Chapter News
April 2010


Congratulations to our newly elected CCAMS officers:

Co-Presidents: Jase Bernhardt & Aaron Perry

Treasurer: David Chan

Secretary: Sarah Lynagh

We will still be trying to arrange a CCAMS dinner for next week. Keep checking online for any updates as to when and where. It’s been a great year for CCAMS! Awesome job everyone! Good luck to all graduating seniors and to next year’s officers!---Lisa Bacis.



April 20, 2010

Gore Hall, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware 



Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 

Start time: 7:08pm 

President Hatteberg

 The Weather Radio Programming Event with the NWA is Saturday, April 24th from 9:00 am to 1:00pm at the East HyVee in Ames and the Ankeny HyVee. The NWA only wanted one or two students per slot, so spots are currently full. Rachel will send out an email if students are needed.


Vice President Hoffman

Great job Tyler with the VEISHEA table! It was a big success, so thank you to everyone that stopped by or donated time to help out! The LAS really enjoys what we do with our table, so keep up the good work!

Spring t-shirts will be $12.50 per shirt, so please pay Justin as soon as possible! We should get the shirts in the next week or so. They will be here before school’s out for summer.

The Alumni Contact List has been updated!  Check it out in 3008 or on the AMS website! A lot of alumni were excited to see we were updating it, and our alumni have some very interesting jobs. Please check it out to find out more about our alumni!

Senior Breakfast will be Saturday, May 8th at 9:00am in the 2nd floor commons of Agronomy. Seniors are allowed to invite family and friends. Matt will be sending out emails with more information.

What’s the best thing to be taking home this summer?? An Iowa State Meteorology window cling! These are still $5 and can be purchased from any cabinet member.

Treasurer Wittrock


Our current balance is $8,439.23, but will likely go down to around $6,000 after we pay off calendars and NWA Conference fees.

Please pay broomball dues! They are $5 per person and need to be paid before the end of the semester.

Secretary Minniear


The ISU Weather Radio Programming Event had about 15 faculty and staff show up. We decided this is not a bad turnout for the first year and will hold another one next year. Thanks to all who helped!


Social Chair Witter

Once again, dues for broomball are $5 per person, so please pay dues if you played in any game.

The next social event will be a Bowling Night at Perfect Games in West Ames on Friday April 23rd at 7:00pm. We will meet in the Agron parking lot at 6:45 to head out. It will be around $7 for shoes and a couple games.

The Spring Picnic will be Sunday, April 25th from 1:00-3:00pm at Innis Grove Park. We will meet for rides at 12:45pm in the Agron parking lot. Please sign-up to bring food if you have not already! Email if you forgot what you are supposed to bring or would like to add something to the list. Also, sign-up for burgers, brats, or hot dogs (provided by AMS!). Email Rachael if you could not sign up at meeting but are attending the picnic.

***If weather does not cooperate, it will be rescheduled for Saturday, May 1st at noon.

There will be a “pick-up” game of volleyball on Tuesday at 6:30 or 7pm at the ISU sand volleyball courts. Dave Flory requested this, and it should be a lot of fun!

Academic Chair Rabideau


Poster Contest winners were selected last week. Sorry for those who could not make the meeting, but we needed to get it done before the meeting. The K-3 group had a winner and runner-up. The 4-6 grades group had a winner and two runner-ups. The runner ups will receive a calendar, window cling, and certificate while the winners will receive those items and a weather radio.

Please send your review session leaders your final exam dates ASAP!

Webmaster Carletta


You can still sign up for the forums at

The Alumni contact up on website. It is password protected, so please use the same password and user name as the model animator. It can be found under “Member Resources” then “Alumni Contact List”. You can either download the word document or open it in the web browser. Please contact Nick at with any questions.

A map for the Spring Picnic is now located on the website.

Historian Lueck


There are new photos on bulletin board outside 3128 so check it out!

Please do not send Ryan your photos anymore. You may upload any photos to the website.

Cy's Eyes on the Skies with Mair and Alliss


Elections are Wednesday, April 21st for producers. Please come and be involved with the voting!

April 21st is the senior show, so please turn on Channel 18 at 6:30pm to tune in!

Wxchallenge Update with Alliss


The last period is now online. Congrats to Eric Mykleby and Matt Hoffman for great forecasting!!

The ISU Tournament is still occurring! The final match-up is Matt Hoffman against Nick Krauel. Good luck guys!

Past President Hobbs

Congratualations to Jeff Duda for winning the period before break. The “Average” won the next period. We are currently forecasting for Ames and will continue forecasting over the summer. Please contact Jon if you would still like to join.

