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AMS 2013 Subscription Rates
for Nonmembers

Code No. of Issues Online Print
Access is free of charge. 160

Journal Code No—of Issues Per Year Online*and Print** Online Only*
JAS 12 1890 815
JAMC 12 1350 580
JCLI 24 2080 895
JPO 12 1725 750
MWR 12 2015 885
JTECH 12 1120 490
WAF 6 670 295
JHM 6 630 275
WCAS 4 450 200
EINT Irregular   Access is free of charge.
MGA Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts --- MGA subscription includes yearly cumulative index---All inquiries for MGA and MGA's computerized database and CD-ROM should be directed to ProQuest at http://www.csa.com/contactus/sales.php

AMS 2013 Subscription Rates
Weather, Climate, and Society
for Individual Nonmembers

Code No. of Issues Online & Print Online Only
WCAS 4 190 100


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  • A refund or credit will be provided only if a cancellation request is received prior to the shipment of the first issue.
  • For Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts (MGA), Volume 68, 2017, please contact ProQuest at http://www.csa.com/contactus/sales.php.
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