The Edward N. Lorenz Teaching Excellence Award (Prior to January 2013, The Teaching Excellence Award)

Nomination Process and Requirements

The procedure for Awards nominations is restricted to electronic submissions, unless stated otherwise, and should be submitted by 1 May. The nominator is responsible for uploading the entire nomination package. Most awards require the following:  nomination letter, nominee Curriculum Vitae, bibliography, and three (3) letters of support. A committee or commission has the responsibility to select and submit to the Council the names of individuals nominated for the Society's awards listed. The nominees for most awards remain on the committee's active list for three years. You will be allowed to update an unsuccessful nomination at the beginning of the next award cycle.  Complete Awards Nomination Procedure

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The Edward N. Lorenz Teaching Excellence Award is to be given annually to an individual in recognition of sustained outstanding teaching and mentoring at the undergraduate and/or graduate or post-doctoral levels and the impact this individual has had on students. A nomination letter and three supporting letters are required with at least one of the supporting letters from a former student. Student evaluation forms should not be included in the nomination packet. The Lorenz Award differs from the Simpson Award in that the Lorenz Award is primarily concerned with academics in a college or university setting, while the Simpson Award is concerned with mentoring outside of a traditional academic setting, primarily by non-academics. The Anderson Award emphasizes efforts on behalf of underserved populations, including activities outside of the traditional classroom or college or university setting. Nominations are considered by the Education and Human Resources Commission Board for Higher Education, which makes recommendations for final approval by AMS Council.

The Edward N. Lorenz Teaching Excellence Award (Prior to January 2013, The Teaching Excellence Award)

Special Procedures

The AMS Board for Higher Education (BHE), in consultation with the Commissioner for Education and Human Resources, is responsible for overseeing the award process and forming the selection committee. The selection committee, not fewer than five members, shall be composed of faculty members from both undergraduate and graduate institutions, at least one current member of the BHE, and, as an option, an active student AMS member. The selection committee will forward its recommendation (with a copy to the chair of the BHE) to the Commissioner.