Outreach Chair Suess


The Fellows Elementary Science Night is Thursday, April 22nd at 5:30-8:00pm. An email was sent out email yesterday for those that signed up. We need to be there at 4:45pm, so we will meet in 3128 at 4:30pm to pack up and ehad out. Email Liz if you would like to help out.

We will be doing a talk for the first graders at Walnut Hills Elementary on April 29th at 9am. It will be an hour long talk answering questions the students submitted.

The Meeker Science Night went really well last week. Thank you to all that helped!

Spring Fury is Saturday, April 24th from 9:00am-3:00pm. This is unfortunately the same time as NWA weather radio programming event, but we do have enough people to volunteer. We will be showing off the virtual tornado and talking about storm structure. Police, firefighters, and emergency managers will be there. Please email Liz if you would like to help out.

The photos for the 2010-2011 ISU AMS Calendar have been chosen. They will be posted on the website and sent out via email soon. We will likely use CopyWorks this year because they will do full bleed (not leave a white space around the outside of the picture) and do not require a minimum order .

End of Year Video!


Ryan Lueck put together a “year in review” video. Great job, Ryan!

Elections for new officer positions

Matt spoke about the process of the voting and the delegation that will go into it.  All positions had lengthy discussion, and the results were as follows:

President: JoBeth Minniear

VP: Pete Effertz

Treasurer: Nick Carletta

Secretary: Ryan Lueck

Social: Tyler Roney

Academic: Nick Krauel

Webmaster: Robert Nelson

Historian: Anthony Lueck

Sophomore: Nathan Gogo

Outreach: Kristy Carter

Officer Transitions: Monday, April 26 at 6:00pm at Valentino’s in Ames.

Announcement of new leaders for Iowa State Daily Forecasting and WxChallenge

ISD: Robert Nelson

WxChallenge: Kristy Carter

End Time: 9:41pm---JoBeth Minniear.



Meeting Type: General Assembly

Meeting Date: April 14, 2010

Attendance: 50

Meeting in Session: 8:00 pm

Nominations (President, Joe Moore)

Speaker: Steve Zubrick, Science Operations Officer at the NWS office in Sterling, Virginia and President of NWA

NWA Business:

Topics in NWS operations:


Meeting Type: General Assembly

Meeting Date: April 21, 2010

Attendance: 62

Meeting in Session: 8:35 pm

Introduction (President, Joe Moore)

Constitutional Amendments (President Joe Moore)




Meeting out of Session: 9:35 pm---Samantha McGraw.



Minutes from:

April 6, 2010

Odegard Hall Rm. 356

5:00 p.m.

Members Present:

Al Borho – Advisor

Kelsey Watkins - President

Leah Tatarak - Vice President

Erin Bertschi - Treasurer

Matt Saari – Secretary

Laura Burns

Chris Kruse

Amanda Mills

Garrett Jepsen

Justin Weber

Dan Koller

Scott Rowe

Ben Schink

Miranda Hilgers

Chris Hammer

Nicole Bart

Nichole Shotwell

Melissa Becker

Alec Davis

Marc Provencher

Andrea Neumann

Call to Order:

              President Kelsey Watkins called the AMS meeting to order at 5:05pm 

Past Minutes:

The minutes from 03-23-2010 were read.

Officer Reports:

-President’s Report: none

-Vice-President’s Report: none

-Secretary’s Report: none

-Treasurer’s Report: Our balance is $4041.96 


Old Business:

-Miranda is still working on new website. Will replace html-ez site. Will be up next year.

-Broomball!!! Schedule is on recsports page of the Wellness center. Look for Broomball Tues/Thurs. “SuperCells”

-Spring Trip is this weekend!!! MORE INFO TO COME

New Business:        

-Big Event is May 1st  Must sign a waiver to participate. Roommates/friends are welcome to work with us, but they too must sign a waiver. Contact Miranda Hilgers with any questions.

-Skywarn Spotter training is/was tonight!

-Get pictures for slideshow to Dan Koller or Kelsey Watkins. Can also add them to facebook group or bring a disc into the AMS mailbox on 4th Floor Clifford.

-We voted for some Faculty Awards. Bring some more ideas for awards to the next meeting. 

-Fundraising Committee

-Hot Dog fundraiser sign-up. Either the 4th or 6th of May. The exact date will be determined later.

-Baked good sign-up

-Ideas for next year

-Banquet Committee

-Flowers and final preparations are being worked on


-Activities Committee

-Super science Saturday, April 17 from 10am to 1 pm

-Big Event sign-up  The event is on May 1st!

