AMS Position Letters

From time to time, AMS signs letters of support with other organizations in an effort to reach policy and thought leaders on critically important topics across the greater scientific community.

18 November 2015
Joint letter supporting NSF Geosciences
4 November 2015
Letter to House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology on NOAA Science
25 September 2015
Joint letter on House Resolution 424
16 September 2015
Joint letter on the Free Access to Science and Technology Research (FASTR) Act
18 August 2015
Joint letter supporting geosciences research in the America COMPETES Act
17 July 2015
Joint letter with NWA concerning possible sharing of satellite spectrum
7 May 2015
Letters to all House and Senate members in support Geosciences research
17 April 2015
Support letter for STRONG Act
27 March 2015
Joint letter in support of reauthorizing the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program (NGGDPP
16 March 2015
Joint letter concerning "Secret Science Reform Act of 2015"
12 March 2015
Joint letter to Congress by publishers on principles for providing public access to research results
27 February 2015
Letter to House Committee on Natural Resources on challenges to academic freedom
20 February 2015
Joint letters to Congress supporting Geosciences and the National Science Foundation
3 November 2014
Letter to Texas Board of Education on social studies textbook errors
31 July 2014
Joint Letter Concerning "Secret Science Reform Act of 2014"
17 July 2014
Letter of support for HAARP facility
27 May 2014
Letter from science societies to Congress supporting geoscience research
5 May 2014
Support letter for PREPARE Act
14 March 2014
Joint letter to Congress Supporting USGS National Streamgage Network
4 December 2013
Letter to Congress seeking balanced approach to the budget signed by 470 national organizations