Student Opportunities at the 44th Conference on Broadcast Meteorology

Travel Grant

The 44th Conference on Broadcast Meteorology has a Student Travel Grant Available.  Please see the Student Travel Grant Page for more information and to apply.

Student Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer students are needed for registration and audio/visual support during the conference. Student volunteers are required to be in attendance the entire conference, and be available to work at least 1/2 a day from Tuesday through Friday. The students will work either the first or second shift (i.e., morning or afternoon). For volunteering, the student will get their registration fee waived and $25.00 per day for food allowance. This program is a first come, first served basis. A limited number of students will be needed for the conference. Those students interested should please contact Gillian Peguero for details.

Student Award Opportunities

Up to two student presenters will be allowed a travel allowance (up to $275 a person) to cover registration fees, transportation costs, food and lodging for students presenting during the conference.  To apply, please submit a brief, written professional justification for your request, including a commitment to attend the conference and what you both hope to learn from attending as well as contribute by being present. 

The deadline to apply is 5 February, 2016.