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Here is a quick peek at articles scheduled to appear in the April issue. You may find that many of the articles are complementary to your organization's interests.

  • 100 Years Later: Reflecting on Alfred Wegener's Contributions to Tornado Research in Europe
  • An Educational Deployment of the NCAR Mobile Integrated Sounding System
  • The Importance of Unresolved Biases in 20th Century Sea-surface Temperature Observations
  • Modeling of Cloud Microphysics: Can we do better?
  • Educational Backgrounds of TV Weathercasters
  • Improving Visual Communication of Weather Forecasts with Rhetoric
  • How Can Existing Ground-Based Profiling Instruments Improve European Weather Forecasts?
  • A New Perspective on Coastally Trapped Disturbances Using Data from the Satellite Era
  • Mechanisms and Early Warning of Drought Disasters: Experimental Drought Meteorology Research
    over China
  • The Flying Trapeze

Upcoming Issue Content

May Issue of BAMS

  • Overview of the HI-SCALE Field Campaign: A New Perspective on Shallow Convective Clouds
  • The Perdigao: Peering into Microscale Details of Mountain Winds
  • The Climate Spiral Demonstrates the Power of Sharing Creative Ideas
  • NOAA General Modeling Meeting and Fair Brings Together Its Modeling Enterprise
  • Observing Hurricane Harvey's Eyewall at Landfall
  • An interactive online educational applet for multiple frequencies of radar observations
  • What are the Best Thermodynamic Quantity and Function to Define a Front in Gridded Model Output?
  • The Arctic Cloud Puzzle: Using ACLOUD/PASCAL Multi-Platform Observations to Unravel the Role of
    Clouds and Aerosol Particles in Arctic Amplification
  • CHOCOJEX: A Research Experiment Focused on the Choco Low-Level Jet over the Far Eastern Pacific
    and Western Colombia

June Issue of BAMS


  • A Global Gridded Dataset of the Characteristics of the Rainy and Dry Seasons
  • Measuring the Atmospheric Responses of 2017 Total Solar Eclipse (ARTSE2017): Results from Wyoming and New York
  • Bore-ing into Nocturnal Convection
  • Seawater Icicles in the Adriatic Sea (Northern Mediterranean)
  • The Quinault Blowdown: A Microscale Wind Event Driven by a Mountain-Wave Rotor
  • Seeing weather through chaos: A case study of disembedding skills in undergraduate meteorology students
  • Hydroclimate Variability in Snow-fed River Systems: Local Water Managers' Perspectives on Adapting to the New Normal
  • A High-Altitude Long-Range Aircraft Configured as a Cloud Observatory: The NARVAL Expeditions
  • A Stochastic Representation of Sub-Grid Uncertainty for Dynamical Core Development
  • Subseasonal Weather Prediction in a Global Convection-Permitting Model

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