Robert Leviton Student Prize

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Robert Leviton Student Prize

The Robert Leviton Student Prize is presented for the best student paper on the development or evaluation of atmospheric instrumentation or unique measurement techniques. The paper selected for the prize may be chosen either from those given at a designated national meeting or technical conference of the Society or from papers appearing in one of its journals. The Committee on Measurements will submit a recommendation to the STAC Commissioner, who approves the recommendation. To be considered for the prize, an entrant should either be enrolled as a full-time student or be a student who has just completed a degree but has not yet begun employment at the time the paper is given or submitted for publication. The prize, an AMS reference book, $300, plus a certificate, was established to recognize Robert Leviton, who devoted nearly his entire professional career to endeavors related to the measurement of wind, temperature, pressure, and humidity in the atmosphere. He was one of the pioneers in reducing large datasets from radiosondes using a computer.