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Here is a quick peek at articles scheduled to appear in the August issue. You may find that many of the articles are complementary to your organization's interests.

  • Advancing Global and Regional Reanalyses
  • Defining Single Extreme Weather Events in a Climate Perspective
  • Eastern Boundary Circulation and Hydrography off Angola: Building Angolan Oceanographic Capacities
  • WIVERN: A New Satellite Concept to Provide Global In-Cloud Winds, Precipitation, and Cloud Properties
  • Using the GOES-16 Split Window Difference to Detect a Boundary prior to Cloud Formation
  • The North Atlantic Waveguide and Downstream Impact Experiment
  • From Hazard to Risk
  • Reaching Students and Parents through Weather Science and Safety Workshops for Teachers
  • Improving National and Regional Drought Early Warning Systems in the Greater Horn of Africa
  • BoBBLE: Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction and Its Impact on the South Asian Monsoon
  • A New Research Approach for Observing and Characterizing Land-Atmosphere Feedback

Upcoming Issue Content

September Issue of BAMS

  • Observations for Reanalyses
  • WUDAPT: An Urban Weather, Climate, and Environmental Modeling Infrastructure for the Anthropocene
  • The Setup of the MesoVICT Project
  • Provision of Climate Services for Agriculture: Public and Private Pathways to Farm Decision-Making
  • The Grape Remote sensing Atmospheric Profile and Evapotranspiration eXperiment (GRAPEX)
  • Earth Observations from DSCOVR EPIC Instrument
  • GHOST: A Satellite Mission Concept for Persistent Monitoring of Stratospheric Gravity Waves Induced by Severe Storms
  • A Paper on the Tropical Intraseasonal Oscillation Published in 1963 in a Chinese Journal
  • Predicting Near-Term Changes in the Earth System: A Large Ensemble of Initialized Decadal Prediction Simulations Using the Community Earth System Model

October Issue of BAMS

  • The Evolution and Impact of a Meteorological Outreach Program for Public Safety Officials: An Update on the Oklahoma Mesonet's OK-First Program
  • S-Pol's Polarimetric Data Reveals Detailed Storm Features (and Insect Behavior)
  • Interpreting Results from the NARCCAP and NA-CORDEX Ensembles within the Context of Uncertainty in Regional Climate Change Projections
  • Wind Energy Exploration over the Atacama Desert: A Numerical Model-Guided Observational Program
  • LANFEX: A Field and Modeling Study to Improve Our Understanding and Forecasting of Radiation Fog
  • Regional Climatology of the Northwest Atlantic Ocean: High-Resolution Mapping of Ocean Structure and Change
  • A Dynamically Consistent, Multivariable Ocean Climatology

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