Send Your Manuscript Electronically

Authors must submit all Proposals and manuscripts via the BAMS Editorial Manager website. Manuscripts submitted to BAMS follow the same formatting as manuscripts for the other AMS publications. Please refer to Formatting and Manuscript Components for full information on formatting your manuscript.

Revisions are normally expected from authors within a month of the initial decision. Authors may be granted longer revision periods for complex revisions, or may be granted an extension by the editor in charge of the manuscript in appropriate circumstances.

BAMS production generally requires up to five months from acceptance to printing.

Transfer of Copyright forms
To expedite papers into peer review, BAMS will allow co-authors to verify electronically at initial submission. The Agreement to Transfer Copyright forms will be required after acceptance and before a manuscript can begin production.  The form must bear the full manuscript title and names of ALL AUTHORS.  Fax the forms to 617-531-2096 or scan and send as an attachment to

Fax copies or e-files are acceptable for publication, an original hard copy form is NOT required.  All Copyright forms can be downloaded from the Copyright Information page. Each author should use the form appropriate to his/her situation. (Standard, US Government, Crown, etc)