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Here is a quick peek at articles scheduled to appear in the June issue. You may find that many of the articles are complementary to your organization's interests.

  • Evaluating and Improving NWP Forecast Models for the Future: How the Needs of Offshore Wind Energy Can Point the Way
  • High-Resolution Monitoring of Weather Impacts on Infrastructure Networks Using the Internet of Things
  • Coordinated Upper-Troposphere-to-Stratosphere Balloon Experiment in Biak
  • A Long-Lasting Vortex Rossby Wave Induced Rainband of Typhoon Longwang (2005)
  • Mobile X-Pol Radar: A New Tool for Investigating Pyroconvection and Associated Wildfire Meteorology
  • Does Your Lab Use Social Media? Sharing Three Years of Experience in Science Communication
  • Land-Atmosphere Interactions: The LoCo Perspective
  • "Grand Challenges" in Big Data and the Earth Sciences
  • The Global N2O Model Intercomparison Project (NMIP): Objectives, Simulation Protocol, and Expected Products

Upcoming Issue Content

July Issue of BAMS

  • The Community Leveraged Unified Ensemble (CLUE) in the 2016 NOAA/Hazardous Weather Testbed Spring Forecasting Experiment
  • Importance of late fall ENSO teleconnection in the Euro-Atlantic sector.
  • Continental U.S. Hurricane Landfall Frequency and Associated Damage: Observations and Future Risks
  • SURF: Understanding and Predicting Urban Convection and Haze
  • The Sky in Edvard Munch's The Scream
  • CASPER: Coupled Air-Sea Processes and Electromagnetic Ducting Research
  • 27 Years of Regional Cooperation for Limited Area Modelling in Central Europe
  • Boulder Atmospheric Observatory 1977-2016 The End of an Era and Lessons Learned
  • Richter: Challenges and Opportunities in Atmospheric Dust Emission, Chemistry, and Transport

August Issue of BAMS

  • Eastern Boundary Circulation and Hydrography off Angola: Building Angolan Oceanographic Capacities
  • WIVERN: A New Satellite Concept to Provide Global In-Cloud Winds, Precipitation and Cloud Properties
  • Reaching Students and Parents through Weather Science and Safety Workshops for Teachers
  • BoBBLE (Bay of Bengal Boundary Layer Experiment): Ocean--atmosphere interaction and its impact on the South Asian monsoon
  • A New Research Approach for Observing and Characterizing Land-Atmosphere Feedback
  • Cattiaux: Defining Single Extreme Weather Events in a Climate Perspective

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