-Waiting on apparel 

-Putting off girl scout workshop until next fall.


- Congratulations to next year’s officers!! They are:

President: Matt Saari

Vice President: Miranda Hilgers

Treasurer: Scott Rowe

Secretary: Justin Weber



              -The meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:56pm


Minutes from:

April 20, 2010

Odegard Hall Rm. 356

5:00 p.m.

Members Present:

Al Borho – Advisor

Kelsey Watkins - President

Leah Tatarak - Vice President

Erin Bertschi - Treasurer

Matt Saari – Secretary

Nicole Bart

Miranda Hilgers

Justin Weber

Scott Rowe

Alec Davis

Dan Koller

Tim Logan

Andrea Neumann

Melissa Becker

Chris Kruse

Joel Siegel

Aaron Kennedy

Shawn Palmquist

Garrett Jepsen

Ben Schink 

Call to Order:

              President Kelsey Watkins was gone at a conference. Vice President Leah Tatarak called the AMS meeting to order at 5:02

Past Minutes:

The minutes from 4-6-2010 were read.

Officer Reports:

-President’s Report: absent

-Vice-President’s Report: none

-Secretary’s Report: none

-Treasurer’s Report: $3955.56 


Old Business:

-Website is almost finished


-Elections last week

-Skywarn Training was held after last meeting

-Super Science Saturday was held. A couple experiments didn’t go well but everything else did. Great experience for the kids and those who worked. 

New Business:        

-Constitution was changed. New version went around for suggestions and approval.

-Baked Goods sign up

-Big Event is May 1st. Look out for an E-Mail the week of the event as a reminder.

-Softball Tournament after the Big Event. Signup went around. If you are interested to play and were not at the meeting, let one of the officers know.

-Hot Dog Fundraiser coming up Thursday May 6th. Sign Up went around.

-Spring Picnic is on Sunday May 9th at 4pm at University Park Shelter #2.

-Popcorn Lottery is Wednesday, April 28th at 4:15. We need to have someone present to be picked.

-Involvement Expo for next Fall. Need volunteers to set up our booth and sit there that day. More info to come.

-DAN KOLLER NEEDS PICTURES FOR THE BANQUET SLIDESHOW. GET THOSE TO THEM ASAP!!!!!!!!!! Pictures of anything to do with our Department.

-Please do the surveys that were emailed to you about the Department requiring Laptops.

-BANQUET IS FRIDAY!! Social is at 6pm. Banquet starts at 6:30. 


- DAN KOLLER NEEDS PICTURES FOR THE BANQUET SLIDESHOW. GET THOSE TO THEM ASAP!!!!!!!!!! Pictures of anything to do with our Department.


-BANQUET IS FRIDAY!! Social is at 6pm. Banquet starts at 6:30



              -The meeting was adjourned without objection at 5:22pm ---Matt Saari.




(Meeting upstairs in NWS Office due to power loss)

Krihsnamurdi gave us a generous donation

Last week was Origins

              Fewer attendees

              Plenty of volunteers

Sci fair on the 20th

Balance $273.43

Car Wash

              Entire month of april for code 2750

              $3 to us for each code


Kate Guillet (uncontested) 31

Christina Gilbert (uncontested) 31

Nick Heath 19
Max Tsaparis 12
1 write-in for Elizabeth
1 abstention

Elizabeth Vickery 19
Cameron Gauthier 12
Matt Tuccairone 2

---Christina Gilbert.



The April AMS/NWA meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Vice-President Greg Higgins.

Stan gave a treasury report and also gave a report on the Dallas and Fort Worth Science’s fairs.

Many thanks to Tracy and Jeff Burns and Skip Ely for judging with me at the Dallas Science Fair and Tracy Burns for judging with me (Stanley Christmas) at the Ft Worth Science Fair.


Dallas Regional Science and Engineering Fair

February 27, 2010

Senior Division:

First Place:  Exhibit # 670 – “How Do Flood Patterns Change Urban Development.”

                    Guy Johnson / Global High School, Waxahachie ISD

     Hypothesis:  “My hypothesis is that urban development does in fact change flood patterns in urban and non-urban areas and that it does so by altering the way the ground assimilates water.”

    Conclusion:  “The hypothesis was proven that flood patterns and flood plains are changed dramatically when there is even the slightest change in the contour, composition or even plant life of an area.”

Second Place:  None

AMS Awards of Excellence:  None

Junior Division

First Place:  Exhibit # 192 “Changes in Barometric Pressure.”  

