Call for Papers

45th Conference on Broadcast Meteorology Call for Papers

The 45th Conference on Broadcast Meteorology, sponsored by the American Meteorological Society, returns to the Central U.S. to the BBQ capital! The conference will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kansas City, MO June 21-23, 2017, with a Short Course on June 20, 2017. This location will serve as both the conference meeting destination and the designated hotel accommodation, conveniently located about four miles south of Downtown Kansas City on the historic Country Club Plaza. The closest airport is Kansas City International (MCI) located about 18 miles north of the Intercontinental. Basic hotel and travel information is available on the AMS website (

As with every year, we encourage presentations that focus on recent weather events and weather phenomenon that are unique to our host region. As Broadcasters, we encourage broadcaster presentations, showcasing how science is communicated across the country. Student presentations are also welcome! Below are some suggested areas we hope to delve into during this year’s conference.

Tension remains between how weather events are communicated on a local broadcast scale versus the national weather headlines. How can local weather stories be better told (accurately and without undue sensationalism) at the network level? How can national news outlets better tap into the local knowledge of market broadcast meteorologists? What are wise ways to accurately inform reporters (both local and national) about the context of weather events? How can local competing stations prevent “first on, last off” viewership battles and cover local weather events in a balanced and appropriate manner to best serve the communities who depend on us?

As the way science is communicated continues to evolve with technology and social media platforms, we particularly encourage presentations related to social media. How do we regulate, filter and validate the dissemination of weather information across social media platforms? Can social media help lower warning false alarm rates by providing more spotter reports in real-time? With the whiplash-changing landscape of social media, how do broadcast meteorologists keep up with platforms, select the most beneficial ones, utilize them effectively and track analytics? Case-studies and examples of successful social media weather stories are encouraged.

National conversations about racism, ageism and sexism continue. Discrimination is also within broadcast television. How do we in broadcast appropriately identify cases of discrimination, and also encourage diverse and inclusive workplaces? How are employers meeting the legal needs and rights of new parents, both nursing mothers and new fathers? How can television stations better value meteorology experience, knowledge and wisdom? What are great examples of broadcast companies and local affiliates providing for and encouraging a healthful work balance in a 24/7 field? We welcome broadcaster’s stories and human resource presentations regarding these important national topics.

We also encourage presentations on companion fields of science, including connections with social science, climate science, oceanography, agriculture, astronomy and space weather.

More details on the conference program and the Short Course will appear on the AMSweb site by mid-March 2017.

The deadline for abstracts is February 21, 2017. An abstract fee of $95 (payable by credit card or purchase order) is charged at the time of submission (refundable only if abstract is not accepted). The $95 abstract fee includes the submission of your abstract, the posting of your extended abstract, and the uploading and recording of your presentation that will be archived on the AMS website. Authors of accepted presentations will be notified via e-mail mid-March 2017. Instructions for formatting abstracts are on the AMS webpage at All abstracts and conference presentations will be made available on the AMS website.

The early registration deadline for the conference is May 10, 2017. Conference attendees may receive a special AMS group rate at the Intercontinental Hotel for the dates June 19-23, 2017. Our meeting will take place in this hotel, just downstairs from the lobby.

Weather and media vendors are encouraged to participate in the conference by purchasing AMS exhibit booth space to showcase their latest products and advancements. Exhibitors may also participate in the conference by presenting during the conference sessions.

If you have suggestions for or questions about the conference content please contact the 45th co-chairs Doug Heady (, AJ Fox (, Nate Johnson (, Bryan Busby (, Matt Elwell ( 

For exhibitor questions, please contact Jennifer Rosen, Exhibits Manager ( For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Stephanie Armstrong, Director of Development (617-227-2426 ext. 3906) ( For all other questions, please contact Gillian Peguero (

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17th Conference on Mesoscale Processes Call for Papers

Oral and poster presentations are solicited on all aspects of mesoscale meteorology, which include but are not limited to observational, theoretical, and modeling climate and weather-related studies of

  • Mesoscale convection
  • Mesoscale predictability
  • Gravity waves and turbulence
  • Orographic flows and rainfall
  • Extratropical and tropical cyclones
  • The diurnal cycle
  • Microphysical and aerosol effects on mesoscale processes

Papers on 1) mesoscale processes in climate simulations, 2) the use of data assimilation and ensemble forecasting to enhance predictability, and 3) results from recent field campaigns (e.g., DEEPWAVE, DYNAMO, MPEX, OWLeS, PECAN) are especially encouraged.

The Mesoscale Processes Committee encourages abstract submissions from students and postdocs for which awards will be given for best presentations. Registrants should indicate their eligibility for student and postdoc awards when submitting their abstracts. Futher information will be posted on the AMS website.

The Mesoscale Processes Committee is also offering three student travel awards to help supplement travel expenses. To be eligible for a travel award, the student must be a current AMS student member, non-resident in San Diego, and must have submitted an abstract for presentation at the meeting. To apply please send your CV and a brief (1/2 page) justification to the program chairpersons (contact information located at the end) by the abstract deadline of 30 March 2017. Further information can be found on the AMS website.

Multiple submissions are allowed by individual authors. However, AMS policy limits participation to one oral presentation each (please note that additional submissions will be assigned as posters). The availability of oral presentations, however, will depend on the number of submissions. When submitting more than one abstract, authors are also asked to specify which abstract they would prefer to be considered for oral presentation. Abstracts should be submitted online at by the deadline of 30 March 2017. An abstract fee of $95.00 (payable by credit card or purchase order) is required at the time of abstract submission (refundable only if abstract is not accepted). This fee includes the posting of your abstract and the posting of your presentation and its recording (if consented to) on the AMS website.

Authors of accepted presentations will be notified via email by Late-April 2017. Extended abstracts (file size limit of 10 mb) must be submitted electronically by 22 August 2017 and will be posted on the AMS website. Instructions for formatting these optional extended abstracts will be posted on the AMS website. All abstracts, extended abstracts, and presentations (including the recordings of those who have granted permission) will be made available on the AMS website. For further information, please contact the conference co-chairs: Katja Friedrich ( or Stan Trier (