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Here is a quick peek at articles appearing in the March issue. You may find that many of the articles are complementary to your organization's interests.

  • Monitoring the micrometeorology of a coastal site next to a thermal power plant from the surface to 140 m.
  • Some Pitfalls In Statistical Downscaling Of Future Climate
  • Comprehensive Study of Optical, Physical, Chemical, and Radiative Properties of Total Columnar Atmospheric Aerosols over China: An Overview of Sun-Sky Radiometer Observation Network (SONET) Measurements
  • Aboveground Thermodynamic Observations in Convective Storms from Balloonborne Probes Acting as Pseudo-Lagrangian Drifters
  • Global Precipitation Trends Across Spatial Scales Using Satellite Observations
  • Enabling Reanalysis Research Using the Collaborative REAnalysis Technical Environment (CREATE)
  • Quantifying the Rain-Shadow Effect: Results from the Peak District, British Isles
  • Scientific Challenges of Convective-Scale Numerical Weather Prediction
  • Systematic Errors in Weather and Climate Models: Nature, Origins, and Way Forward
  • The Third Atmospheric Scientific Experiment for Understanding the Earth-Atmosphere Coupled System over the Tibetan Plateau and Its Effects

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