Figure Information for BAMS Authors

BAMS encourages the use of color by authors and does not levy additional charges for color figures.

Figure files are used in two different ways: 1) as part of the PDF file created for peer review, and 2) directly for final production and publication.

Peer review figures

Peer-review figures can be small, stand-alone, lower-resolution files that are rendered (by the AMS upload system) into a PDF with the native manuscript, or can be included at the end of the Word or Wordperfect manuscript file creating an all-in-one file (which is then rendered into a PDF by the AMS upload system). The peer-review figures can be any format acceptable to the upload program. (Please see the list of acceptable file types.) Peer review figures (at initial submission AND at revision) must have captions located immediately below each figure. To the extent possible, multiplepanel figure pieces should be combined into a single page and submitted in one file. 

Production Figures

High-resolution (300 dpi, miminum), print-quality files are used for production after the manuscript has successfully completed peer review.  BAMS now can accept and process all the same file types for production as for peer review.  Production quality figure files are required at the time a Revision is submitted.

Please also note:  production figure files should be one complete figure per file (with all panels of any multipanel figures to appear on the same page in the same file) otherwise you may be charged for figure mounting.   

Figure files for production may contain captions or not. All fonts and symbols should be embedded to avoid translation errors. These print-quality files can be uploaded as "non-rendered" files at the same time as the original manuscript submission or they can be added to the manuscript package at revision.  File names for the production figures should include the figure number in the file name.

Figure Preparation Guidelines

Please consult the Digital Art Guidelines for specifics on preparing your publication-quality figures for BAMS.

Information on providing the Cover for BAMS

Authors interested in having their Article featured on the BAMS cover should note that cover decisions are made by the Editor in Chief and graphics staff after a manuscript is accepted.  Please do not include a cover illustration during Peer Review.

Please note these general guidelines: 

Images that appear on the cover of BAMS should engage and extend the Society and the community. BAMS prefers images that are unique, creative, and compelling to a general audience, yet also have a scientific base that encourages the educated science reader to read the article. The image should communicate a visual message at a glance. Thus, it is best if the proposed graphic is a single image, not a collage or technical figure that one would normally find within an article.  Cover images cannot duplicate figures within the manuscript and cannot be cited in the text.  

Also note that the cost for the BAMS cover is $2,150.00  This cost cannot be waived.

After your manuscript is accepted, please contact BAMS Managing Editor Bryan Hanssen if you are interested in suggesting a possible image for the BAMS cover.