Digital Books

The AMS Weather, Ocean and Climate Studies textbook and manual are available as an online webBook, downloadable ePub and for print on demand.


  • Accessed on any browswer, anywhere with internet access
  • Ideal for computer labs
  • In-text and marginal note taking
  • Highlighting of text, graphs and images
  • Flashcard creation
  • Personalized study guide
  • Collaboration and note sharing

ePub eBook

  • Once downloaded, available without internet access
  • Readable with free ePub Reader on 6 devices
  • Requires Adobe ID
  • Allows for note taking and highlighting

Print on Demand

  • Softcover book
  • Takes up to 6 days to print before shipping
  • Additional cost for printing

Faculty receive a free webBook and ePub eBooks with a license. Campus bookstores can stock Access Cards, which include instructions for aquiring either the webBook or ePub. (Students can purchase a combination of the available formats if they wish.) Students can also purchase their books directly from the AMSEDU Bookstore.