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Here is a quick peek at articles scheduled to appear in the February issue. You may find that many of the articles are complementary to your organization's interests.

  • Tornado Debris from the 23 May 2017 "Tybee Tornado"
  • The Second ARM Training and Science Application Event: Training the Next Generation of Atmospheric Scientists
  • The Northern California Wildfires of 8-9 October 2017: The Role of a Major Downslope Wind Event
  • A Scale to Characterize the Strength and Impacts of Atmospheric Rivers
  • NCAR's Real-time Convection-allowing Ensemble Project
  • Partnering Research, Education, and Operations via a Cool Season Severe Weather Soundings Program
  • Defining Uncertainties through Comparison of Atmospheric River Tracking Methods
  • The Ozone Water-Land Environmental Transition Study (OWLETS): An Innovative Strategy for Understanding Chesapeake Bay Pollution Events
  • Is Precipitation a Good Metric of Model Performance?
  • A Call for the Evaluation of Web-based Climate Data and Analysis Tools

Upcoming Issue Content

March Issue of BAMS

  • MSWEP V2 global 3-hourly 0.1° Precipitation: Methodology and Quantitative Assessment
  • CHAT: The Colorado Hail Accumulation from Thunderstorms Project
  • Data-Driven Scientific Workflows: A Summary of New Technologies and Datasets Explored at the Unidata 2018 Workshop
  • Polar Low Workshop
  • How I Learned to Love Normal-Mode Rossby-Haurwitz Waves
  • ECMWF Activities for Improved Hurricane Forecasts
  • Scientific Writing: The Predicament of Weather and Climate Scientists in India
  • Dynamics and Predictability of the El Nino-Southern Oscillation: An Australian Perspective on Progress and Challenges
  • Recent Third Pole's Rapid Warming Accompanies Cryospheric Melt and Water Cycle Intensification and Interactions between Monsoon and Environment: Multi-disciplinary Approach with Observation, Modeling and Analysis

April Issue of BAMS

  • 100 Years Later: Reflecting on Alfred Wegener's Contributions to Tornado Research in Europe
  • An Educational Deployment of the NCAR Mobile Integrated Sounding System
  • The Importance of Unresolved Biases in 20th Century Sea-surface Temperature Observations
  • Modeling of Cloud Microphysics: Can we do better?
  • Educational Backgrounds of TV Weathercasters
  • Cross-Sector Management of Extreme Heat Risks in Arizona
  • How Can Existing Ground-based Profiling Instruments Improve European Weather Forecasts?
  • A New Perspective on Coastally Trapped Disturbances Using Data from the Satellite Era
  • Mechanisms and Early Warning of Drought Disasters: An Experimental Drought Meteorology Research over China (DroughtEX_China)

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