Updating your Chapter Directory Listing

Reporting election results is a requirement for Local Chapters. Because communication from AMS Headquarters is emailed to the officer information listed in the directory, it is crucial that chapters update their directory listing when elections have been held or when contact information has changed.

Chapters are encouraged to hold elections in the spring and election results must be reported by June 1st each year. Chapters will be considered inactive if the reporting of officers has not been made for two or more years. Chapters inactive for two or more years will be dropped from the Chapter Directory.

Please update your last election date even if your officers were reappointed. If there are other address/email changes throughout the year, please update your listing. This will ensure that your chapter remains active in our files and that you receive all emails/mailings from Headquarters.  

Please keep in mind that the chapter president/chairperson is required to be a member (Associate, Member, Student) of the Society. If the chapter president/chairperson is not a member or pending member of the Society, the chapter will not be recognized as being active. The AMS now offers tiered membership dues, and you can apply for AMS membership online.

Before You Start

  • All officers and faculty advisors affiliated with the chapter must have an AMS online account in order to be entered and have access to the chapter directory listing. This AMS online account would be the same account you use to pay your membership fees, register for conferences, receive the Soundings newsletter etc. Most chapter officers will already have an AMS account. Officers that do not already have an online account should create one through the AMS website. Officers do not have to be AMS members to create an account. Your online AMS account credentials will be used to login to your directory listing from this point forward. You will no longer need to use your chapter account number for access. Updates to officer information will be reflected immediately in the online chapter directory.
  • If you are an outgoing officer and are updating your chapter directory listing, once you remove yourself as an officer, you will be logged out and will not be able to log back in. The best way to handle this situation is to make all required changes/additions and then delete your information as a final step. At that point, only current officers will have access.
  • If you are a new officer (meaning you have never served as an officer in the chapter before) and you have been tasked with updating your chapter directory listing, you will need to email Beth Farley to request access to your chapter account. At that point, you will be able to login and update the officer information. Once all new officers have been added, they will automatically be affiliated with the chapter and will then have access to make changes using their online AMS account credentials.

How to Update Your Directory Listing

1) Use your AMS credentials to login using the login link (see below):

2) After logging in, you'll see a blue box with instructions to edit your specific chapter. Select the link:

3) Now you will be brought to your chapter edit page, where you can update the date of your last election, mailing address, primary email address, website, and social media. On this page you can also add, edit, and remove chapter officers. All changes you make will save automatically and be highlighted in green.

4) Once you're done making changes, you can select "Return to list of all chapters."

You are now ready to update your information!

Update your chapter directory listing