Page Charge Waivers

Authors seeking a waiver of page charges must apply by e-mail to for one of the two following types of waivers:

Partial Waiver: Partial waivers are for those authors for whom the total projected costs are too great a burden, given legitimate funding constraints or other circumstances that they outline in an email request. Because partial waivers cover page charges exclusive of the cost of color figures, authors must pay color charges plus a portion of the remaining page charges to qualify. Color charges for partial payers are $490 for the first piece, $390 for the second piece, and $150 for the third and subsequent pieces. The manuscript you submit for peer review must be identical to what you intend to be published, specifically regarding the use of color in figures (print and online will match exactly). Authors will receive a decision on their waiver application within 5 business days from the point at which manuscript qualification is completed. After the waiver decision has been issued, the paper can enter peer review.

Complete Waiver: Complete waivers are for those authors who, as a result of legitimate circumstances, cannot cover any of their page charges, or who can pay only color charges. These authors will be asked to fill out an application and their requests will be reviewed by a committee consisting of three members of the AMS Council. This waiver committee will meet on a quarterly basis to decide how the limited resources available will be disbursed. Authors applying for full waivers may need to wait for up to three months for decisions on their waiver applications, and submissions will not begin peer review until waiver decisions have been issued. The manuscript you submit for peer review must be identical to what you intend to be published, specifically regarding the use of color in figures (print and online will match exactly).

Please note that if you or any of your coauthors have received a full waiver of page-charges within the past 12 months for a paper in any AMS journal that was not formally rejected or withdrawn, you are not eligible to apply for another one. The exception is for WCAS authors (see below) whose requests will be handled on a case-by case basis.

If your Full Waiver application is denied by the AMS Waiver Committee, that specific manuscript will be ineligible for full-waiver consideration for 12 months.

Waiver information for Commonwealth authors: Waiver information for Commonwealth authors: AMS is aware that the policies or laws of some Commonwealth nations prohibit the use of government funding for page charges, though color charges can be paid. Commonwealth authors should therefore note that by including several color figures in their paper, they may qualify the paper for a rapid partial waiver.

Waivers for WCAS Authors: AMS is aware that many authors of WCAS papers are from social science disciplines, for which funding is generally much more limited than in the physical sciences. All authors of WCAS papers who have the funding support to pay fully or partially for the cost of publication are expected to do so. Those who cannot cover page charges should apply for a complete waiver per the instructions they will be given while uploading their submission. WCAS authors seeking full waivers will not have to wait for the waiver board to convene in order to receive waivers.

Waivers for BAMS Authors: BAMS page charge waivers are granted at the discretion of the AMS Director of Publications. Apply by e-mail as directed for a partial or full waiver. BAMS has no separate color charges. The cost for the cover of BAMS cannot be waived.

Waivers for EI Authors: Earth Interactions submissions are not subject to page charges, but there is a flat $1,200 author fee for all papers accepted for publication. Authors who cannot commit to this cost may apply as directed for full or partial waivers of the fee.