Glossary of Meteorology

Glossary of Meteorology

In 1959 the AMS published the Glossary of Meteorology, containing 7,900 terms.  More than 10,000 copies were sold over four decades through five printings. It is a tribute to the editors of that first edition that it has withstood the test of time and continued to be among the leading reference sources in meteorology and related sciences.

The second edition of the Glossary was published in 2000 with more than 12,000 terms. In 2013, the Glossary of Meteorology was converted to an electronic, "Wiki-like" version, based on the 2nd Edition. This is now meant to be a "living document" to be periodically updated as terms in our field evolve. To that end, AMS has established a Chief Editor for the Glossary who is responsible for updating/revising existing terms and adding new terms. Readers who would like to suggest changes to existing terms or propose definitions for new terms to be added are encouraged to submit their ideas to Ward Seguin, Chief Editor, Glossary of Meteorology

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The Preface to the Second Edition of the Glossary (2000) is available on the History Page

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