Chapter News
August 2011


Officers meeting (8-7-11)

Introduction of new officers

              -Tony Fracasso, Vice Chair

              - Richard Barnhill, Social Chair (new position)

Role of the Social Chair:

              -Coordinate networking “happy hour” events

              -helps coordinate venues for meetings

              -plans the DC-AMS Holiday Party

              -plans a community service event for the spring

              - issues facebook invitations and evites for DC-AMS events

-updates DC-AMS social media sites on a regular basis

(note: the rest of the officers will have admin rights as well and can also post information…the social chair updates will be more general just to occasionally pop DC-AMS into our fans feeds)

Discussion of content for DC-AMS 2011-2012 meetings

Preliminary Meeting Ideas

September meeting (20th or 21st) @ 5:30

-“Your Weather: How Social Media Has Changed the Conversation”

- arranging speakers from Capital Weather Gang, ABC 7, and NWS Comms team

- Location: SSMC2 or Gateway exhibit – Both equipped with A/V needs

-DC-AMS facebook fan page (and twitter?) introduction at the event


October meeting (18th or 19th) @ 5:30

  -“Mentorship Happy Hour”

  - speaker: Ken Carrey – 10-15 minute presentation on mentoring students and

    young professionals interested in a career in the sciences followed by a

    networking session

   - Location: TBD, downtown DC  


November meeting (15th or 16th) @ ?

  -Space Weather

  - speakers: NOAA and NASA scientists…aim of the presentation to focus on 

   weather (both space wx and earth wx) affecting a mission.

  - Location: TBD (Greenbelt? College Park? Near metro)


December meeting (6th or 7th) @ 6:00 pm

  -Holiday Party!


Possible topics for Spring 2012 meetings

  -COCORAHS – bring in Nolan (National leader) and one of the local leaders

  -Author – opportunity for an author of a weather related book to meet with

   members of the DC-AMS, networking

  -Social Scientist – how people react to different types of weather, warnings, etc.

   responsiveness based on a geographic location

  -Tour of hurricane hunters plane at Andrews AFB (should be there in May!),

   Barry Choy to help with tour?

  - Astronaut for the June Banquet?

  -Joplin Tornado panel (on-air meteorologist, NWS forecaster (WFO or SPC),

   and an emergency response team member)

  -forensic meteorology – reconstructing the scene for past events, crimes, etc

  -NTSP/FAA – bring in the transportation aspect (could maybe use the Jan 2011

    snow storm that caused the disaster on the beltway as the focus for this talk)

  - Commodities forecasting – Matt Rogers from Capital Wx Gang?

Social Media Presence

              -introduce a facebook fan page and possibly a twitter page

              -use the pages to announce upcoming meetings, happy hours, networking

  opportunities, jobs, related local events, jobs, etc

              -use the question feature to engage our audience (i.e. fans)

Action Items:


ALL:     “like” our new facebook fan page! You can find it by typing Washington DC

American Meteorological Society in the search box.












The AMS High Plains Chapter held a short meeting at the end of the Thursday events of the High Plains Conference held in Wichita, KS on August 4th, 2011.  The meeting began at 4:55 PM and ended at 5:40 PM.  There were 12 Chapter members present, as well as 4 members from the Wichita Chapter in attendance.  The meeting began with President Chris Foltz/GLD opening the meeting and complimenting the Wichita Chapter on doing such a fine job hosting the Conference.  The Not-For-Profit status for our Chapter was updated.  Mike Umscheid/DDC is very near passing the filing process to a local attorney, and when filed with the IRS, there will be a $400 charge. The HP15 Conference was held in Wichita at the Marriot Hotel, August 4-6th and was a huge success.  There were about 59 in attendance, 4 keynote speakers, as well as 28 other speakers.  Our Friday night banquet was treated to “A Photographer’s Journey: 20 Years of Storm Chasing”, presented by Jim Reed from Wichita. 

Our Chapter currently has 39 members.  President Chris Foltz encouraged each member to consider new methods to recruit more members into our Chapter.  Pass on any recruiting ideas to Chris Foltz via email  It was noted the way our Chapter’s bank account is set up limits the Chapter Treasurer to be from Nebraska.  Treasurer Corey King was going to research the banking communities in our region, to try to find one that would service all four CWA’s, or at least both states of Nebraska and Kansas.  Our next conference will be held in Hastings, NE, hosted by the Hastings NWS service office.  At this year’s 2011 conference, we had NO students enter our Presentation contest.  Anyone with suggestions on how to recruit more college students to participate in our Conference presentations is encouraged to send your ideas to Three of our Chapter members, Rick Ewald, Corey King and Scott Bryant, all from GID, provided Incident Decision Support Services (IDSS) to the State of Nebraska Emergency Operations Center in Lincoln, NE during mid-June, in support of the flooding along the Platte River.   The meeting adjourned at 5:40 PM.  The next meeting is planned for Wed, October 12, at 11:30 AM, most likely in Norton, KS.  A teleconference meeting is tentatively set for Wed, Dec 14th.---Tim Burke.



