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December 2008


December Meeting Minutes.---Pamela McCown.



Winter Newsletter.---Steve Tracton and Andrea  Bleistein.


Dec 3, 2008


Our Chapter held a short teleconference meeting, with 19 members logged into the phone conference.  The meeting started promptly at 11 AM and concluded at 11:35 AM.  This meeting was efficient, succinct, and cost our Chapter very little.  We discussed having another such media meeting in the future, perhaps next time with a featured speaker via a webinar or go-to-meeting.   

Call to order.   President Rick Ewald/GID started our conference call with a welcome, which was followed by Secretary Tim Burke/DDC reading the minutes from the Sep 4, 2008 meeting. 

Treasurer’s report.  Treasurer Matt Masek/LBF reported we started with $4112.09 in our treasury on Aug 8th, had deposits of $3754.13 and expenses of $4341.44, ending with a balance on Dec 3rd of $3524.78.  The Jim Johnson Scholarship fund is at $1450.00, leaving a checkbook balance on 12/03/08 of $2074.78.  During our call, we approved moving $200 from the conference funds into the Jim Johnson fund, as we voted to do 2 years ago.  Overall, the conference will come out $377 in the hole (negative), not bad considering it was held at a remote location.

Old Business.  Congratulations to Jordan Carroll of Atwood, KS, the high school student winner of this year’s Jim Johnson Scholarship.  Jordan plans on attending Kansas University in the fall. Pictured on our web site, is Chapter President Rick Ewald accepting the NWA Chapter of the Year Award at the NWA Convention in Louisville, KY.  We all should be proud!  President Rick encouraged all members to consider submitting papers/presentations to the national convections – the atmosphere it is not much different than at our own regional convention.

NewBusiness.  The Goodland staff was commended for fine job they did hosting the High Plains 12th Conference in Hays during September.  There were over 30 presenters, with nearly 60 attendees.  Nominations for 2009 Chapter officers are being solicited; you may nominate yourself or someone else by emailing  He would like the nominations by Jan 5th, so ballots can be emailed out 10 days prior to our next meeting, votes counted during the meeting, and then the new slate of officers can take charge during that meeting.  For the Jim Johnson Scholarship committee, Rick recruited the following volunteers:  Chris Foltz/GLD, Teresa Keck/LBF, Aaron Johnson/GID and Jennifer Ritterling/DDC, most volunteering for a second year.  Also, to prevent a tie in the voting, a 5th Chapter member volunteered and has been added, Bill Eckrich of Dayweather in Cheyenne, WY.  Thanks Bill!

The North Platte office gave a brief synopsis of plans for next year’s conference.  Their Conference committee will be getting together after the holidays to firm up some plans.  Right now, they think they may change to a 2-day conference format, to fit in more speakers, and they are looking at the August time frame for hosting the conference.

Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 11:35 AM.  The next meeting will be held in the mid to late part of January; Vice President Mike Umscheid/DDC will notify all members with the details.---Rick Ewald and Tim Burke.



Meeting Minutes

02 December, 2008

President Schwedler called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.  He thanked everyone who attended the meeting.

President Schwedler

Vice President Deppe


Treasurer Karsten

Social Chair Hoffman

Academic Chair Prentice

Past President Hobbs

Webmaster Mair 


Historian Witter


Cy’s Eyes on the Skies

Outreach Chair Rabideau


Closing remarks




The December 2008 meeting of the Kansas City Chapter of the American Meteorological Society was called to order at 7 pm on December 3, 2008 at O’Dowds of North Kansas City, MO. A large number of members and non-members were in attendance to the meeting as a national Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM) course was being held at the National Weather Service Training Center (NWSTC) during the week. 


President’s News/Chapter Discussion:


Several items of note were brought up before the chapter membership by chapter President Evan Bookbinder.


