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AMS Statements that are being considered by the AMS Council for approval are posted on the AMS website at least thirty days before the Council vote. The Council may consider a statement either at one of the two regularly scheduled meetings each year, or at any time in between using email discussion and electronic balloting. In addition, statement preparation does not follow a fixed schedule so statements may come up for consideration at any time of the year.

Comments are due on the following draft statement by Thursday, December 24, 2020. Login below to read the statements and email your comments:

Hurricane Forecasting in the United States
The devastating hurricane seasons of 2017 to 2019 have highlighted the importance of hurricane observations, forecasts, preparedness, communications, and societal response for protection of life and property. Advances in all of these areas will help mitigate damage, improve emergency response, and reduce the stress on our communities and impacts on government budgets.


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Expectations Concerning Media Performance During Severe Weather
Software Preservation, Stewardship, and Reuse
Hurricane Forecasting in the United States
Urban Climate and Extreme Weather Impacts in Cities
Tornado Preparedness and Safety
Tornado Forecasting and Warning
Radio Frequency Allocations