AMS creates opportunities to collaborate, network, and learn from others, advancing careers and society at the same time. We provide resources for all stages of your career.

Education Program

K-12 Teachers

AMS trains teachers to improve their effectiveness in the classroom by offering programs designed to help them generate student interest and understanding in science, technology, and mathematics.

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Undergraduate Faculty

Our introductory college-level courses are based on investigations with current real-world environmental data and can be taught online or in a traditional lecture and lab setting.

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Career Resources

AMS helps support your career whether you’re a student or an experienced professional in the private, government, or academic sector.

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CBM AMS Certification

AMS Certifications

AMS offers national recognized certifications that serve the public's need to identify broadcast and consulting meteorologists who have achieved a high level of competency in communicating complex weather, water, and climate information. 

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CCM AMS Certification

Policy Program

The Policy Program promotes understanding and use of science and services relating to weather, water, and climate. Our goal is to help the nation, and the world, avoid risks and realize opportunities associated with the Earth system.

Awards and Honors

AMS annually recognizes exceptional contributions and achievements in the weather, water, and climate enterprise.

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