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The WeatherCycler

A durable 8 1/2" x 11" slide chart that uniquely displays map views and vertical cross sections through Highs, Lows, and fronts -- the broad-scale systems and features that dominate our weather. Sky views and changes in temperature and pressure complete the comprehensive chart depictions.
By simply pulling the chart insert, the weather systems are put into their typical movements from west to east. Weather changes are shown for your location as the weather systems pass by. Accompanying four-page instruction booklet describes the basic causes of weather and explains step-by-step how to use The WeatherCycler.
  • The WeatherCycler Slide Chart with Instruction Booklet $9.99
  • The WeatherCycler Study Kit $11.00
    One slide chart with instruction booklet and one 12-page set of Study Activities
  • The WeatherCycler Complete Teaching Unit $169.95*
    15 slide charts, 30 sets of Study Activities, and 1 WeatherCycler Instructor's Manual
  • The WeatherCycler Study Activities (12-page set) $3.00; Package of 10 sets $8.95
  • The WeatherCycler Instructor's Manual $4.00
Educational Kit

El Niño La Niña Slide Chart

An innovative slide chart that leads the learner through inquiry-based investigations of the tropical Pacific ocean and atmosphere, during El Niño and La Niña, and long-term average conditions. Accompanied by a 4-page booklet, this colorful 8.5” x 11” learning tool is constructed from heavy-duty, riveted cardboard. Also available in classroom sets of 15 slide charts.

Individual: $9.99; Classroom set of 15: $139.99*


Educational Kit

The Stories Clouds Tell

Margaret LeMone, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, 2008, 32 pages. Originally published by AMS in 1993, this updated version of the booklet gives an overview of what a cloud is, what sorts of clouds one might see, and what they reveal about the atmosphere. Contains over 80 color photographs and diagrams.



Educational Kit

AMS Pressure Blocks

By simulating cold and warm parcels of air or water, red and blue plastic blocks with equal weight and cross-sections, but different volumes, facilitate hands-on understandings about unequal distribution of energy and pressure within the Earth-atmosphere system. Classroom set of 15 pressure block units (each containing 5 red and 5 blue blocks), along with activity booklet.



Educational Kit

Temperature Strips, Liquid Crystal Digital

7” by 11/16", Celsius and Fahrenheit. Range 64· - 88· F (18· - 30· C). Ideal for "hands-on" use by students investigating temperature, pressure, and cloud formation relationships. Classroom-ready activity included. Set of 10 strips and activity.



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The Certified AMS Teacher (CAT) Program was established by the AMS to recognize and support educators actively engaged in raising Earth science literacy. CAT specifically connects K-12 educators to AMS, which strengthens their connection to the atmospheric science community and its resources.

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