Project Atmosphere Peer Training Resources

Following the training of the Kansas City, MO summer course, teachers conduct required peer training sessions using single topic teaching materials developed by AMS specifically for this purpose. These peer-led training sessions are offered on a variety of meteorological topics.

Project Atmosphere Peer Training Modules

Air-Sea Interaction Activity Key
Atmosphere Aloft Activity 1, Activity 2 Key
Clouds* Activity* Key
Coriolis Effect Activity Key
El Niño/La Niña* Activity* Key
Highs-Lows Activity Key
Hazardous Weather:
Activity Key
Hazardous Weather:
Activity Key
Hazardous Weather:
       Winter Storms
Activity 1, Activity 2 Key
Jet Streams* Activity 1, Activity 2* Key
Sunlight and Seasons Activity Key
Weather Radar:
Activity Key
Weather Satellites Activity 1Activity 2 Key

*These modules require auxiliary materials to complete the activity. Presenters are provided a supply of these materials (30 units) on a one-time basis; additional materials beyond this initial supply must be purchased from AMS. For these auxiliary materials, please email Diem Tran at

In order to complete the peer-led training session requirement for this course, all participants must complete the linked Google Form each time a session is held (this provides AMS with valuable information about your session). All Project Atmosphere alumni are also welcome to use this form to report additional sessions to AMS.

After the initial required peer-training sessions are reported and academic credit awarded, individuals may request a transcript reflecting their academic grade from Pennsylvania Western University by calling 847-716-3005 or requesting them online.