August Meeting Minutes.---Ryan Lueck.



Monthly Meeting:  Thursday, August 25, 2011


The first meeting of the UAH student chapter of the AMS for the academic year began at 5:30 pm on Thursday, August 20, 2011, with introductions of the elected officers and of all members in the group as a benefit to new students. Our first order of business was to discuss an upcoming seminar that the chapter will be hosting on Wednesday, August 31st at 5:30PM in Shelby 107. The talk, which will be open to the public, will be given by William Roeder about lightning safety. William Roeder will also be giving a Brown Bag Seminar talk at 12:30 on Wednesday in NSSTC 4065.

Next, treasurer Naren Rongali gave an overview of the chapter’s finances for the academic year. Dues will be $10 and due at the 2nd meeting. The Yankee Candle fundraiser will also be held this fall term, and details will be announced at the next meeting. The possibility of several bake sales was discussed, with tentative plans to hold the bake sale during one of the conferences at the NSSTC.

The next topic discussed was the second annual Rocket City Weather Fest, a free-to-the-public event featuring weather education and safety, demonstrations, seminars, and children’s activities. The event will be held on Saturday, September 17 2011 from 11am - 4pm in the Shelby Center. The goals of this event were discussed for new members. It was announced that this year’s volunteers would purchase T-Shirts for $10 with proceeds going to the Red Cross. A sign-up sheet for volunteers was passed around and a volunteer’s meeting will be held on Thursday, September 1 at 5:30pm in NSSTC 4065.

Elise Shultz, the Education and Outreach Chair, discussed the upcoming NWA conference in Birmingham, AL which will be held on October 15-20 2011. A desire to become a joint AMS/NWA chapter was discussed, but the issue not yet voted on. Vice President Adam Sherrer discussed the AMS conference in New Orleans in January 2012. This is our primary event for recruiting new members to the Atmospheric Science department. The department is tentatively helping to fund a few members to attend. Rob Junod discussed the chapter poster for the upcoming AMS conference and it was requested that members photograph the upcoming events and email photographs from previous events in this past year to

Education and Outreach Chair Elise Shultz and Secretary Christina Branson discussed our primary outreach event for the Spring 2012 semester. The poster contest is given out to schools in the NWS HUN area (North AL and Southern TN) where children are asked to draw posters dealing with some these regarding weather awareness. The posters are then judged by members of the NSSTC and the winning posters displayed at the Panolpy Arts Festival in Huntsville, AL in late spring. Members were asked to begin thinking of a theme or tagline for the upcoming 2012 contest. Other possible outreach opportunities discussed were red cross training and becoming involved with Habitat for Humanity to aid in relief efforts after the April tornado outbreak.

Possible social events were also discussed. Eric Anderson of the Earth Science Student Association of UAHuntsville proposed a joint outing to the Cathedral Caverns on Saturday, 10 September 2011. Tentative plans to attend hockey games when the season starts and other hiking outings will be discussed after the Rocket City Weather Fest. A sign up sheet for the intramural fall football team was also passed around. Rob Junod, the webmaster, showed us the improvements to the website. It was also decided that a group photo would be taken for the website at the next meeting. Rob also discussed a possible new Facebook page for the chapter.

The number of members in attendence was seventeen. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, September 15 2011 at 5:30PM in NSSTC 4065.---Christina Branson.



Aug. 30, 2011




August 30th, 2011

This meeting was held at the National Weather Center, in Room 1313.  The meeting opened with Dr. Parsons, the Director of OUSCAMS, welcoming all new and returning members.  In addition, Dr. Parsons mentioned contacting the Student Affairs Committee if one was inconvenienced by the reduction of CART service to the National Weather Center.

Next, Casey Hilgenbrink, the Treasurer of OUSCAMS, spoke to the audience, saying that members of OUSCAMS with food allergies should tell her so she and other officers can consider those allergies when purchasing food for OUSCAMS.

Stacey Hitchcock, President of OUSCAMS, then took the stage to introduce all officers of OUSCAMS.  These officers are as follows: Kyle Thiem, Vice President; Casey Hilgenbrink, Treasurer; Emily Thompson, Secretary; Colt Forney, Senior Representative; Bethany Hardzinski, Junior Representative; Addison Alford, Sophomore Representative; and Pat Hyland, Outreach Coordinator.  In addition, Lauren Duhon was approved by all officers and members as Publicist.

Next, several officers talked about various outreach events that OUSCAMS participates in.  First, Emily Thompson talked about The Big Event, which is the official day of community service for the University of Oklahoma.  Then, Casey Hilgenbrink and Addison Alford talked about Relay for Life, in which participants raise money to fight cancer.  This was followed by Lauren Duhon talking about Mr. Meteorology, a humorous pageant competition which raised money for tornado victims in Tushka, OK.  Lauren also mentioned the possibility of a talent show taking place sometime in the upcoming academic year.

