Local Chapter of the Year Award


Each year the AMS recognizes two local chapters (one regular chapter and one student chapter) that have demonstrated exceptional innovation and activity over the past year. Specifically, the two awards are “Local Chapter of the Year Award,” and “Local Student Chapter of the Year Award.” During the selection process special emphasis will be given to activities that serve to educate and involve the local chapter’s community regarding scientific issues. Additional favorable activities include participating, as invited, at the AMS Annual Meeting. All chapters, regardless of membership size and availability of external resources, are encouraged to compete as efforts will be made to balance these considerations with the scope of the chapter’s accomplishments. The award consists of a banner for the chapter and a certificate for each serving officer. To be considered for an award, a Chapter must be in good standing and meet the minimum requirements outlined in the Local Chapter Officers’ Handbook. A Chapter is responsible for nominating itself for activities conducted during the 12-month period ending 1 May, by submitting a Local Chapter of the Year Award Application. The Local Chapter Affairs Committee will review the nominations and make awards recommendations for final approval by AMS Council.