Surveys:  A general call for the membership to continue to fill out the chapter survey located on the website was made.  Chapter members were urged that their input on the local survey allowed officers to help improve the organization and plan additional activities and speakers.   In addition, a new meal survey was introduced so that we may capture where, how much and how often we wish to have our meetings at the same locations.


75th Anniversary: Discussion continued on ideas on how to promote the 75th anniversary of the Kansas City AMS chapter.  We have decided to focus our chapter poster on the 75th anniversary with a focus on chapter history.  Five members volunteered to help plan and design the poster.


Outreach Activity:  Evan reported on continued conversations with Missouri Department of Transportation on our plans to participate in a local Adopt-a-Highway program.  Unfortunately, due to the onset of winter conditions, this idea has been postponed until the spring when warmer conditions arrive.


Future meetings:  It was decided that the January meeting of the chapter would be held at a local TV station which would include a tour of the weather facilities.  A dessert meeting would be likely in order to reduce costs to the membership.  Several speakers were also lined up for the upcoming meetings including Dr. Yvette P. Richardson from Penn State University will be speaking to the chapter about the upcoming VORTEX II project in February. 


December Speaker:


The invited speaker for the month of December was Greg Carbin from the Storm Prediction Center.  Mr. Carbin presented his annual presentation entitled “Meteorological Memories of 2008”. The top 10 highlighted events of 2008 included: 



Meeting Type: General Assembly

Meeting Date: December 3, 2008

Attendance: 39

Meeting in Session: 8:33 pm


Introduction (President Jim Kurdzo)

Budget Report (Treasurer Joe Moore)

Trips/Events Committee Report (Vice President Sam DeAlba and Secretary Samantha McGraw)

Fundraising Committee Report (Treasurer Joe Moore)

Website and Poster (Webmaster Bill Deger)

Community Outreach Committee Report (Webmaster Bill Deger)

Speakers, Calendar, Elections (President Jim Kurdzo)

Final Remarks (President Jim Kurdzo)



4 December 2008

Guest Speaker: Mr. Greg Carbin, WCM Storm Prediction Center, Norman, OK

Item 1:

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm by chapter president Evan Kuchera.  Recording Secretary Scott Rentschler gave the November meeting minutes and Treasurer Becky Selin gave the Treasurer’s report.  Both were voted to be accepted by the chapter.

Item 2:

Vice President Steve Augustyn informed the chapter that while initially he had received little interest from student membership regarding the student presentation night, he had recently received several inquiries from potential participants, and additionally had received one abstract, with the expectation of several more.  He also informed the chapter that professors and both the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and at Creighton would be make efforts to excite students to participate.  With this in mind, Steve let the chapter know that he was extending the abstract submission deadline by one week.

The floor was then opened to the chapter.

Chapter member Bruce Telfeyan informed the chapter that the next issue of BAMS would have a call for papers for the WAF conference.

Evan informed the chapter that there would likely be a weather radio programming event in the Spring; chapter member Matt Sittel will be the main point of contact to start.

Evan informed the chapter that elections for chapter officers will be held in May, and asked that the membership think about running, as we will be losing officers due to term limits.

The evening’s speaker was Mr. Greg Carbin from the Storm Prediction Center, who for the 6th consecutive year gave entertained the chapter with his Top 10 Meteorological Memories for 2008 presentation.  His selected events, in order of presentation follow: 

  1. Pacific Northwest New Year cyclones.  These cyclones resulted in significant wind and flood damage, waves up to 35 feet, and significant snowfall in the Cascades and Sierra Nevada
  2. The 2007-2008 Winter.  For a large portion of the CONUS, last years winter was wetter and snowier than normal.
  3. The Super Tuesday Tornado outbreak, 5-6 February.  Resulted in many long track tornadoes and proved to be the deadliest outbreak since 1985.
  4. 13-14 March Tornado outbreak – an EF2 tornado hit Atlanta.
  5. 17-20 March Ozark floods.
  6. 1-2 May Snow and Tornado event.
  7. 10-11 Mother’s Day weekend widespread severe weather from Kansas to Georgia.
  8. 25 May Parkersburg Iowa.  The first EF5 tornado in Iowa since 1976.  The was severe weather from Mexico to Canada on this day.
  9. June/July Midwest floods.  Several MCS’s, an already saturated ground and an active convective season resulted in record breaking precipitation totals.
  10. 2008 Tropical storm systems.  16 Named storms, 8 hurricanes, 5 major hurricanes and 6 US landfalls.  Additionally, the now infamous Statements of Doom from the NWS.