Pat Hyland then talked about different forms of public outreach opportunities that OUSCAMS offers members a chance to participate in.  First, he talked about the National Weather Festival, which is an annual event (October 29th this year) held at the National Weather Center that highlights the many weather related organizations and activities in Central Oklahoma.  This event calls for many student volunteers to help guide the thousands of guests throughout the building.  Next, Pat talked about visiting elementary schools in Norman, OK.  OUSCAMS members regularly visit elementary schools and conduct fun experiments to teach children why different types of weather occur.  Another purpose of these visits is to teach children about weather safety.

Pat continued to speak about the potential for building a National Weather Museum and Science Center in Norman in the future.  Currently, the National Weather Center is in the process of collecting donations to fund a mobile version this project to take on a national tour.  Norman Public Schools are raising money and the city of Norman has agreed to match whatever amount of money is raised.  To gain momentum with regards to funding, a plan has been put in place to visit many of the Norman Public Schools during the two weeks leading up to the National Weather Festivals. OUSCAMS will be teaming up with the National Weather Center to run these presentations and many volunteers will be needed.

Dr. Kevin Kloesel, Associate Dean for Public Service and Outreach for the School of Meteorology, then came up to talk about the opportunity to be a tour guide at the National Weather Center.  Many people visit the Center every year, and students in the School of Meteorology have been given special permission to represent the building and the organizations within it by being a tour guide.

Next, all Freshmen members present at the meeting were invited to vote and/or run for the position of Freshmen Representative.  The top three vote-getters were chosen as Freshmen Representatives; they were Carl Green, Trevor Bengtsson, and Ayo Olutade.

Next, Jennifer Newman was chosen as the Graduate Student Rep, as she ran unopposed.

Finally, Addison Alford talked about the opportunity to purchase OUSCAMS merchandise and the intent to purchase more shirts to sell in the coming month.

The meeting was then adjourned. The next meeting will be held at the National Weather Center, in Room 1313, on Tuesday, September 13th, at 6:30 p.m.---Emily Thompson.



August 2011 


Chapter Officers’ Meetings:


The entering chapter officers held meetings before the beginning of the fall semester, both long-distance and in person. These meetings had two main purposes: to establish the agenda for the 2011-2012 year, and to appoint the new chapter committees’ leaders and co-leaders. The appointment of a co-leader to each committee is a new initiative that allows more of the members to hone their leadership skills. As part of the discussion, the officers identified lessons learned from past years, and anticipated challenges for the year ahead. The chapter endeavors will continue to be organized in four main categories: opportunities, professional development, education and community outreach.

Our members in action during the hurricane season!

On August 2, heavy rains and floods due to Tropical Storm Emily affected Puerto Rico. Ada Monzón (Chief Meteorologist, WLII-DT) recruited chapter members to assist with operations and communications at Univision TV during this difficult time. Their participation helped keep the public well informed and safe.  

Activity: UPRM New Student Orientation


In the morning of August 9, we participated of the traditional UPRM orientation to enthuse new students about meteorology and encourage them to join the chapter. Chapter members gave weather-related demonstrations and gathered contact information from interested students.  The chapter vice-president gave a short talk to the freshmen of the Physics Department. She described our mission, accomplishments, and activities, and presented a video clip in which these are portrayed (

Activity: “Huracanes y Casa Segura” (Hurricanes and Safe Homes)


“Huracanes y Casa Segura” is an annual activity organized by meteorologist Ada Monzón  (Chief Meteorologist, WLII-DT) and architect Astrid Díaz. The event is held at Plaza Las Américas (San Juan), Puerto Rico’s most visited mall. Its main purpose is to provide the community information about natural disasters and how to protect their houses and belongings from damage during such events. On August 13, we helped the organizers by giving educational weather-related demonstrations to the public. On August 14, we also gave demonstrations, shared information about our chapter, and participated of a special session dedicated to students, teachers and parents of students interested in meteorology. Broadcast meteorologists, UPRM alumni, meteorologists from the National Weather Service, and professors from both UPRM and University of Puerto Rico at Carolina accompanied us during this session.  


Figure 1. Chapter members Irmarís Rivera (left) and Ana Patricia Torres (right) teach weather-related concepts to kids.

Monthly Meeting:

The first regular meeting of the academic year was held on August 18 at 10:45 am. A total of 31 members attended, and 1 member participated via Internet videoconference. The chapter officers shared with the rest of the members what they had planned and discussed during their previous meetings. Also, they introduced the newly appointed committee leaders and co-leaders, and encouraged the members to join the different committees. Future activities were also discussed and include: promoting the chapter around school, the 6th General Assembly, the 6th Student Chapter Initiation, valuable workshops for professional development, community service, and weekly hot dog sales for fundraising.

Hot Dogs Sale

The first fundraising activity of the semester was held on August 29. Chapter members donated the ingredients for this sale, and this team effort proved to be the key for the success of this activity.






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