If you would like to use an entire AMS course package, which includes the textbook, eInvestigations Manual, and instructor access to the RealTime Portal and Faculty Website, your institution will need to have an active course license on file with AMS Education. The course license fee (covers August 15th to August 14th of the following year) is $149 per course, per institution, regardless of the number of sections or students.

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To license AMS Weather, Ocean or Climate Studies

Print the Course License order form and send the completed form to us via

             AMS Education Program
             1200 New York Ave, NW
             Suite 500
             Washington, DC 20005

A license includes

  • AMS Weather, Ocean or Climate Studies full course use for an academic year
  • Faculty Resource Material, the eTextbook and eInvestigations Manual
  • Instructor Access to the RealTime Portal
  • Instructor Access to the Faculty Website
  • Files Compatible with Course Management Systems