AMS creates opportunities to collaborate, network, and learn from others, advancing careers and society at the same time. Whether you’re a student or an early-, mid-, or late-career professional, we’re here to help you.

Education Program

K-12 Teachers

Improve your effectiveness in the classroom by generating interest and understanding in science, technology, and mathematics.

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Undergraduate Faculty

Motivate your students by teaching our introductory college-level courses based on investigations with current real-world environmental data.

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Career Resources

AMS helps support your career whether you’re a student or an experienced professional in the private, government, or academic sector.

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Get Certified

Earn a mark of distinction and professional recognition by applying for one of AMS’s nationally recognized meteorological certifications.

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Policy Program

Get involved in science policy in the weather, water, and climate community while building skills, experiences, and contacts you can use throughout your career.

Awards and Honors

AMS annually recognizes exceptional contributions and achievements in the weather, water, and climate enterprise.

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