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One of the purposes of the Seal of Approval and CBM Programs is to provide an incentive for the continued professional growth of the meteorologist. In September 2003, the AMS Council approved the addition of a mandatory continuing professional development component for all of the Society’s certification programs to be administered by each program’s respective Boards. The procedures for submitting professional development activities to satisfy the requirements under the Seal of Approval program and CBM Program are provided below. The Program to Recognize Continuing Professional Development is based on the development and maintenance of a “Professional Portfolio” by each individual CBM/Sealholder. A Professional Portfolio consists of an extensive list of activities and accomplishments related to an individual’s professional career. This list was developed from input submitted by the CBM/Sealholder community. Each activity is assigned a Professional Development Score (PDS). To maintain active status, a CBM/Sealholder has to amass a total of 28 PDS points in a portfolio of continuing professional development during a five-year period, which must be submitted no later than the end of the fifth calendar year after the year in which the Sealholder received his or her certification or the year of the most recent submission of his or her portfolio.

The list of recognized professional activities and their PDS values is provided in the Table 1 ( A CBM/Sealholder can review or update his or her portfolio by logging onto the AMS Web site ( using the username and password created in the CBM/Sealholder’s AMS membership profile. This Web site will allow the CBM/Sealholder to update his or her portfolio by filling in the appropriate cells on a preformatted form. To protect client confidentiality, specifics of many activities will not be required. Each CBM/Sealholder should keep personal records, however, that will provide tangible evidence of accomplishments in case their records are selected for audit. Each activity listed must have occurred within the last five years. The portfolio database will be maintained at the AMS Headquarters. When a CBM/Sealholder wishes to have his/her portfolio evaluated to fulfill the five-year professional development requirement, he/she initiates the submission of the current portfolio through the AMS Web site. Each portfolio will be confidential. Only the filing CBM/Sealholder, the Chair of the Broadcast Board or designee, and appropriate AMS Headquarters staffers will have access to an individual portfolio (except in the case where a CBM/Sealholder seeks an appeal). The submission of portfolios will be an automated process adding an additional level of security to the portfolios. The portfolio Web site will, for each CBM/Sealholder logging into his or her portfolio, include a running total of the number of PDS points accumulated since the CBM/Sealholder’s certification was granted or the most recent submission of the portfolio. After a successful submission — that is, one with a portfolio containing at least 28 PDS points accumulated in the past five years — a new, clear, portfolio will be initialized and the date for the five-year professional development period will be reset.


No less than 5% of the portfolios submitted each year will be objectively chosen to be audited as a means of evaluating the program. In addition, an audit of a CBM/Sealholder's portfolio may also be requested, with cause stated, by any member of the Society in writing to the Chair of the Commission on Professional Affairs, who may summarily dismiss a frivolous request with notice and a statement of reasons to the individual making the request. Either of the audits described above will consist of requesting the audited CBM/Sealholder to provide documentation of his or her portfolio's contents, which will be reviewed by the Board Chair or board member designated by the chair. If, in the opinion of the Chair of Broadcast Meteorology, no aspects of the portfolio show cause for concern, the audit will be recorded as a pass and the CBM/Sealholder will be notified of such. If, after review of the documentation of the portfolio, the Board Chair finds cause for concern on any aspect of the portfolio, the Chair will notify the audited CBM/Sealholder of the nature of the concern and the audited CBM/Sealholder will have 30 days to respond with additional information or documentation as appropriate. The Board of Broadcast Meteorology then will review the portfolio as well as the response of the audited CBM/Sealholder and render a decision by majority vote within 60 days. If the Board decides that the CBM/Sealholder has not passed the audit, the Board will declare the CBM/Sealholder to be Inactive. The CBM/Sealholder may appeal the Inactive status as provided for in these procedures.

Maintaining the list of acceptable continuing professional development activities

The list of recognized professional activities and their PDS values provided in Table 1 will be reviewed at least annually by the Broadcast Board Chair for its relevance to the normal activities of a CBM/Sealholder, and revisions will be made as appropriate. Any active CBM/Sealholder can send a request to the Board Chair ( to have a specific activity considered for inclusion on the list or for the PDS point value of an existing activity. Each such request will be vetted by the Board of Broadcast Meteorology, who may seek external review and recommendation as it feels appropriate, and a decision on each suggested change will be made by majority vote of the Board. When a rule change is made, the CBM/Sealholder will be given the benefit of either the old or new rule as long as the activity was carried out prior to the end of the calendar year in which the change was made.

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