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  • The Future of Ecological Forecasting


Call for Volunteers to Serve on an AMS Information Statement: The Future of Ecological Forecasting

The biosphere is the life support system of the planet and contributes to human well-being and security via the “natural capital” of water, food, energy, and biodiversity. The provisioning of these goods and services is being altered, and in some cases is in rapid decline, due to environmental changes across local to global scalesIn the past five years, efforts such as the Ecological Forecasting Initiative ( have demonstrated swift growth in modeling capability to support research to operational ecoforecasting services such as fire weather linked to resource management, harmful algal blooms, and climate outlooks that anticipate species migration.

Earth System modeling and forecasting is a priority in the American Meteorological Society, which acts as a focal point for its members to develop and discuss forecasts, information, and decision tools that support sustainability of environments, lives, and livelihoods. This is a timely opportunity to inform, engage, and connect the expertise of the AMS membership with that of the external ecological, life sciences, and social science communities in a broad dialogue on social, technical and infrastructure requirements, priorities, and policies required for operational and actionable ecological forecasts.

Therefore, the AMS Council seeks volunteers for service on a drafting team for an information statement on the future of ecological forecasting. We seek people from across the enterprise, particularly individuals with understanding of the physical, natural, and social sciences pertaining to biological systems, the human dimensions of the goods and services that ecosystems provide, and our ability to forecast future ecological changes. A Council approved precis is here.

Those wishing to be considered for service on the drafting team should submit their name, contact information, and a brief description of their relevant professional expertise (not to exceed 200 words) by Wednesday, February 8th to: