Meet the Local Chapter Affairs Committee


Amber Liggett – Chair (Term 2017-2020)

Amber is pursuing a M.S. in Emergency Management from Millersville University (MU). In addition to LCAC, she serves on the AMS Committee on Emergency Management. She graduated with a B.S. in Meteorology and minor in Mathematics from MU in May 2018. During her undergraduate career, Amber served as MU-AMS President and Treasurer as well.



Kristofer Tuftedal – Chair-Elect (Term 2018-2021)

Kris is currently a second year M.S. student in atmospheric science at Stony Brook University where he is studying tornadogenesis. He received his B.S. in meteorology from Iowa State University where he was heavily involved with the AMS student chapter; serving as Secretary for two years and as President for one year. He began his term with the LCAC in January 2018.



Melissa Dye – Member (Term 2017-2020)

Melissa Dye graduated in 2016 from the University of Louisville. In 2015, she co-founded the University's first AMS Student Chapter and received university funding for six student members to attend the 2015 Student Conference in New Orleans.


Zachary Riel – Member (Term 2017-2020)

Zachary is pursuing his M.A. in Communication at Western Illinois University (WIU) and will be graduating in May of 2019. Before joining the LCAC in 2017, he was the president of the WIU AMS Student Chapter and has also served as the secretary and outreach chair. Zachary earned his B.S. in Meteorology with a minor in GIS from WIU in December of 2017. He is a co-organizer for the Weather-Ready Nation Scouting Event and actively presents at local elementary schools.


Kyle Jordan-DeDeaux – Member (Term 2018-2021)

Kyle Jordan-DeDeaux was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He received his Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science with a minor in communications from Purdue University in May of 2018. While at Purdue, Kyle was an active member with the American Meteorological Society, Outside of meteorology, Kyle loves to serve his community and educate others whenever he can. Kyle is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Integrated Scientific Applications with a specialization in Weather Intelligence and Risk Management at Millersville University. Upon graduation, Kyle hopes to find a fulfilling career using his meteorology knowledge to better serve society.


Lindsay Maudlin – Member (Term 2018-2021)

Lindsay is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Geosciences at Auburn University. Her research consists of evaluating and measuring climate literacy in informal education settings through eye tracking and skin biosensors. She currently teaches Physical Geography where she hopes to inspire a new generation of weather enthusiasts.


Kevin Thiel – Member (Term 2019-2022)

Kevin is Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology and the Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS), currently pursuing a M.S. in Meteorology. He graduated from Ohio University in 2018 with a B.S. in Meteorology, where he was president of its AMS Student Chapter (OUCAMS) for two years. The leadership and outreach opportunities provided by local AMS chapters are what inspired Kevin to join the AMS Local Chapter Affairs Committee, and he hopes to strengthen the connection between AMS local chapters and the national AMS.



Erinanne Saffell – Member (Term 2019-2022)

Erinanne is a professor and leader of the Central Arizona Local Chapter (regular chapter), whose vision is to build and support Arizona as a Weather-Ready community. Her local chapter provides a vehicle to reach and educate hundreds of people in Arizona every year.



Tanya Peevey – Member (Term 2019-2022)

Tanya is a member of the AMS Denver-Boulder Local Chapter. She originally hails from Alaska but is currently a Research Scientist at NOAA in Boulder, CO. Tanya's start in the field of atmospheric sciences began with conducting basic research in the subfield of the Upper Troposphere - Lower Stratosphere (UTLS) and air mass exchange. After her PhD, she had a 1 year Postdoc in Germany conducting similar work and then was lucky to be offered a job at NOAA. Since starting at NOAA, Tanya has worked in the area of Forecast Verification. When she first joined NOAA, she focused on verifying global forecasts using Observing System Simulation Experiment and Observing System Experiment frameworks. After that she slightly changed focus by verifying forecasts for products of interest to the FAA and NWS such as turbulence and ceiling and visibility. Tanya also enjoys volunteering for service activities such as the LCAC since she believes it is important to give back to the scientific community and public that has given so much to her.