Annual Meeting Promotional Sponsorship Opportunities

Annual Meeting Mobile App

Sponsorship $2,000-$10,000
Banner ads, watermarks, multi-media videos and more! There are many sponsorship features for the Mobile App at the Annual Meeting. Pick the package that works for your organization. Levels include Gold Level $10K (1 available); Silver Level $5K (up to 5 available); Bronze Level $2K (banner ads).

Tote Bags

Exclusive Sponsorship $22,000
Place your company logo on the conference tote bags! All attendees are offered a conference bag at the registration desk. Featuring a reusable bag, your company logo will be visible throughout the entire conference and beyond. It’s a great way to make a first impression. AMS will provide the bags.


Sponsorship $15,000 (SOLD)
Attendees will be wearing your company's name all week!  The lanyard sponsorship provides exclusive, highly-visible level of exposure during the entire conference.  The sponsoring company is responsible for creating, producing and delivering the lanyards.  Subject to AMS approval.

Conference at a Glance Locators

Sponsorship-2 available at $4,000 each
Help attendees get to where they want to go and let them know your company helped get them there.  The boards display the daily conference program and special events and announcements.  Attendees see the displays as they walk around the convention center.  Sponsor logo will be prominently displayed on the Conference at a Glance monitor.

Coffee Breaks

Co-sponsorship-4 available at $6,000 each
Help wake up the Annual Meeting attendees and sponsor a coffee break.  Morning and afternoon breaks are available.  Sponsors may provide napkins imprinted with their company logo to accompany the break.

Sponsor a Program

Co-sponsorship of each program $2,500
Want to identify with a specific segment of the AMS membership?  Sponsorship of a specific program can give you access to targeted audiences, agencies, and session organizers.

Sponsor a Student

Sponsorship $2,000 per student
Support the next generation!  Students gain so much from hearing about the latest research and career opportunities.  Your generous support will provide a student(s) the opportunity to the AMS Annual Meeting and the Annual AMS Student Conference.   The value gained from your donation will live on in the student for years to come.

AMS Connect

Sponsorship $10,000 
Help attendees stay connected and informed throughout the Annual Meeting!  AMS Connect, located in a key area of the convention center, provides great visibility for your organization.  Your company's logo and message will be prominently displayed and will be featured as the screensaver on the laptops where attendees can check email, surf the web, view the online conference program, and more!

Conference Notepads

Sponsorship $5,000
Attendees take plenty of notes during all of the Technical Sessions. Have your company logo imprinted on pad folios for all attendees and distributed in the conference registration area. An item attendees are certain to use at the conference and for months afterward. Item supplied by Sponsor.