Send the Proposal First

Before you begin writing your article for BAMS, you must upload an "Author Proposal" to the BAMS Editorial Manager web site.  
Articles (including Inbox, Nowcast, and Maproom) submitted without a prior proposal will be returned.  No proposal is required for submission of Meeting Summaries, Comments, or Letters to the Editor.

A proposal consists of a single abstract of 250 words or less, written in language appropriate for an informed layperson, plus a cover letter of 250 words or less explaining

  • the intended purpose of the article
  • the factors making the article timely, important, or interesting for a general BAMS readership,
  • the expected length of the article,
  • the type and approximate number of illustrations to be included, and if they require unusual production considerations,
  • scientific context: an article for BAMS should include a thorough description of the pressing science questions that motivated the work described.
  • the anticipated use of electronic supplements in the BAMS online archive.