Journal Page Charges

Publication charges help cover the cost of publishing and disseminating research results and should be regarded as an essential and proper part of the authors’ research budget. The charges are designed to partially cover the cost of editorial, composition, and related work needed to prepare submissions for publication. The AMS expects all authors to pay the charges that they are assessed.

BAMS authors: note that the Bulletin of the AMS page charge structure is different from the structure of the AMS journals. See BAMS Page Charges.

Authors of Meteorological Monograph submissions please see Meteorological Monographs page charges.

Earth Interactions submissions are not subject to page charges, but there is a flat $1,200 author fee for all papers accepted for publication (this is not a submission fee). Partial or full waivers of the author fee are available from AMS for those with no (or extremely limited) available funds. 

Weather, Climate, and Society submissions are not subject to page charges. However, the Open Choice fee of $800 to make articles immediately available still applies.

Comment and Reply submissions in all journals are not subject to page charges.


Journal Estimation Worksheet and Page Charge Forms

AMS Journals Page and Color Charge Structure

$145 per printed page. There is no charge for color figures for authors paying their page charges in full. Authors are asked to provide figure files for production as one complete figure per file, thus minimizing processing costs for the AMS, and enabling the AMS to continue to subsidize the cost of color.

For papers receiving waivers

The cost of color processing cannot be waived. Authors receiving full waivers must convert all color files to black-and-white. Authors receiving partial waivers must cover the processing costs for any color files: $490 for the first file, $390 for the second file, and $150 for the third and subsequent files. 

For all papers

In addition to page and color charges, additional charges may be assessed for excessive changes/edits to typeset proofs, the processing of multiple figure files for single figures, and keying in of manuscript files that cannot be converted to an editable file.

AMS Open Access fee

For a fee of $800, authors of fully-paid papers can choose to make the full contents of the final published version of their paper available to all, subscribers and non-subscribers, on the AMS Journals Online site. The fee will be included when the paper is invoiced. Full information of AMS Open Access policies is available here.  

AMS Journals Page Charge and Invoice Schedule

Initial Submission: the corresponding author will be asked to fill out a Journals Cost Estimation and Agreement Worksheet and commit to covering the estimated charges should the paper be accepted. In those cases where an author does not have the resources to cover the estimated charges, a partial or full waiver must be applied for and granted before the paper can begin peer review

Revision: For their own budgeting purposes, authors may like to re-calculate their estimated page charges when revising a paper, especially if the number of pages in the paper has changed considerably.

Acceptance: Upon acceptance, the corresponding author will be asked to fill out and return a Page and Color Charge form. This form must be returned to the AMS before the accepted submission can begin full production.  

Typesetting: Once the accepted manuscript has been typeset, AMS will issue an invoice, which must be paid before the paper can be published. The invoice amount will reflect the actual number of typeset pages plus the number of color files provided by the author (for papers submitted before 1 April 2013) plus the Open Access fee (if applicable), and any additional charges.

Publication: Once full payment has been made, the paper will be scheduled for the next available issue and published.  

Reprints of Journal Articles can be purchased directly from Sheridan Press.

Waivers of Page Charges

The AMS has a limited budget for waivers, which can be granted for authors who demonstrate a legitimate lack of funding to cover charges. Waivers must be applied for at the time of initial submission. Information on the AMS waiver program is available here.