Award for Early Career Achievement

Do you know an early career professional in meteorology that you think has provided a high level of service to both society and the AMS?  If you do, nominate them for the AMS Commission on Professional Affairs Award for Early Career Professionals.
Nominations are due by May 1st each year.
Submit nomination packets to the AMS Board for Early Career Professionals at

Past Winners


Below are past winners of the award. You can find more information about the previous winners here.

2017 - Dr. Melissa Burt, Coloado State University

2016 - Dr. Amanda "Manda" S. Adams, NSF

2015 - Dr. Ankur Desai, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Information about the Award


  1. To recognize the significant achievements of early career professionals within their community, society, scientific discipline, and profession.
  2. To highlight the achievements of early career professionals within the AMS by increasing awareness of their contributions.
  3. To provide a means annually, or as appropriate, to recognize these contributions.
  4. To capture the balanced importance of knowledge, character, service, and innovation among early career scientists.
  5. To encourage all early career meteorologists to aspire for professional excellence, and continually strive for demonstrated superior service to science, society, and their peers.
  6. To provide a framework for the provision of this award annually, or when appropriate, within the activities of the Board of Early Career Professionals (BECP), and to recognize those accomplishments.

Who can be nominated?

All active and retired AMS members who are not currently full-term or ad hoc members of the BECP may nominate an early career AMS member deemed worthy of consideration.  The definition of early career aligns with society level awards (e.g., Meisinger, Houghton, and Fofonoff).  This definition is:

“Scientists who are within ten years of having earned their highest degree or are under 40 year of age when nominated. Consideration will also be given, however, to those who are still in the early stage of their careers but have seen these interrupted for up to 5-10 years by family leaves, military service, and the like.”

How can you nominate someone?

Send a nomination letter (up to 3 pages long), 2 letters of support (each up to 3 pages long), and a resume/CV (up to 2 pages long) explaining how this particular individual has shown the following:

  1. A demonstrated and deep knowledge of the individual in both their expertise area and AMS-supported science areas, in general.  This should be substantiated by letters of recommendation, well-documented or refereed reports and/or presentations made by the nominee, awards for excellence in the provision of a service or services, or other forms of substantiation as appropriate.
  1. A demonstrated provision of a high level of service to both society and the AMS.  This should be substantiated by letters of recommendation, awards for excellence in the provision of services, or other appropriate forms of substantiation.
  1. A demonstrated mentoring of fellow early career professionals or students that promotes the development of other professionals within the weather enterprise and the Society.

The award winner will be selected by the BECP and all non-selected nomination packets will remain valid for up to 3 years.