Terms of Reference

To stimulate activities on matters pertaining to the interests and development of early-career professionals; to consult with other Boards and Committees on such matters; to keep the Membership Committee advised on ways to stimulate and maintain early-career professional membership; to facilitate an increase in early-career professional participation in both local and national AMS membership; to serve as a resource for the development of early-career professionals; to serve as a platform for early-career professional involvement in other Boards, Committees, Commissions, meetings, and other appropriate activities. To consist of up to 15 members including a chair and chair-elect, each for a (potentially renewable) term of three years, with appointments staggered as necessary. Board membership shall include representatives from all sectors of the Society, while including an appropriate balance of early- to mid-career professionals. For the purpose of the Board, early-career professionals are defined as those within ten years of having earned their highest graduate degree or within fifteen years of having earned their baccalaureate, whichever is greater. Those who are still in the early stage of their careers but have seen these interrupted for up to 5-10 years by family leave, military service, and the like are also to be regarded as early-career professionals. Strong consideration will be given to those who have been active at both the national and local chapter Society levels.