                    Enna Kustric / Scott Johnson Middle School, McKinney

     Hypothesis:  “My hypothesis is that barometric pressure will affect to fish.  When the pressure is higher the fish will want to hide up near the surface to keep away from the large pressure.  When the pressure is lower or falling, the fish will go away from the surface or be the laziest.  When the pressure is normal they will be most active because there is no negative or positive pressure balance.”

    Conclusion:  “When the pressure is 30 and falling, the activity is best.”

Second Place:  Exhibit # “How Does Climate Effect Animals, People and Plants.” 

                         Stephanie Cerrriteno / Lang Middle, Dallas ISD

     Hypothesis:  “If humans, plants  and animals depend on food water and air then climate is very important for them to survive in life.”

     Conclusion: “My hypothesis and result supported each other and both came out the same…  My result was that animals, humans and plants all need climate to survive longer in life.  And that climate takes a big role in any living thing.  Also if there were no animals, there would not be fertilized for plants and plants need fertilizer to grow healthy and if there were no plants and animals, well people would starve to death.”

AMS Awards of Excellence:  None

NOAA "Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award.":  Exhibit #855 “It’s Cold in Here III”

             Robert Nelson, Clark High, Plano ISD

             Hypothesis:  “If water, ethylene glycol and propylene glycol are all one temperature between 7.4 and 11.4 C and pumped through the pipe system of a house that is heated to 31.8 C, then the water will cool the house the most over a course of 30 minutes.  This is because water has the greater specific heat capacity and lowest viscosity of all the liquids being tested.”

     Conclusion:  “By pumping cooled liquids through a pipe system in the walls of a house it is possible to cool a house until it reaches the same temperature of the liquid.    The hypothesis is correct:  Water is the best coolant in every one of its three trials.  This was to be expected since water did have the highest specific heat capacity and lowest viscosity of all the tested liquids.”

Ft Worth Science Fair

February 28 - March 1, 2010

Senior Division

First Place and AMS Award of Excellence:  Exhibit # ES00170  Micro-phone Array Infrasound Detection of Tornadic Supercells to Determine Velocity.

     Hypothesis:  “If I set up an array of microphones to detect super-cell and tornadic infrasound frequencies then I will be able to determine the speed and direction of the tornadic storm.”

      Conclusion:  “To date in my testing I have concluded I have been able to determine the direction from which ultrasounds originate.  I was able to do this by comparing the movement in the hertz/frequency lines in the software program to the placement of the sensors on the map.   I have also concluded I can determine the velocity of the storm by calculating the time, sound pressure and displacement.   By figuring the sound pressures (the sound sent out from the storm that’s deviated from the ambient air pressure), I find the velocity of the storm.”

Junior Division

First Place: Exhibit #EM00083 How We can Reduce the Injuries and Casualties caused by Flying Debris during Windstorms.

     Hypothesis:  “Based on research, it is believed that construction using reinforced wall material should reduce the property damage received from the impact of flying debris during tornados.”

     Conclusion: “Based on the results of the experiment, the hypothesis was proved correct.

1.     The drywall reinforced with plastic mesh sustained a smaller amount of damage than  the unreinforced drywall.

2.     The drywall reinforced with chicken wire sustained a smaller amount of damage than the unreinforced drywall.

3.    The drywall reinforced with fiberboard sustained significantly less damage than the unreinforced drywall.”

Second Place:  Exhibit #BS00100 How the Weather Does Affect a Students Behaviors in School.

     Hypothesis: “When it is rain, people or students get in a sad mood, and when its sunny people act happy or all normal.”

     Conculsion:  “The conclusion of this project is is that when the weather is cloudy, students are bad and when it is clear students act good.”  

AMS Achievement Award:  Exhibit #EA00347  Garbage to Gas

     Hypothesis:  “I think that garbage can not be turned into electricity.”

     Conculsion:  “My hypothesis was wrong.  Garbage makes a gas which can be turned into electricity.”

NOAA "Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award.":  Exhibit #00017  Waste to Fuel:  Is it Possible.

     Hypothesis:  “My hypothesis is that I will be able to obtain a useable of fuel and will collect about 20-30 ml of methanol and ethanol from a 5 pound bag of organic waste. “

    Conculsion: “I was able to collect 78.3 ml total from all three experiments with organic waste.  However no fuel was obtained from grass.  This proves my hypothesis that a useable amount of biodegradable fuel can be obtained from organic waste.  Not only will this affect our planet by solving global warming, but it will also affect the way we live and make our air and water less harmful.”  

