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We are currently accepting advertising orders for the November 2018 Annual Meeting Preview Issue of BAMS

Advertise in this issue and get the word out to the AMS weather, water, and climate community. You will reach a paid subscriber base of over 12,000 AMS members—many of whom are responsible for the purchase of their organization’s equipment and services.

Here is a quick peek at articles scheduled to appear in the November issue. You may find that many of the articles are complementary to your organization's interests.

  • Chilean Wildfires: Probabilistic Prediction, Emergency Response, and Public Communication
  • Improvements in Nonconvective Aviation Turbulence Prediction for the World Area Forecast System
  • Have We Reached the Limits of Predictability for Tropical Cyclone Track Forecasting?
  • CO2 and Carbon Emissions from Cities: Linkages to Air Quality, Socioeconomic Activity, and Stakeholders in the Salt Lake City Urban Area
  • Wind Hazard and Turbulence Monitoring at Airports with Lidar, Radar, and Mode-S Downlinks: The UFO Project
  • Weather on the Go: An Assessment of Smartphone Mobile Weather Application Use among College Students
  • The Benefits of Global High Resolution for Climate Simulation: Process Understanding and the Enabling of Stakeholder Decisions at the Regional Scale
  • The Coldest Places in Hawaii: The ice-preserving microclimates of high-altitude craters and caves on tropical island volcanoes
  • CESM1(WACCM) Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering Large Ensemble Project

Upcoming Issue Content

December Issue of BAMS

  • Agile Development in Meteorological R&D: Achieving a Minimum Viable Product in a Scrum Work Setting
  • The Rapid Deployments to Wildfires Experiment: Observations from the Fire Zone.
  • Recommendations for in situ and remote sensing capabilities in atmospheric convection and turbulence
  • Affordable Rotating Fluid Demonstrations for Geoscience Education: The DIYnamics Project
  • Facilitating the Self-Directed Learning Efforts of Professional Meteorologists
  • The Dark Side of Hurricane Matthew: Unique Perspectives from the VIIRS Day/Night Band
  • Observing Clouds in 4D with Multiview Stereophotogrammetry
  • The Harlem Heat Project: A Unique Media-Community Collaboration to Study Indoor Heat Waves

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November Issue:
Insertion orders are due August 31, 2018 and artwork is due by September 5, 2018

December Issue:
Insertion orders are due October 5, 2018 and artwork is due by October 12, 2018