The evening ended with a Q and A session with Mr. Carbin.---Scott Rentscher.



The Texas A&M Chapter of Meteorology had their December meeting on December 2, 2008. We had a Christmas party where white elephant gifts were exchanged, and we watched a movie while eating pizza and snacks. We discussed our upcoming events for the spring. We will be hosting Weather Camp again. Weather Camp is a day in the spring where we teach elementary students about weather through different experiments and activities. We also discussed getting our campus StormReady, and our upcoming trip to Phoenix for the AMS conference.---Elizabeth Bange.



The December 2008 meeting of the Twin Cities Chapter of the American Meteorological Society was held at the KARE 11 studios in Golden Valley, MN on December 11th.  Meteorologist Sven Sundgaard was our host for the meeting, with Secretary/Treasurer Bryan Howell and Newsletter Editor Kevin Huyck in attendance along with nearly 20 members and guests.  Mr. Sundgaard is a native Twin Cities resident and completed his studies at St. Cloud State University.  Prior to coming to KARE11 in 2006, Mr. Sundgaard was the Chief Meteorologist at KBJR-TV in Duluth, MN. 

Early arriving members were treated to an observation of the live 6PM newscast.  Following the newscast and the arrival of a few more members, Mr. Sundgaard led the group on a tour of the facility including the studio, control rooms, weather deck, the newsroom and the weather center.  After fielding questions from the group, the meeting was adjourned around 8:30PM so Mr. Sundgaard could prepare for the 10PM newscast.  A regular business meeting was not conducted for the month of December.  The next meeting will be held Thursday, January 15th at the Twin Cities WFO where Newsletter Editor Kevin Huyck will present on operations at WeatherEye Radio Network.---Bryan J. Howell.



Minutes from:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Odegard Hall Room 356

5:15 p.m.

Members Present:

Al Borho – Advisor

Dan Koller - President

Kelsey Watkins - Vice President

Erin Bertschi - Treasurer

Kevin Skow - Secretary

Andrea Neumann

Leah Tatarak

Shawn Palmquist

Joe Hansel

Matt Saari

Aaron Kennedy

Kathryn Crosby

Dan Adriaansen

Aymie Oliver

Melissa Gibson

Garrett Jepsen

Nichole Shotwell


Call to Order:

              President Dan Koller called the AMS meeting to order at 5:15 pm.

Past Minutes:

The minutes from 11/25/08 were read.

Officer Reports:

-Vice-President’s Report: None

-Secretary’s Report: None

-Treasurer’s Report: As of right now, our balance is: $2135.31.

Guest Speaker:



Old Business:

-Al Borho won the 50/50 contest—we made $14 from the contest


New Business:        

-New ideas for the 50/50 contest were talked about, but will be discussed in more detail next semester.

-The baked goods signup sheet will be posted on HTML-ez soon so people can remember when to bring items.

-The ATSC department potluck is on Reading and Review Day from 11:30am-1pm in Clifford 470. An email will be sent out about it tomorrow to the department. Technical details about the Potluck were discussed (utensils, setup, food, etc.).

-Broomball Information: Registration runs from March 4 to 25. Games begin on March 30.

-Some things that we will talk about next semester include the photo contest, AMS logo, Who, Who Wall, banquet speaker, and broomball.





-Meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:35 pm---Kevin Skow.



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