The National weather Association (NWA) newsletter is now online.   The NWA Annual meeting will be held in October 2010, in Tucson, AZ.

Dave Barber gave an interested presentation on the development of a weather website and some applications.   His web site is   Dave explained the steps to create a weather web site and all the time and work that goes into maintaining the website.---Bobette Mauck.



The Northern Arizona Chapter of the American Meteorological Society held its April meeting the evening of April 13th at Granny’s Closet Restaurant in Flagstaff. Vice President Nick Petro began the meeting with a 50/50 fundraiser raffle. After the raffle President Andrew Latto held nominations for the next chapter year’s officers. The following were the results:

President: Andrew Latto (Current President)

Vice President: Nicholas Petro (Current Vice-President)

Chris Outler: Treasurer (Current Treasurer)

Secretary: Katrina McLaughlin


Andrew continued chapter business by speaking about the proposed chapter bylaws. Since the required vote of 2/3 of active members was not present, a motion was made to have an electronic vote until the required 2/3 approval is made. Andrew then handed over the floor to treasurer Chris Outler. Chris announced the current budget balance at $49.00. Nicholas Petro then introduced guest speaker, and current member George Howard. His presentation was about climate change and global warming.

After George’s presentation, Nick Petro announced the winner of the 50/50 raffle. The chapter raised $55 as a result of the fundraiser. Andrew Latto then announced the 1st annual chapter picnic to be held in front of the National Weather Service office located in Bellemont, AZ. This event will preclude the Forecast Office’s Open house, which begins directly after the picnic. The next meeting, which will be the first meeting of the second chapter year, will occur in early September.---Andrew Latto.



 “Was Weather a Factor in the Israelites Crossing of the Red Sea?” by George Miller, writer, historian, and Science Professor, Marylhurst University.

On April 8, 2010, we had 31 attend this dinner meeting, at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Clackamas.  OR-AMS Councilor Steve Pierce welcomed folks and gave the opening remarks.


George’s disclaimer was, “I am not going to disprove a miracle!”  However, he indicated that there may have been clues as to the meteorological factors during the crossing.  He cites work published in BAMS, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 1992, v. 73(3), by Nof and Paldor, “Are There Oceanographic Explanations to the Israelite Crossing of the Red Sea?”  George decided to add a meteorological interpretation to the story. George also sited many other references of theological nature that suggested several crossing sites.

During the Crossing, it is recorded that the wind direction was easterly as sited in the Book of Exodus but easterly could have meant northeasterly or southeasterly.  The Red Sea is bound by hills and low mountains on the Sinai Peninsula trending northwest-southeast.  The prevailing wind direction is northwest during most of the year and is driven by high pressure over the Mediterranean Sea and low pressure over Saudi Arabia. 

Where and when did the Crossing occur?  Was it the Red Sea?  Was the Red Sea as we know it today or was it different thousands of years ago?  Was it the Reed Sea?  There could have been an error in the translation, with “e” omitted.  Yamsurf is Hebrew for “sea of reeds.”  No reeds grow what we know of today as the Red Sea.  In Hebrew, even a small body of water is called “a sea.”  The timing was believed to have been in summer or spring.

The Egyptian army had garrisons on the Sinai Peninsula. There is quite a bit of controversy as to where the crossing took place. One thought is that it was north near the Mediterranean Sea. In this case the suggested route would be southeast and then north. Another crossing site places it southeast from Rameses in the area of the Bitter Lakes.

The extreme northern portion of the Gulf of Suez is another possible site for the Crossing.  There is a shallow area in the center of the bay.  Under the right atmospheric conditions, could a very strong wind create a storm surge and swells to pile up water in a bay to the other side?

Khamsin is a weather event that comes out of North Africa, where a hot spring wind blows across Egypt during March to May (usually April).  This event forms on the lee (backside) of the Atlas Mountains with sometimes hurricane force winds that can blow for days.  The wind speeds can change within minutes.  George suggests that an intense low pressure center moved over North Africa and had a funnel-effect on the local geography, which could create a storm surge necessary to pile up water in a shallow sea or bay.  As the low moved away, the southeast wind became northwest.  Other explanations have been suggested that include tsunamis (i.e., harbor waves or seismic sea waves).

The Exodus occurred sometime during 1440 – 1290 B.C.  From 5000 B.C. to the present, climatologists suggest we’ve been in a slight cooling trend with more intense cyclonic action.---Kyle Dittmer.



Meteorology Club Meeting

April 15, 2010

AMS Presentations


Anthony Coletti:

- Extreme CAPE values and elevated 500hPa heights favorable for dry lightning.

