Investigations Manual

Climate Studies Investigations Manual

  • Investigations lead students through the analysis and interpretation of the most current climatological datasets
  • Two investigations per textbook chapter, for a total of 28 lab-related investigations
  • Each investigation is self-contained in the manual, or may be supplemented using Current Climate Studies on the RealTime Climate Portal

As each Manual activity is self-contained, course materials are available to instructors in their entirety prior to the beginning of a term.

Instructors wanting to have their students study the most current climatological datasets may choose to supplement the Manual investigations with Current Climate Studies posted weekly on the RealTime Climate Portal. View the schedule for the Current Climate Studies.

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If you are a faculty member interested in using the Climate Studies textbook in a current or future course offering, you may request an examination copy of the Textbook and Manual.

Investigations Activities
1A: Modern Climate Science (copyright notice) 1B: Follow the Energy! Earth's Dynamic Climate System (copyright notice)
2A: Climate Science from an Empirical Perspective 2B: Climate and Climate Variability from the Instrumental Record
3A: Climate Variability and Change  3B: Solar Energy and Earth's Climate System
4A: Atmospheric CO2, Infrared Radiation, and Climate Change  4B: Water, Heat Storage and Heat Transfer
5A: Global Water Cycle  5B: Prevailing Winds, Topographic Relief and Precipitation
6A: Global Atmospheric Circulation and Rossby Waves  6B: Synoptic-scale Atmospheric Circulation - Highs and Wave Cyclones
7A: Climate Variability and Air/Sea Interactions - Inter-annual to Decadal Climate Variability  7B: Coastal Upwelling and Coastal Climates
8A: Volcanism and Climate Variability  8B: Snow and Ice Albedo Feedback in Earth's Climate System
9A: PETM: A Possible Analog to Modern Climate Change  9B: Methane Hydrates: Major Implications for Climate
10A: Climate Change and Radiative Forcing  10B: The Ocean in Earth's Climate System
11A: Rice Growing and Climate Change  11B: Climate Variability and Short-term Forecasting
12A: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies  12B: Climate Change Mitigation through Carbon Emission Reduction
13A: Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Carbon Footprints  13B: Geoengineering the Climate
14A: Climate Change Public Policy and The Six Americas Reports  14B: Visualizing Climate