Course Components

Textbook - Our Changing Climate: Introduction to Climate Science

The 14-chapter Our Changing Climate: Introduction to Climate Science (© 2014) text covers the fundamental principles in understanding Earth's climate system as a whole. The primary author of the text is Dr. Chad M. Kauffman (California University of Pennsylvania). The textbook contains end-of-chapter Review and Critical Thinking Questions.

At the instructor's option, the eText may be used as part of the turnkey AMS Climate Studies course ePackage (including the eInvestigations Manual and RealTime Climate Portal), by itself, or in combination with the Portal to help facilitate current climate discussions.

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Climate Studies Investigations Manual

A set of student learning investigations is coordinated with the text chapters. Investigations lead the student through analysis and interpretation of current climatological data. Weekly Current Climate Studiesposted to the RealTime Climate Portal during fall and spring semesters may be used to reinforce Manual investigations using more current climate data and information.

The Investigations Manual is designed to function as a self-contained course for those wishing to have all course material in their hands before the course starts, those wanting to preload all course material into their institution's course management system at the beginning of each term and/or those whose academic calendars do not match the AMS Climate Studies delivery schedule.

The weekly investigations are prepared by Dr. Robert S. Weinbeck (State University of New York - Brockport and AMS Education Program), and Dr. Ira W. Geer (Senior Education Fellow, AMS Education Program). Both have extensive experience teaching introductory meteorology courses and conducting NSF- and NOAA-funded faculty and teacher professional development projects.

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RealTime Climate Portal

The student website delivers the Current Climate Studies activities, also designed by Dr. Weinbeck and Dr. Geer, to compliment the topics in the Investigations Manual. The Weekly Climate News and current climate data are delievered weekly during the fall and spring semesters and then archived.

Students receive access to the Portal with the Investigations Manual, while faculty receive access with a license.

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Climate Faculty Resource Material and Website

Delievered via Dropbox in the summer and available on the faculty website through academic year, the Faculty Resource Material includes answer forms and answer keys. Available both as word documents and pdfs, or in Respondus files that are compatible with campus course management systems. 

Answers keys are also available for the Current Climate Studies at the same time the activities are posted to the RealTime Climate Portal.

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