Phil Degliomini:

- Significant Storms, Atlantic Floods, Tornadoes, and the Hurricane Season

Christina Speciale

Geoff Heidelberger

Jeffrey Deppa


Photo Contest (winners in red)



Video Submission in Movie Competition

Weather Weenies: Storm Chasing in New Jersey          

     -    Including bloopers


April 30th, 2010

AMS Presentations

Dan Bauers

Matt Drews

Alexander Harrison

Chris Alston

Jacob Carlin



April Chapter News.---Lindsay Rice.



The Texas A&M Student Chapter of AMS met on Monday, April 12, 2010. Our guest speaker was Dr. Lonnie Thompson from Ohio State University. He spoke about ice cores and their use for climatology. The chapter also held officer elections for the chapter officers for the 2010 - 2011 school year. The new officers are:

President: Emma Weston

Vice President: Aaron Pina

Treasurer: Don Vierling

Secretary: Allison Podbielski

Social Chair: Isabelle Fishman

---Rita Matos.



The sixth meeting of the UAH student chapter of the AMS for the academic year began at 11:30 am on Friday, April 23, 2010, with President Chris Schultz calling it to order.  All nominations for next year's chapter officers were confirmed at the start of the meeting.

Next, President Schultz announced that the sale of hoodie sweatshirts has so far raised $84, all which will go to the Biological Science Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The floor was then turned over to Vice-President Elise Schultz.  She talk about the Panoply arts festival this weekend, and asked that anyone else who would like to volunteer to help work the NWS Huntsville booth should speak to her.  The finalists for the 2010 Severe Weather Poster Contest have been posted on our chapter website, and votes for the winning posters can be made at Panoply this Friday-Sunday. Winners will be announced next week.

Education and Outreach committee Chair, Sandy, LaCorte, discussed the upcoming Crohn's and Colitis Take Steps walk.  The walk is still scheduled for Saturday, May 22, on the UAHuntsville campus.  Members who have not already done so are asked to make sure they are registered for the walk and to begin fund-raising. 

Secretary Stephanie Mullins announced work on our Chapter of the Year application was in progress.  Members will receive a copy in their email this afternoon and are asked to review it and provide other information, such as what AMS conferences they have attended and/or presented their work at since May 1, 2009.

A last call for nominations was issued, and with no further nominations announced, voting for next year's officers began.  The nominations were as follows: for President: Rob Junod; for Vice-President: Rob Junod and Stephanie Mullins; for Treasurer: Ken Leppert II; for Secretary: Stephanie Mullins and Crystal Woodard; and for Webmaster: Calvin Elkins.  Each candidate was given time to make a short speach on why they would like to serve the chapter and what they would be able to do for us next year. 

Citing the sparse number of candidates, Webmaster Jon Fairman made a motion to suspend formal voting procedures and resort to a yeah/neigh vote.  The motion was seconded by Sandy LaCorte.  Election results were unanimous: our President will be Rob Junod, Vice-President will be Stephanie Mullins, Treasurer will be Ken Leppert II, Secretary will be Crystal Woodard, and Webmaster will be Calvin Elkins.

There were  17 members in attendance, and the meeting was ended at 12:05 pm.  Our next meeting will in August or early September, once the fall semester begins, exact time and date TBD.---Stephanie Mullins.



Monthly Meeting:

             On April 15th we had our monthly meeting. The meeting started at 10:40 am and a total of 18 members attended. Due that the University of Puerto Rico went through a recess, including students, professors and administrative staff in this month not a lot of activities got done. 


Extraordinary Meeting:

               We had an extraordinary meeting on April 29th at 10:40 am. A total of 25 members attended.  The reason for this meeting was to elect the new chapter officers for 2010-2011.



Envisioning a Storm Surge Ready Nation:  The Future of the National Weather Service/National Hurricane Center’s Storm Surge Program

Annual Chapter Banquet


April 7, 2010


Tampa Yacht and Country Club

5320 Interbay Boulevard

Tampa, FL 33611

PRESENTATIONS:      At the annual banquet of the West Central Florida Chapter of the American Meteorological Society in April, we were graciously hosted by the Tampa Yacht Club where noted meteorologist Jamie Rhome, Storm Surge Program Manager for the National Weather Service’s National Hurricane Center, provided a unique presentation to attendees:  Envisioning a Storm Surge Ready Nation: The Future of the National Weather Service/National Hurricane Center’s Storm Surge Program.  

Mr. Rhome discussed the impacts storm surge would deliver to the west coast of Florida and its infrastructure – with an emphasis on the greater Tampa Bay region – a matter close to the hearts of most of Chapter members who live in storm surge vulnerable areas.

