Chapter News
August 2010


The Ark-La-Tex Chapter of the American Meteorological Society held its 4th meeting of 2010 on August 23rd, at the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Shreveport, Louisiana. The meeting began at 6:30 pm, with nine members present.

Marty Mayeaux, Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Shreveport, gave a presentation titled “Inland Impacts Associated with Tropical Cyclones:

Comparing Rita, Gustav, and Ike”.  Marty began the presentation with a brief overview of the basic structure of a tropical cyclone. Tropical Cyclones Rita, Gustav, and Ike each had an impact on the Ark-La-Tex, and the presentation highlighted the result of each storm in the area. Marty ended the presentation with a look at the updated forecast for the 2010 tropical cyclone season.

Before the presentation, President Jason Hansford held a short business meeting.  Afterwards, Jason discussed topics for upcoming meetings.

The following members were present:

Jason Hansford, President
Marty Mayeaux, Vice President
Marcy Novak, Secretary
Leslie Sexton, Treasurer
Ken Falk
John Mussey
Kelly Spencer
Randy Pritchard
Gareth Juays

The meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.---Marcy Novak.



The El Paso-Las Cruces Chapter held its first meeting of the year on 12 Aug at the White Sands Missile Range Frontier Club.  Eight people attended.  Mr. Joshua Schroeder was elected as the new Chapter President.  Outgoing president Mr. Young Yee will serve as temporary Vice-President until further officer elections can be held.  Dues were agreed upon, though not collected, at $10 per year.

Following lunch and the short business meeting, Mr. Yee presented his talk “Climatological Temperature Profiles for the United States”, describing his current research developing an algorithm that produces a mean seasonal temperature profile with latitudinal dependence for the United States.  A stimulating discussion followed the talk.


As discussed at the meeting, short-term goals for the chapter are to find a suitable location for evening meetings in Las Cruces and to restore the local chapter website.  Longer-term goals include increasing involvement in children’s educational programs.  Along those lines, Mr. Yee presented AMS award certificates for best meteorological Junior science project and best meteorological Senior project at the New Mexico Science & Engineering Fair held in Socorro, New Mexico on 10 April.  Mr. Schroeder presented "White Sands Weather" to a summer-school class at Tombaugh Elementary (Las Cruces) on 29 Jun.---Joshua J. Schroeder.



August Meeting Minutes.---Justin Weber.



This month we had our first general meeting on August 31st. We had over 100 students show up. Freshman Representative Elections were held, and we now have three new Freshman Reps: Austin "Addison" Alford, Casey Hilgenbrink, and Megan Angstadt. Graduate Student Representative Elections were also held and our new Grad. Rep. is David "DJ" Gang, former Vice President 2009-2010. Our chapter has also added a completely new position, Publicist, to our officer board. Elections were held for this at the first meeting and produced our very first Publicist, Genesis "Genna" Langum. General information was given at this meeting for the year to come. Some highlights our year that were discussed include:

    -The Radar Field Trip on October 23rd, 9am-11am. We'll visit the National Weather Radar Testbed up on North Base, as well as OU-PRIME adjacent to the NWC.

    - Movie Night at the Nation Weather Center on November 4th, 8pm-10:30pm. We will be watching Twister, which was the movie voted on by the members.

    - National Weather Festival (NWF) on November 6th from 9am-1pm. This is a premier weather festival in the United States. The NWF draws 5,000 visitors to the NWC every year in a celebration of all things weather. Includes fun activities for the whole family such as weather balloon launches, edutainment stations for kids, exhibitors, students dressed up as "Weather Super Heroes", and the Storm Chasers' Car Show. OUSCAMS has a booth at the festival that our members work in shifts. Members are also encouraged to be Student Volunteers and several of our officers are "Weather Super Heroes" - including Junior Rep. Stacey Hitchcock, Treasurer Kyle Thiem and Sophomore Rep. Emily Thompson.

    - NASA Field Trip, Feburary 18th-20th 2011. This is our newest and most exciting event of the year. Our chapter will be taking a trip down to the NASA center in Houston with some meteorology professors to get a behind the scenes tour of the Space Meteorology center. This field trip was designed to attract more students to SCAMS and to retain them throughout the year. An estimated 40 students will attend.---Kaitlyn Smoleroff.



August 2010 


Chapter Officers’ 1st Meeting:


On the 23rd, the entering chapter officers held their first official meeting to plan the agenda for the 2010-2011 year and to appoint the new chapter committees’ leaders. The planned activities cover the following areas: education, social and professional development, outreach, and fundraising. The discussion included finding strategies to orient new UPRM students and promote the chapter. The officers agreed to meet regularly before monthly chapter meetings and activities. 

Monthly Meeting:


No chapter meeting was held due to the amended UPRM 2010-2011 academic calendar. The spring semester was interrupted by a strike and ended in August instead of May. We will start having chapter meetings regularly after the fall semester begins in mid-September.   

Activity: “Huracanes y Casa Segura” (Hurricanes and Safe Homes)


“Huracanes y Casa Segura” is an annual activity organized by meteorologist Ada Monzón and architect Astrid Díaz. The event is held at Plaza Las Américas (San Juan), Puerto Rico’s most visited mall. Its main purpose is to provide the community information about natural disasters and how to protect their houses and belongings from damage during such events. From August 7-8, we helped the organizers by sharing information about our chapter and the UPRM Meteorology Program, and by giving educational weather-related demonstrations.





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