Statements in Process

Statements Accepting Comments

AMS Statements that are being considered by the AMS Council for approval are posted on the AMS Web site at least thirty days before the Council vote. The Council may consider a statement either at one of the two regularly scheduled meetings each year, or at any time in between using e-mail discussion and electronic balloting. In addition, statement preparation does not follow a fixed schedule so statements may come up for consideration at any time of the year. AMS Members who are interested in providing input to statements are encouraged to check the AMS Web site regularly to see if any are under review at that time.

Draft Statements Open for Full Member Comment:

  •  Climate Change

    This statement provides an overview of how and why global climate has changed over the past century and why it will continue to change in the future. It is based on peer-reviewed scientific literature and reflects current scientific understanding.

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Statement Drafting Committee

If you would like to be considered for service on the drafting committee, please send your name and contact information with a brief description of your background to the AMS Council at the following e-mail address:

The AMS Council is currently soliciting volunteers to serve on the drafting committee for updating or creating the following statements:

Statements in Preparation

The following statements are currently being prepared with an anticipated completion on or before the date shown below:

AMS Statement on Communicating Scientific Uncertainty in Weather, Water, and Climate Science
AMS Statement on Climate Change
AMS Statement on the Infrastructure Supporting Weather, Water, Environmental, and Climate Sciences, Services, and Assessments
AMS Statement on Lightning Safety
AMS Statement on Radio Frequency Allocations
AMS Statement on Tornado Forecasting and Warning
AMS Statement on Tornado Preparedness and Safety
AMS Statement on Weather Safety at Venues and Public Gatherings
Best Practices on Communicating Winter Weather Uncertainty
Best Practices on Data Management
Best Practices on Retail Store Safety