Mr. Jamie Rhome, distinguished speaker of the West Central Florida Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, discusses the impacts of storm surge.

Mr. Rhome also discussed changes to what has become the new Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, an evolution from the former Saffir-Simpson scale, which no longer couples storm surge with categorical hurricane intensity.  It was described how the previous scale could be misleading to the public and decision-makers, as storm surge can be dependent on many elements of a hurricane – including its size and forward speed.  Recent and memorable examples referenced hurricane’s Ike (2008) and Katrina (2005) to illustrate the need for enhanced storm surge analysis, forecasting and communication of impacts to the local society. 

Following Mr. Rhome’s presentation, Vice President Dr. Jennifer Collins congratulated President Andy Johnson for his 25 years of service and led a heartfelt farewell with Chapter members – presenting Mr. Johnson with a handsome plaque, certificate and gifts of appreciation.  Mr. Johnson served the Chapter as an innovative leader who expressed a deep devotion and mentoring for each member.  Mr. Johnson greatly enjoyed overseeing the chapter and its member’s success throughout the years.  Although he will no longer serve as president, Mr. Johnson remains in a dedicated role in planning for future meetings – an effort the Chapter is most appreciative and grateful. 

Mr. Andy Johnson, President of the West Central Florida Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, addresses the membership and invited guests during a congratulatory and farewell session at the 2010 Annual Banquet. 

An exciting moment came on this night as the Dewey Stowers Merit Award was presented to deserving recipient and long-time student member of the Chapter, Kortnie Pugh.  Ms. Pugh, a student of Dr. Jennifer Collins at the University of South Florida, received the prestigious award after years of dedication to her academics and research. As a testament to Ms. Pugh’s dedication to the field of meteorology, she will be attending the Florida State University to pursue a graduate degree in meteorology in the Fall 2010 semester.  The chapter will miss such a talented young mind, as she embarks on this exciting academic journey.  Mr. Joshua Paczynski, a student member of Mrs. Neva Duncan-Tabb, received a recognition award for exhibiting dedication and future promise in the sciences and is a direct reflection of the outstanding academic achievements exhibited by Mr. Paczynski.

Award recipients:  Ms. Kortnie Pugh (bottom right), recipient of the prestigious Dewey Stowers Merit Award, accompanied by Dr. Jennifer Collins (top right).  Mr. Joshua Paczynski  (bottom left), recipient of a Chapter special recognition award, accompanied by Mrs. Neva Duncan-Tabb (top left).

A change in leadership was elected for the West Central Chapter of the American Meteorological Society – effective at the close of this fiscal year – along with new Officer Elections following member voting prior to the Annual Banquet meeting.  The following is a listing of the fiscal year 2010 to 2011 Officer elections: 

President: Dr. Jennifer Collins

Vice President: Charlie Paxton

Corresponding Secretary: Nicole Carlisle

Recording Secretary: Christina Mazza

Treasurer: Nancy Knight

Webmaster: Thomas Walsh

Member at Large: Brian LaMarre

Elected Officers of the West Central Florida Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (Fiscal Year 2010-2011) gather at the Tampa Yacht Club following the 2010 Annual Banquet.  From left to right (bottom row):  Nancy Knight (Treasurer), Dr. Jennifer Collins (President), Nicole Carlisle (Corresponding Secretary) and Charlie Paxton (Vice President).  From left to right (top row):  Thomas Walsh III (Webmaster) and Brian LaMarre (Member at Large).

SPEAKER:  Mr. Jamie Rhome, NOAA/National Weather Service Meteorologist and Storm Surge Program Manager at the National Hurricane Center.  Mr. Rhome is a subject matter expert in the field of tropical cyclone storm surge and subsequent coastal inundation.  Mr. Rhome also serves as the liaison on storm surge-related research, technique development, and implementation with a wide-range of partners spanning across all levels of government, as well as with academia, media and private sector organizations. 

TREASURER’S REPORT: The West Central Florida Chapter of the AMS account balance, as of April 7, 2010:  $1390.99.

CONCLUSION: The meeting received an impressive attendance of 39 AMS members from local media, academia and the National Weather Service – the most attendees for any annual banquet of the West Central Florida Chapter of the AMS.  The banquet dinner consisted of several, delicious meal options: grouper piccata, stuffed chicken breast, or a vegetarian entrée.  All meal courses were served with bread, choice of beverage and rainbow sherbet dessert.---Brian LaMarre and Alicia Williams.



For the month of April, our chapter, thus far, has participated in Relay for Life and has conducted baseball clean-ups on campus.  Relay for Life took place on April 10th, 2010 on campus and our chapter raised the most money out of any organization on campus, raising a total of $3,348.96 for the American Cancer Society.  One of the chapter’s members, a cancer survivor, was the individual leader on campus and raised almost $1,109.00.  Our chapter has also participated in assisting clean-up crews at our baseball stadium to help raise money for the chapter.  By helping Texas Tech with baseball clean-ups, our chapter is rewarded with funds that assist in the purchase of equipment for field projects and other miscellaneous purchases needed throughout an academic year to supplement our community outreach events.

I our final event this year that we are planning for is titled Wild Weather Day and is slated to take place on April 19th, 2010 at the Science Spectrum in Lubbock, TX.  It is a scaled-down version of our Severe Weather Awareness Day event that we hosted successfully back in March at the same location.  The National Weather Service as well as local media will be working in conjunction with the student chapter.  Attendees will have the opportunity to make a forecast on a green screen, learn fun weather facts from captivating demonstrations (i.e. Van der Graff machine) and even win a free weather radio!  Wild Weather Day is our last community outreach event planned before participating in Vortex2 which will commence on May 1st, 2010.---Richard Krupar III.


While the school year is halfway done, the Severe Weather Club keeps on going!  We are looking for more and more opportunities to get the word out about severe weather safety, even though sometimes small events.

A couple weeks ago, we held our first ever spaghetti dinner at the Immanuel Lutheran Student Center in Macomb.  This gave us a great chance to feed hungry college students (ourselves included) and help donate towards a good cause.  Two dollars out of every meal ticket (meals were $5 each) went to the SWRF (Severe Weather Relief Fund).  This fund we are creating will go towards localized communities that have been impacted by severe weather in some way.  We were debating whether or not to send our money to Haiti or other counties that have been impacted by earthquakes, but decided that while it would be still be a great thing to do, that donating towards small communities that really need help.  Hopefully we won't have to use this fund, but when it comes to severe weather, every meteorologist knows that it's only a matter of time before another community is impacted by Mother Nature.

Our club recently participated in Relay for Life held at Western Illinois University.  We had a great turnout and roughly $23,000 was raised by everyone that participated throughout campus.

The judging for the Bushnell High School science fair is still in our plans.  It would probably be the last thing we would do publicly as a club.  On April 15th, some members from the club went to the 4-H Farm Safety Day outside of Macomb and gave a presentation to 4th and 5th graders, explaining summer weather safety. 

Our webmaster John Parkinson has been giving a crash course in maintaining our website.  His meetings start at 5:00pm every Tuesday before Severe Weather Club.  He has walked us through how the site is laid out and maintained.  We are trying to find someone that wants to be our webmaster next semester, due to John graduating.

As our club starts to wrap up the semester, we will have a game night (April 20th) and an outing to Lake Argyle (April 24th) for some canoeing and grilling!  Then the week before finals week we will hold elections for the club, and say goodbye to some of our seniors that we won't see next year. 

Stay on the lookout for more updates!---David Anderson.



On April 22, 2010 the following officers were reelected without opposition:

Andrew D. Ross    President

Warren Glover       Vice President/Secretary

Debby Sibbilio        Treasurer

Activities in the last 12 months....

The Chapter is rather small, but enthusiastic. Attendance at meetings ranges from 15 to 25. Many of the members made the transition to COCORAHS in which snowfall & rainfall is submitted via the internet on a daily basis.

The chapter has formed an association with the Geography Dept. of the State University of NY at Buffalo. Dr. Stephen Vermette instructs classes in meteorology and has furnished use of his facilities for meetings. Some of his students are also members. He is directing a research project locally on the effects of the prevailing SW breeze off Lake Erie and its effect on area temperatures. Some of the members have data collectors on their property to facilitate the project. Dr. Vermette does permit members to audit his courses, time permitting.

The undersigned served as a judge at the Niagara Regional Science and Engineering Fair at Brock University, St. Catharines ON Canada on March 27, 2010. Concurrently served judge representing the U.S. Army  (retired officer). The winner is Fraser Cuviello Grade 7 St. Mary's School Niagara Falls ON entitled "What makes Ice Slippery?" A Certificate of Achievement was awarded April 7, 2010.

A footnote to this Science Fair, in recent years, an increasing amount of French speaking students from church schools have entered projects. While the exhibits are in French, they are completely conversational in English. This trait factored in several of the awards from the U.S. Army.---Andrew D. Ross.







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