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2018 Awards

The award for Outstanding Contribution to the Advance of Applied Meterology will be awarded to Dr. Joel Meyers from Accuweather at the 2018 AMS Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas. Congratulations!

Mentorship Program

If you are interested in being a mentor in the the 2018 AMS BPSM Mentorship Program, applications are now open!

More information about the AMS BPSM Mentorship Program

Webinar Recaps

The Board for Private Sector Meteorologists recently held a Webinar that explored the topic of “Non-Traditional Meteorology Skills”.

If you have the opportunity and desire to pursue a master’s degree, you should!  It’s relatively quick, it's relatively easy, and it will be very helpful for your professional career.”

“I learned many, many new things and had many, many experiences in grad school.  For example; coding, very technical research initiatives, technical writing, teaching, and many responsibilities that come with it.”

“The vast majority of people I have worked with have only had undergraduate degrees and have been very successful, many much more successful than me.  Without the master’s degree and the experiences I gained there, I would not be where I am right now, but if it’s not for you or you cannot do it, do not worry, you can still very successful.”

You can teach/learn a lot of things... but, it's hard to teach passion, initiative, and drive.  If you see something you want - go out there and get it!”

“If I had to say the most useful minors/double majors, I would say: Programming, Statistics, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Actuary (which is really just applied statistics), Certification programs like Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), and Communications.”

If a job has requirements above and beyond what you have yourself, but you are interested in the job, apply for it anyway.  Most managers make the list to be aspirational and rarely if ever expect to hit more than a few items on the list.  This includes skills like programming and number of years of experience and degree.”

“Networking is incredibly important. You can never email/call enough (in the industry), and after you submit your resume don't sit on your hand and wait.  Pester the hiring manager (in a good way) and make sure he/she remembers your name.”


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