Northern Colorado attended the 2008 AMS Annual Meeting. The students attended a variety of sessions, gaining exposure to the broad spectrum of active research in our field.  Everyone had an excellent opportunity to meet people within the field that had the same interests as they did.  It was an excellent chance to learn networking skills while seeking job and internship opportunities.  The students attended the student conference on Saturday and Sunday and got a chance to see what types of jobs they could find with a degree in meteorology and also were shown options for Graduate studies. Students also spent time exploring the city of New Orleans and sampled native foods.  Overall, it was an excellent experience for all who attended.


National Storm Chaser Convention: During February 15th -17th the National Storm Chaser Convention was held in Denver.  11 students attended this fun and action packed event that was dedicated to storm chasing.  Students got a chance to learn all about storm chasing and the current breakthroughs and future research in the storm chasing field.  Also, the cast from the Discovery Channel program ‘Storm Chasers’ showed up and gave everyone a chance to see the Tornado Intercept Vehicle and Doppler on Wheels. 

Visiting Speaker, Steve Rutlege (CSU):  Dr. Rutledge presented an overview of research activities within the Colorado State University department of Atmospheric Sciences.  He then focused more on his areas of research involving the radar meteorology group at CSU.

Chapter Activities - Service:

New Channel 7 Forecast Line: On December 20th there was another opportunity for the students that stayed in Colorado to help out with the Travel Forecast Line at Denver’s Channel 7 News.  This was a great opportunity for student members to get involved and volunteer for service at a major-market news station.  Participating members answered phone calls from viewers in the Denver metro area requesting forecasts for holiday travel.  Many members received compliments on the job we were doing and how much it helped them with their holiday travel.

Personalized Weather Forecasting: Chapter members continue to service requests for personalized weather forecasts submitted by e-mail to “”.  Volume continues to grow, with a few dozen requests now being serviced each month.  Plans are moving forward to provide forecasts for the University of Northern Colorado student newspaper, “The Mirror”.

Chapter Activities - Camaraderie:

Bowling nights: Group bowling continues every Wednesday night.  This is always a great opportunity for chapter members to strengthen friendships. Bowling usually begins at about 7:00 pm and goes till around 9:00 pm, typically consisting of about 3 games of bowling per person.  There are usually 15-20 chapter members, plus a few non-members that show up for the occasion.  Bowling night continues to be one of the most popular social events for our chapter.

Roma’s Night: On Tuesday, December 11th about 10 AMS members all met at Roma’s Pizza for the all you can eat buffet.  It was the final social gathering before Christmas vacation.  It was great fun, and everyone left relaxed and fulfilled.---Paul Nutter.



We had our monthly meeting on February 7th at 10:45 am. A total of 32 people attended. In that meeting we talked about our 2nd Weather Festival which will be on April 18th 2008. The meeting concluded at 11:24 pm. Then on February 21 at 10:45 we had an extraordinary meeting to talk more specifically about all the details of our 2nd Weather Festival. That meeting conclude at 11:45am.---Nestor Flecha.



Feb 4- Intramural Basketball game -7:30pm

Feb 11- Intramural Basketball game- 6:30pm

Feb 13- Storm Spotter (Sykwarn) Training class- 5pm

             NWS Mobile-Don Shepherd, guest speaker

Feb 18- Intramural Basketball game - 6:30pm

Feb 22- Payment due for anyone going on the Norman, OK Spring Break trip to the National Weather Center and facilities

Feb 25- Intramural Basketball game- 9:30 pm

Feb 27- SeCAPS meeting---Miranda Hayes.



“Teach the Teacher” workshop

The February meeting of the West Central Florida chapter of the AMS was hosted by Dr. Jennifer Collins at the University South Florida.  The meeting was designed to complement the chapter’s outreach goals by providing middle school teachers in the local community (Hillsborough County) a professional development opportunity, expanding their knowledge and providing them with meteorological experiment ideas.  This is the second annual “Teach the Teacher” event that the chapter has hosted.  Last year’s event was aimed at the high school level.

The teachers were recruited either from personal communication with an AMS member or from a flyer sent out to the school district supervisor who passed on the information to the individual school principles.  The presenters of the experiments were AMS members, two from academia, two from the local National Weather Service (Tampa office), two students from the University of South Florida, one volunteer tropical forecaster one a consulting meteorologist.

In total eight experiments were presented with some theory behind each, including 1) make your own barometer, 2) cloud in a bottle, 3) making lightning (Figure 1), 4) creating a sea-breeze (Figure 2), 5) creating a Greenhouse effect (Figure 3), 6) making a cobalt chloride hygrometer, 7) studying precipitation and 8) coke and mentos.  Middle school teachers were given the opportunity to ask the AMS presenters questions regarding their experiment. 

One of the experiments was conducted by Neva Duncan-Tabb (Figure 3), who has been teaching college level meteorology and earth science for over 15 years.  Her experiment was titled “The Greenhouse Effect” and using 2 different beakers (one containing a vinegar baking soda mixture to mimic the effect of CO2), thermometers, heating lamps and other ingredients, she created 2 different ‘atmospheres’ in each beaker, showing the effects of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Once the beakers were heated, there were differences in temperatures that Mrs. Duncan-Tabb indicated, with the faster temperature rise in the beaker containing baking soda.  While she was conducting the experiment she went into great detail describing how CO2 retains heat in the Earth’s atmosphere, how best to explain the concept to students, and the best way to perform this experiment for students of all age levels.

Another experiment was performed by Daniel Noah, Warning Coordinating Meteorologist at the NWS in Ruskin.  His lesson was entitled “Studying Precipitation” and he focused on “CoCoRaHS” which is a community collaborative rain, hail, and snow network across the country (  Cocorahs is a volunteer network of backyard weather observers of all ages and backgrounds.  Using a power point presentation, he went into detail about the correct way to read a rain gauge, places to place (or not place) your gauge, and how to make a ‘hail pad’ which will measure the size of hailstones.  He also demonstrated why ‘tipping bucket’ rain gauges were not as accurate due to sloshing and other effects. Dan encouraged everyone to join the Cocorahs network; as this in itself can be a great way to encourage students to actively participate in measuring and reporting rainfall.

At the end of the meeting, teachers were given a survey.  The purpose of the survey was twofold. Firstly, to obtain data to create a database of teachers obtaining professional development with the chapter and secondly, to receive feedback to incorporate in future “Teach the Teacher” events.  Teachers noted that of the eight experiments shown to them, they were on average only familiar with two (these differed among teachers). Teachers noted that they appreciated the hands on experience, broad range of presenters and materials given. The teachers were given a 4 inch rain gauge, an activity book and a folder, containing all the experiments exhibited to them. The workshop handout materials can be found on the chapter’s web page where there is also a link to view the presentation  (


Figure 1: University of South Florida students, Kortnie Pugh and Alicia Williams, perform the lightning experiment.

Figure 2: Volunteer tropical forecaster, Thomas Walsh, performs an experiment to exemplify the sea-breeze effect.

Figure 3: Professor, Neva Duncan-Tabb, conducts an experiment which shows the Greenhouse Effect.

---Jennifer M. Collins.


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