Requirements to Re-enter Peer Review After Revision

All revisions must be uploaded to the journal's Editorial Manager site.  Select the journal from the list or click the URL link in the decision letter from the editor and log in as an author.  Locate the submission to be revised in the Submissions Needing Revision queue.  Under Action Links, click Revise Submission.  Ensure your revision adheres to the requirements listed below and follow the on-screen instructions within Editorial Manager to complete the process.  Do NOT send revisions to the editorial office or to the AMS by e-mail. 

All revisions must adhere to the following list of Requirements to Re-enter Peer Review After Revision

1) Manuscripts must keep to all advertised guidelines regarding Formatting, Components of a Manuscript, Mathematical Formulas, Units, and Time and Date, and References

2) All files must be designated with the correct item types.

3) A complete list of Figure Captions must be included after the References section and before the individually captioned figures.

4) A Response to Reviewers file must be uploaded with your revision.  Please provide detailed responses to the reviewer comments in a file that is separate from your manuscript.  You will not be able to build the PDF of your revision within Editorial Manager until this file has been uploaded.  A Cover Letter to the editor is not required but may be used to provide additional information that you intend to be accessible to the Editor ONLY.

5) Manuscript source files must be uploaded.  Please ensure that you have uploaded the native source file used to create your revision (Word, LaTeX, WordPerfect, etc).  
If you have used LaTeX (including the AMS template) please be sure to upload all files associated with your submission including the .tex, .bib, .bst, .sty, etc.  LaTeX authors can access helpful information about rendering LaTeX source files here.  

6) Figure source files formatted for publication must be uploaded for ALL revisions.  Ensure that your figures adhere to the requirements for Journals authors or BAMS authors.  Please enter the figure number in the description field when uploading your figure files (or on the Attach Files page after upload).  This is required even if the figure number is already in the file name.  All authors are asked to upload one complete figure per file at the revision stage.  Even if the submission qualifies for free color (see further details regarding page and color charges for Journals or BAMS) we ask that authors continue to adhere to this policy in order to minimize the processing costs for color and allow AMS to continue to subsidize the cost of color.

7) The manuscript you submit for peer review must be identical to what you intend to publish, including in the use of color figures.  If you have color figures in your manuscript that will be published in black and white, you must make the change to black and white before uploading your revision.  Making such a change after acceptance will add expense and time to processing your paper and may require that it be sent back to the Editor for further review. As well as changing the figures themselves, be sure to make any necessary changes in the manuscript text (including captions) which will be altered due to the change from color to black and white.

8) When uploading your revision you will be prompted to respond to several required questions on the Additional Information page within Editorial Manager.  Please note that if you do not wish for your manuscript to be posted to the AMS Early Online Release (EOR) site you must select "opt out" on this page before approving your revision.

9) The quality of your revision should be acceptable for posting to the EOR site and to be processed for final publication.  Please carefully review the manuscript and PDF built within Editorial Manager to check for typos and any other errors.  If your revision is accepted your manuscript and figure source files will go into production very quickly so any post-acceptance changes will add time and expense to processing.